True Love

The story is about three guys that fall in love with the same girl thats in love with one of them. The story is written a bit complex, so it can be hard to read.


14. Who are they?

Loulou looked at nervously and asked:

“Is there something wrong?”

Twan looked at her and calmed a bit down.

“I’m sorry hun, but I’m just really frustrated about this whole situation.”

“Have Caspian talked to you?”

Twan looked in the back mirror straight at Loulou.

“Why should he? Has anything happened?”

Loulou looked away from the mirror and Twan saw it.

“Loulou what happened today at school?”

Loulou looked back at the mirror with tears in her eyes. When Twan saw she was about to cry he stopped the car in a sideway as fast he could. He then took off his seatbelt and turned around to have straight eye contact with Loulou.

“What happened today. You can tell me. Remember we are here for each other. You’re my little sister - my only sister. I won’t let anyone hurt you no matter what.”

Twan then looked at her again. It was bothering him a lot that she was about to cry. He was ready to kill for her and yet have her in his arms. He then looked back and saw a big black car he couldn’t recognize the plate. His eyes turned wild and he started driving again.

“Loulou we WILL continue this conversation later today, but now I need you to be prepared for everything. Load your gun and be ready.”

Loulou looked at him and he didn’t hold the eye contact they had before. This could only mean bad things were about to happen. Loulou did what she was told.


Twan drove as an insane. He didn’t care about himself, he only cared for Loulou’s safety.


Twan took his phone up and called Marcus.

“Dad, someone is following me and Loulou”

“Where are you?”

“I will send you my location. I’m going to stop at the lake and see who they are”

“We will be there within a few seconds. How is Loulou?”

“I don’t know, something is bothering her, and she won’t tell me!”

“Aha. We are there, and we will be waiting”


After some seconds Twan stopped the car at the lake and loaded his gun and was prepared to meet the stalker. Something was shining against Twan’s eyes and he instantly knew it was his dad signaling they were ready.


The other car stopped a few meters from Twan and a guy walked out of the right door dressed in a black suit. Twan felt it was weird he was the only one leaving he car, but he was ready.

“Who are you”

The guy in the black suit looked at him and was trying to read Twan’s body language, but with no success.

“I am nobody. And I want your sister”

“So, Mr. nobody. You seriously think I will give you my sister like this?”

“Easy there we are ready to pay everything you want for her”


Twan was about to lose his mind. He couldn’t believe his own mind. He took his gun up and shot Mr. nobody in his left shoulder and at that moment three other guys in suits came out of the car fast and was pointing their guns at Twan. In that exact moment the guns were pointing at Twan, Marcus and his men came out of the shadows and pointed their guns against the unknown men.


Mr. nobody looked around him.

“Take your weapons down men”

And his men did what they were told. 

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