True Love

The story is about three guys that fall in love with the same girl thats in love with one of them. The story is written a bit complex, so it can be hard to read.


13. We can’t be friends

The day went by as usual, but Loulou had this bad feeling inside that she couldn’t get out of her head. Something bad was going to happen but when and where she didn’t know.


“What’s wrong with you today? You really changed from the morning”

Caspian looked at Loulou with sad eyes.

“I… I just have got those bad feelings after what happened this morning. Caspian I can feel something is going to happen today”

Loulou was about to cry but before she could Caspian took her out under the big tree. He holds her tight into him and kissed her forehead.

“Everything is going to be alright. I promise. No one is going to hurt you as long as I live, understood?”

Loulou looked at him and smiled. Caspian looked into her big beautiful shining hazel eyes, with the sun shining on her pale skin. Everything was perfect in that little moment. The grass was beautiful green and the three was full of small beautiful flowers. Caspian was leaning in for a kiss but then a deep voice came up from behind them. It was Elijah. He looked like he hasn’t slept all night.

“Can I talk to Loulou?”

Caspian looked at him with killer eyes, but then he looked back at Loulou that nodded unsure if that was the right choice or not.

“I will be over there”

Caspian left without giving any expression.


Loulou looked at Elijah waiting for him to start the conversation, but he just stood there. Stone cold, he didn’t even give her the smile that warms her heart.

“I have to tell you that we can’t be friends anymore. And I want you to forget all about me.”

After he said those words to Loulou her heart broke. She looked at him and tears filling her eyes.


She just wanted the answer to why?

“Why did you make me fall in love with you? Why were you thinking?! How could you do that to me? After all I have told you! I can’t even look at you anymore”

Loulou’s voice was cracking a lot, she couldn’t look at him anymore. Their love was destroyed.

“I don’t love you anymore, I never did. I was just bored, and you were easy to get”

Loulou looked at Elijah with pain in her eyes, and when Caspian saw that he ran over to them.

“Why is she crying?!”

“I don’t know”

The coldness in Elijah’s voice was like listening to Satan’s words. Then Elijah left the area. Caspian looked at Loulou, that had fallen to the ground.

“What did he do? What did you say?”

“He… He… He said he didn’t love me and… and… and that he just used me because I was easy to get”

“I will make him pay! No one gets to talk to you in that way”

Caspian looked at her with hateful eyes and still she could see the love between the hate.


Later that day Caspian disappeared when school was done, and it wasn’t her normal chauffeur that was in the car waiting for her at the school gate. It was Twan.  And he looked really angry and frustrated. 

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