True Love

The story is about three guys that fall in love with the same girl thats in love with one of them. The story is written a bit complex, so it can be hard to read.


6. Truth

After they had settled down in the friend/teenager living room area, Elijah made sure that Loulou was going to sit next to him on the edge of the sofa. Tight upwards him. Frederik and Caspian was sitting on to comfortable bean backs facing Loulou and Elijah with a little low table between them. Loulou looked kind of excited for what was going to happen soon. And Frederik couldn’t hold it back anymore and so couldn’t Elijah, Caspian already knew who they were and he was exciting to see the others reaction. But Loulou caught him and with her eyes she told Caspian to play along.

“Who is Max and Lee?”

Loulou looked at him and said with a lust and playful tone:

“That’s someone you need to meet before I tell you. But I promise you will love them. They are so over protective and funny.”

The word over protective made both Elijah and Frederik nervous and it was so obvious. Then the bedroom door opened with a slam and two giant white and black Siberian huskies ran through the room and attacked Elijah and Frederik. The two big huskies were now standing on Elijah and Frederik. Loulou and Caspian couldn’t stop laughing so hard they couldn’t stand up. Frederik looked as he was dying a slowly and painful death. Elijah looked calm but inside he was looking death in the eye. After laughing for almost 3 minutes Loulou stands up and call the dogs:

“Max! Lee! Stand down soldiers.”

Both dogs obeyed Loulous command and stood down. They went fast over to Loulous hands and each dog went under one of her hands. Frederik was in shock and couldn’t stop shaking. Then he looked over at Loulou and said:

“What in the bloody hell was that?!”

“That was Max and Lee… you know my two dogs I told you guys about back in the school…”

Loulous respond was sassy but the playful tone in her voice hasn’t left.

“But now where you have met my soldiers, you have nothing to be afraid of”

Frederik looked over at Caspian and said angrily:

“You knew about this! How dare you not tell at least me that her dogs are some giant wolfs!”

Caspian looked over at Frederik and gave him a playful smirk. Elijah just looked like he had been in hell and just came back. Then all sudden Grandma Adams walks in with a childish smile and said:

“Did I do it right love?”

Loulou looked at her grandma and said with a smirk on her lips:

“Look for yourself Grandma Adams”

Loulou pointed with her eyes at Elijah and Frederik. They still looked like they went to hell and back.

“Aww. Poor boys. But the dogs didn’t find anything on them so they are fine”

Grandma Adams looked at them with a serious stare. Elijah looked at Grandma Adams confused and said:

“What do you mean with the dogs didn’t find anything on us?”

Elijah looked over at Caspian and Loulou and waited for an answer that seems to take a lot time to get out. Loulou looked at grandma Adams and she nodded with a confident smile.

“I will leave you kids for yourself, I believe Loulou will love to tell you something important. Call of you need me honey”


POV from Loulou:                                                                                                                                   

 I couldn’t believe I was going to tell Elijah and Frederik who I am and why I spend so much time with Caspian… I was afraid on how they would look at me after. I wish I didn’t need to tell them and carry on with our “normal” lives, but that’s not how the world works… I looked at them and then back on Caspian. He gave me the “It’s going to be alright” look. And I trusted him with my life. I just it out of the world.


POV from Elijah:

I looked over at Loulou and she was fighting with herself. I wonder what it is she is going to tell us and why Caspian is so close at her right now. If the dogs weren’t here I would have ripped his smirk of his face. But I kept control for now.


POV from Frederik:

I didn’t know what was happening. The tension in the room got thicker and thicker. I almost couldn’t breathe. I was so confused and just waiting for the news to break the ice, but Loulou looked conflicted. Yet so beautiful.


POV from Caspian:

I couldn’t stop myself from making a smirk of what I was going to do with them if they turned on her I would kill them with my bare hands. No one, not even my best friend gets to say or do anything bad to her. I love her and I care so much about her. I need her to be happy so I can live with myself, because after what I did to her sister I can’t look at her without guilt come over me as a storm without any notice.


“I never speak about my family because my sister is dead…”

Loulou turned sad and so did Caspian. But at the same time, they looked sad in so many ways. Caspian looked sad with guilt and Loulou looked sad like in love sad.

“My dad is the leader of the greatest and feared gang in the country and… And my mother is his right hand and my big brother is his left hand and heir to take over his everything when my dad steps down”



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