True Love

The story is about three guys that fall in love with the same girl thats in love with one of them. The story is written a bit complex, so it can be hard to read.


16. Torture

Back at the office Marcus’ men had tired Mr. nobody to a table. His arms and legs spread in each corner of the table. One of Marcus’ men in each corner of the room. Twan was standing in front of Mr. nobody, with a sharp butcher knife in his left hand and said: 

“I can’t control my left hand as good as my right hand. So, this is going to hurt more than hell. I’m going to start from your toes and then work my whole way up. Unless! You tell me who you work for!”

Mr. nobody looked at Twan like he was a psycho - that he also is when it comes to keep Loulou safe.

“I can’t tell you who I work for, because I work for myself.” 

Mr. nobody sounded afraid and Twan loved it. Because now he knew he was lying and someone was after Loulou. The problem now is to find this person.


Twan looked at Mr. nobody’s body and let the butcher knife slide silently up Mr. nobody’s right foot, right before he cut off one of his middle toes.  Mr. nobody screamed really loud and started to shake all over his body. The pain wasn’t to get over. The thing Twan didn’t tell Mr. nobody is: the knife is dipped in poison. Twan looked at the man and laughed. 

“You are soon going to witness the mad Twan if you don’t start talking soon”

Mr. nobody looked at with pain in his eyes and said:

“I can take this”

Twan looked at him with a mad smile on his face and picked up the butcher knife and cut his right food sole open, so the blood purred out like a waterfall. Mr. nobody started screaming out of all the pain Twan had cursed him and looked up at him with merciful eyes begging him to stop, but Twan didn’t care. That man wanted to hurt Loulou, he doesn’t deserve to life without pain. Twan looked at him and said:

“Who are you working for, and what is it he wants with Loulou?” 

Mr. nobody looked at him with pain in his eyes and said:

“You have to put me through a whole lot more pain then this if you want that information out of me.” 

Mr. nobody looked at him with strength in his eyes, but the pain was still hiding behind it. 

Twan looked at him and said:

“If that’s what you want so let it be” 

Mr. nobody looked at him with fear in his eyes, when Twan went over to the knives and took a look over them, choosing slowly what he wants to try next on this guy. Mr. nobody looked at Twan and said: 

“I was trained to get tortured by you” 

Twan looked at him curious and said:

“No one can get half the way I can”

The light in his eyes turned dark like the devils, or even more. Mr. nobody looked at him and told himself: “I can do this. I can do this” 

Twan looked at him and laughed like a crazy. He took a small sharp knife and looked at Mr. nobody’s feet. He took a closer look and chose the biggest blood vein and cut it up. Mr. nobody looked up at the sealing and fainted.

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