True Love

The story is about three guys that fall in love with the same girl thats in love with one of them. The story is written a bit complex, so it can be hard to read.


3. The friend, the kiss, the loss

In the next break at the school: Loulou got a message from Elijah: “will you go on adventures with me: D?” Loulou blushed and got butterflies. She immediately texted him “yes, of course I will”.  Loulou went straight over to her best friend - the redheaded friend Vivi, and told her that Elijah had asked her out. Vivi said excited “what the hell are you waiting for? Don’t let him wait too long. Hurry!” Loulou went fast over to the spot where Elijah had told him to meet. It was so romantic. It was under the big cherry tree. Elijah already stood there holding a flower. Loulou blushed when she saw him and the butterflies made her more nervous then she already was.


Elijah looked down at her and felt so confident and strong. He caught Loulou’s eyes and kept his eyes on her the whole way up to him. Elijah saw that she was all red in the face, it made him blush too. When she was standing in front of him, he got cold and couldn’t get any words out of his mouth. So, she it ended up with Loulou saying “hi”, Elijah looked at her eyes and said, “you really have some beautiful eyes Loulou”. He didn’t get a chance to say anything else before Loulou said, “ha-ha, thanks. I also think yours are beautiful. I mean I just get lost when I look in them.” Elijah was speechless. He blushed and did just stand there. Then Elijah finally got back to himself and took Loulou’s hand told her “I got some good information about our class tour. Our classes are going together and are going to do everything together.”


Loulou got so happy, and it was impossible that she could hide it. They were now sitting on the grass under the cherry tree. They sat close to each other, so close that Loulou could hear Elijah inhale the air. Elijah laid his head in her lap and began to play with her hair. Loulou began to smile more than she was in the beginning, showing of her beautiful teeth. But then one of Elijah’s friends came over to them and sat beside Elijah. Elijah sat up straight up again and began to speak with his friend that had laid eyes on Loulou. The friend gave a smile, that was when Elijah saw it. Then he became nervous. “This is my friend Mark. He goes in my class. Mark this is my friend Loulou and she goes in the Z class” Elijah said neutral. “A pleasure to meet such a lovely girl as you Loulou” Mark said flirting. “The pleasure is mine” Loulou said. Mark looked really interested in Loulou and said “Why haven’t you told me about this beautiful young lady before? Does she have a boyfriend?” Elijah looked at Loulou with jalousie in his big cute eyes and said “Yes, it’s me”, Mark looked shocked and said “Are you fucking kidding me!? Since when did you got a girlfriend this hot?” Elijah got angry and said “Take a breath. She isn’t hot, she is beautiful” Mark saw that Elijah’s cheeks turned red and anger and jalousie was screaming in his eyes, then he said “Prove it. If you’re really her boyfriend kiss her”. Elijah looked shocked and said, “I don’t need to prove anything to you” Mark looked at Elijah with a playful look “Look if you don’t go and kiss her now I will”. Elijah looked fast over at Loulou and leaned forward to her ear and whispered, “I’m sorry, but I have to kiss you or he will” Loulou looked at him and thought fast, and kissed him on his sweet and soft lips. And there it was. Sparks. Mark looked amazed at them, “Soo… now when you have shown that she is yours, I have nothing else to say that I’m sorry and I just must accept that you two are a thing. Sorry for hitting on your little hot stuff”


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