True Love

The story is about three guys that fall in love with the same girl thats in love with one of them. The story is written a bit complex, so it can be hard to read.


12. The following morning

The next morning Loulou woke up laying on Caspian’s chest listening to his heartbeat, while he is still asleep. Loulou looked at Caspian sleeping peacefully. Loulou couldn’t get her eyes from Caspian’s peacefully face. She couldn’t stop thinking about how perfect he was to her. He had everything she ever wanted. He was handsome, he had colorful eyes, his muscular body figure, his cleverness and humanity. He had everything she wanted but still she couldn’t get herself to fall completely in love with him. Elijah was always on her mind, but this time not only the loving version, but also in what she had overheard when Brandon visited them last night.


POV from Loulou:

Why can’t I get him out of my head? Why can’t I stop thinking about what I heard yesterday? Does he really just use me, or does he really love me? What do I do? I overheard Twan’s and Caspian’s Sherlock talk last night. He loves me with all his heart, and Twan’s want us to be together. Do I want that? Do I want to be his or do I want or be with someone who maybe is using me to get to dad? It’s so confusing! I’m so confused. Like can I really trust him, Elijah? Does Frederik know? What do I tell my parents or Twan? I may be in love with a traitor.


“Loulou!!! Get ready for school and tell Caspian to come down to the office!”

“Yes, mom I will”

 Loulou looked at Caspian, that still looked asleep but with a little cute smile showing off his teeth.

“You know you have to wake up. Or mom will come up here, ha-ha.”

“I know, but I wanted this to last a bit more. Do I have to go, or can I stay for the view?”

Caspian’s smirk grows a bit and got playful, but he got out of bed and went to over to Loulou, gave her a hug from behind and a fast kiss on her neck. Then he walked out of her room.


The whole family was sitting around the dining table and eating breakfast together like a normal family does. Until Marcus got a phone call and to the office.

“What was that about?”

Loulou looked at Anna with a curious expression.

“I don’t know love, but dad will be back soon”

Anna looked over at Twan, and Twan understood her face expression fast and went over to the office as well.

Loulou got sad because her normal family breakfast turned back to the truth.


After Loulou and Anna finished the eating, Loulou’s driver came in.

“Miss Loulou the car is ready”

“Yes, I will be out in a minute. I just have to get my bag from my room”

The driver nodded and Loulou went stairs to her room and got her bag.


Caspian was waiting outside the car holding the door for Loulou. He was wearing a big black hoddie and pants, his hair was sat in a man bun and he smelled really good.

“You look better than for an hour ago, hahaha”

Caspian gave Loulou a warming smile and a hug, after he took her bag and they got into the black car.


Caspian and Loulou sat on the backseat. Caspian in the middle and Loulou to his right. He had his arm around her while her head was laying on his chest. Loulou was quiet the whole trip from the mansion to the school. She felt safe but at the same time awkward being around Caspian. First of all, they had slept in the same bed close up to each other, and the conversation she overheard of Twan and Caspian had last night.


By the time they arrived at the school, Caspian and Loulou walked down to the canteen and saw Frederik and Elijah sitting at their usual spot. Loulou got eye contact with Elijah and smiled to him, but he just looked at her with a sad and cold look and walked away before she and Caspian could get to the table.

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