True Love

The story is about three guys that fall in love with the same girl thats in love with one of them. The story is written a bit complex, so it can be hard to read.


18. Small talk

POV from Caspian:

As soon she walked in I couldn’t get my eyes of her. She is the most beautiful girl in the world and she is mine! But I can sense something is wrong with her - her eyes don’t shine as usual. SOMETHING HAS HAPPEN! I need to ask her, but at the same time I don’t want to push into telling me if she doesn’t want to. Ugh!! What shall I do? Why is love so complicated?


Loulou walked into the room and looked straight at Caspian. His eyes made her calm done a bit, but she still wanted him to come hug her without saying many words.

“Loulou? What’s wrong love?” 

Caspian looked at her with calm eyes. Loulou kept standing in the door way and gave a small unsure smile. Caspian didn’t like the feeling. He got up from the bed without breaking their eye contact. Caspian walked fast but sure over to Loulou and hugged Loulou closed. She grabbed around his neck and started to cry.

“It’s okay Loulou. You’re always safe with me I promise love.”

In that instant Twan walked by in the hallway looking at Caspian with hatred in his eyes to the man that have caused all these troubles. Caspian caught Twan’s attention with waving his hand - and Twan understood. He turned down the stairs and went back to the office where Mr. nobody was dying slowly.


Twan stormed into the room and took the knife. He walked fast over to the table and was ready to cut, until Marcus grabbed his arm from behind and took the knife. 


Marcus’ voice was over the limit. He couldn’t believe what Twan was about to do. It didn’t look like him. Marcus grabbed Twan’s arm and took him outside to the garden.

“what on earth were you thinking?! Killing the only person that knows who wants to take Loulou from us?! Does it sound like a good idea to you?”

Twan looked at his father with tearful eyes but remembered what grandma Adams taught him and Loulou when they were younger: “It’s only the weak that cries”. Twan looked up and into his father’s eyes:

“Father I…”

Twan stopped and looked down at the ground.

“I can’t bear to see Loulou crying because of me”

Twan closed his right hand and was about to hit the wall but Marcus got it before he hit and hugged Twan. Twan looked at his with wide open eyes and didn’t understand what his father was doing.


“Shut up and cry if that’s what you need to. You have to behave more like a sane person instead of a maniac. It’s okay to let your feelings come out sometimes - as long as you trust the person that’s with you.”

“But grandma has always told us never to cry no matter what”

“I know. My mother is more insane then any of us”

They both laughed and looked at each other.

“Twan would you like to see how your grandmother does the dirty work?”

Marcus had a funny look in his eyes with a small light. Twan looked at him and laughed.
“She is the maddest of us”


They went in and called out for grandma Adams. After 15 minutes they finally found her in the kitchen.

“Mother dear. Twan wants to see how you do the dirty work and we already have a rabbit for you to”

“Aw dear. I would love to where is my little rabbit?”

“In the office grandma”

“Let me first get my tool box”


Twan and Marcus went down to the office and waited for grandma Adams to show up. - When she finally showed up: she was wearing a butcher apron and had a small tool box in her left hand.

“Where is my little rabbit?”

Twan and Marcus looked at each other and couldn’t wait for what was going to happen to Mr. nobody now. He had his chances with Twan.


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