True Love

The story is about three guys that fall in love with the same girl thats in love with one of them. The story is written a bit complex, so it can be hard to read.


9. Private

Inside the office Marcus and Anna was discussing the “boy” problem with each other’s, because they couldn’t find anything on Elijah. It was like he didn’t exist in their database.

“What do we do? It can’t be possible that this boy isn’t in the database.”

“You have to look him up in the other database!”

Both Anna and Marcus were looking at Twan, while he was looking at the computer screen full focused.

“If you guys just wanted to let me concentrate I could do this much faster!”

Twan looked at his parents with a dead but serious look and they went silent. No one could get him off something if it was about someone being a threat to his family.


After some time Twan looked at his watch and took out his phone. Anna looked at him with big eyes and asked:

“Have you find him?”

“No, but I have some unfinished business with a traitor.”

Twan pressed on a contactor in his phone and said:

“Have he said anything yet?”

“No, sir”

“Take him up to my special room.”

“Yes sir! The traitor will be there in 4 minutes.”

“Good, and take my bag with you?”

“Of course, sir! No problems”

Twan ended the phone call and called another contactor.

“I need you in the office in 10 minutes”

“Yes sir”

Twan looked at his mother and said:

“If this guy can’t find that boy, then there is something wrong.”


Twan left the office and went to the front door where Loulou was saying goodbye to Frederik. Twan looked at him with a deadly look and said with a stone cold but dangerous voice:

“Remember not to tell anyone what you have heard in this house! Understood?!

Frederik began to shake and answered:

“Yes sir, of course sir”

“Good boy. I let my men drive you home, so no harm will happen”

“T… thank you sir”

“Stop scaring him away Twan hahaha”

Loulou’s voice was so innocent and sweet. Like how could anyone want to kill her?


After some time, the doorbell rang and a man in his early twenties came inside. He was charming and had a shy smile. Eyes were green and big. His hair was brown and short. His body was not fully muscular.

“Brandon! My friend, how was your travel over here?”

 “Aw Twan! Didn’t know we were going by the formals now! Lose it asshole and give me a hug”

Twan and Brandon hugged for a short time and went straight into the office were Marcus and Anna was still discussing the “boy” problem.

“Mom and dad, I’m sure you can remember Brandon the computer genius?”

“Of course, we do! Welcome back son. Let’s get down to business then we can go back to talking later”

“I totally agree sir; just give me the name and I will search in the registers database.”

“His name is Elijah and he goes to The Langkaer High school.”

“Don’t say anymore I got this”

Brandon opened his laptop and a black screen came up with the student’s names of Langkaer High School.

“Got him! His name is Elijah Woods and shit”


“His dad is in the S.W.A.T.”

“Fuck! How am I gonna tell Loulou this? Her little soft heart will break again.”

“Don’t tell her. Let him tell her, and if he doesn’t, we will make him suffer. NO ONE GETS TO MESS WITH MY DAUGTHER”

Marcus’ head turned red of anger and his fists were attached. Suddenly they hear Max and Lee bark like crazy.

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