True Love

The story is about three guys that fall in love with the same girl thats in love with one of them. The story is written a bit complex, so it can be hard to read.


8. Meet the parents

Grandma Adams walks in to a really intense teenage room, because the war will be there soon. She looks at them and turns white. She looks at Caspian and he nods. Loulou is still hugging him and her eyes are red. Grandma Adams looks at her with wet eyes and says:

“What have I told you about crying dear?”

Loulou looked up from Caspian’s shoulder and into Grandma Adams.

“It’s only the weak that cries, but grandma…”

“No buts! YOU DON’T CRY! What if Twan saw you crying? What do you think is going to happen? He will get angry. And you know him better than anyone else when he gets angry. Your father and mother is down stairs and wants to meet your friends. Go wash your faces, all of you - pussies”

Grandma Adams turned around and walked down the hall. Loulou stood up and walked to the bathroom to wash her face.


POV from Frederik:

I don’t know who I’m most scared of now. The grandmother or the brother or her parents for god’s sake. But she is so damn beautiful for this life. I want her. I need to set her free. She deserves it, even if she ends up with Elijah.


POV from Caspian:

All of sudden I feel empty inside when she’s not in my arms. How is it even possible? I love her more than my life. I will give everything up just to have her in my arms every second of my life. I need to get rid of the boys. They don’t deserve her, and something seems odd about Elijah. He is hiding something I know it.


POV from Elijah:

Poor girl. She has been through a lot, and here we are forcing her to choose between us. What kind of humans are we, buts it’s clear that everyone loves her here.


After they all washed their faces and went downstairs, a big dining table was set up and her parents waiting with some guards around them.


POV from Marcus (Loulou’s father)

They could be good soldiers. They are all well trained, she has a good taste in men, but why were they in her room?! Who do they think they are to be around my precious daughter!? But that one looks familiar, I will get one of my men to look him up.

“Welcome to our house boys! I hope Loulou has been a good host?”


Elijah and Frederik looked scared at Marcus, he was a tall well-trained man with a beard, he was wearing a black suit with a red shirt. Her mom was beautiful - she wasn’t slim nor chubby but something in the middle. She was wearing a long slim black dress with a side cut to her right leg where at the end was a small belt with a pistol.


Anna (Loulou’s mother) was studying the boys. They look afraid. Sweating and nervous. They didn’t know what to say and Caspian enjoyed it until Anna said:

“Why the nervous looks boys? We don’t eat people here. Ha-ha. “

Frederik looked at his hand and saw it shaking, then he looked up at Anna and said:

“Sorry Mrs. Adams, it wasn’t the intention”

“It’s fine love. What about you hun? Did the cat get your tongue?”

Elijah was lost for a moment until he found himself again and answered:

“Sorry Mrs. It wasn’t my intention to stare but it was nice meeting you and you Mr. Adams, but excuse me, I have to go.”

No one got a chance to say anything before Elijah went to the front door and walked out of it. Marcus got more suspicious and burned to find out why Elijah was acting like that. But he had to keep his cool and act up for the moment.

“Dinner? I’m starving”

“Oh, yes please father”


The dinner went fine, beside Frederik was too nervous to eat properly. And Marcus had noticed. After awkward dinner, Marcus and Anna went to their office and Twan came down without saying any word. He just looked at them smiled and walked into his parent’s office. 

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