True Love

The story is about three guys that fall in love with the same girl thats in love with one of them. The story is written a bit complex, so it can be hard to read.


5. Meet Grandma Adams

POV from Loulou

Why are they all looking at me? Its making awkward. But looking at them made me feel safe. None of them will ever hurt me or do the things Mr. Waters did to me. How can I even forget? Looking at each of them made me feel hole and the broken part of me wasn’t broke anymore.


Loulou walked straight over to the guys and said:

“How are you guys with big dogs?”

Both Elijah and Caspian looked at Frederik, until he opened his mouth:

“Hey! Why are you guys looking at me? I love animals.”

Then Caspian said:

“Her dogs aren’t just dogs… they are military trained dogs that only obey Loulou and the people she allows them to obey such as her parents or big brother.”

Elijah looked up afraid and said:

“I didn’t know you had a big brother. What are he doing? And why don’t you talk about your family so much”

Loulou looked at him whit pain in her eyes.

“I didn’t mean to…”

Elijah didn’t get the chance to finish his sentence before Loulou said:

“No, it’s okay… I just don’t like talking about it right now.”

The cold answer made them all looked afraid of her. She just shifted tone and topic

“So, should we head to my place?”

The tension disappeared with the sound of her sweet and kind voice. We all looked at each other’s and began to walk over to her place.


The walk was quiet and awkward the tension between them all grew until they reached her house. It was a mansion. It was big. When they got throw the main gate they saw some few men walking around the mansion and looking at the little group. Frederik couldn’t hold it anymore and needed to ask:

“Why are there so many armed men in your front?”

“They aren’t just armed men. They are my bodyguards”

Loulou looked nervous and wanted to give someone a hug. Then they went in from the door and an old lady gave Loulou a hug and said:

“Welcome home sweat heart. And who may I ask is these good-looking men beside you Caspian. Haha”

“Always a pleasure Mrs. Adams”

“The pleasure is all mine Caspian”

The old lady looked like she was Loulou’s grandma or nanny for that sake. Frederik and Elijah looked confused at each other’s and then Loulou said:

“They are some friends from school the blond is Frederik and the fawn haired is Elijah. Mother said it was fine to have friends over”

Loulou looked at her grandma and smiled her beautiful teeth showing smile and her grandma looked at the boys and the boys said fast:

“It’s a pleasure meeting you Mrs. Adams”

Both Elijah and Frederik looked and sounded nervous.

“Please boys. Every friend of Loulou can call me grandma Adams. I sound wiser. Haha.”

Grandma Adams looked at the boys with confidence. The same confidence Loulou had. Elijah looked over at Loulou that was chuckling for herself.


POV from Elijah

Gosh that is the sweetest chuckle I have ever heard. How can a person have such an effect on me? I have never in my entire life had these feelings for anybody. It’s scaring me. I don’t know how to control them, and if I try I end up hurting her. Like last time.


POV from Caspian

I wonder how she is feeling and if she is going to tell the guys what have happened to her and her family. I just want to know the whole truth. I have only got some titles… never a story. I wonder if she is feeling the same about me? And I wanted to ask her. But how… I had to get to be alone with her.


POV from Frederik

How can a person affect me so much? I never had to do anything then smile and all the girls would be mine, and in my pants. But Loulou is different. I feel something about her I never had felt around a girl before. I need to calm down. She is all over Elijah. I need to be the one she loves. I need to win her heart. But how? She is so sweet and gorgeous. I could never do anything to hurt her. Even if it was losing her. 


POV from grandma Adams

These boys are all in love with her, but none of them want to admit it in front of the others. They are going to make my little sunshine confused and that will make her unhappy. Loulou deserves to be happy after what she had been through. Oh, I miss her. The old her. I know she is trying but it’s all about time until she loses it. My sunshine.


“Grandma, we are going to be in my room. But can you tell me something important”

Loulou looked at her grandma with fun in her eyes.

“Everything for you, sunshine”

“Where is Max and Lee. I have missed them so much today”

Loulou’s voice sounded playful and full of lust. The boys couldn’t get that tone out of their mind.

“Oh sunshine, I will get the boys for you. Just go to your room and I will be back to introduce them.”

Grandma Adams knew what Loulou was thinking about and she liked it.


They all four went to Loulou room. It was a big simple bedroom she had. A bed in the middle of the room a little study area and a walk-in closet, and she also had a big area that looked like a teenager’s living room. Quite nice.  

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