True Love

The story is about three guys that fall in love with the same girl thats in love with one of them. The story is written a bit complex, so it can be hard to read.


1. Love at first sight

Elijah looked fascinating at Loulou. Her long brown hair covered her beautiful smile. He was surprised over, that he could concentrate with all those people in the canteen. All those people were only there to use the space. He just couldn’t get her out of his head. He felt enchanted by her.


Loulou could feel his eyes on her. When she looked up and got eye contact with him, she blushed and her knees got soft. She felt a connection between them.


They have spoken with each other a few times. Elijah still remembers the first time they spoke. Their common friend Laila introduced them for each other’s. Elijah remembered that he had told Laila that he was too scared and nervous to talk to her, when they walked by each other. That he once tried to say hello but every time he had the courage she and her redheaded friend walked away.

                      He always saw them walking their endless walks around in the corridors of the school. Elijah knew that Loulou wasn’t so glad for her classmates or that is what Laila had told him. Laila thinks that he is too into her, that their conversations began to handle about her. Elijah don’t know what’s wrong with him, but since the first time he saw her smile, he couldn’t take her out of his head. Every day, every time, every minute he thought of her: when was he going to see her next? In his dreams or at school?


Elijah began to think of her as a spy. Who was she? Why did he get so attracted of her? Why did he not know anything about her (besides her smile could make him blush)? He couldn’t get her out of his head. Laila had spoken with Loulou many times for him, but Elijah wanted to know more than what Laila could give him. So, Laila told him “if you don’t like what I can bring you, you can talk to her by yourself!” Laila meant that if he wanted more he could just become her friend and talk for himself. She also told him “if you are o in love with her, shouldn’t you talk to her instead of me?”

                      It was there he began to think how he could manage to get close enough to her before the other wild animals in the jungle. He knew that he wasn’t the only guy that had eyes on her. Many of the other guys at school was into her. He had watched her talk to the other guys. Laughing and smile. He needed to get into this fight for the beautiful girl, if he really wanted her.

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