True Love

The story is about three guys that fall in love with the same girl thats in love with one of them. The story is written a bit complex, so it can be hard to read.


11. Flashback

Loulou was in her room. Laying in her dark purple bed, with Caspian sitting on a chair next to her. She looks at him with both sadness and happiness in her eyes. He looks at her with revenge and hateful eyes. He wants to know who tried to take Loulou away from him. Does it have anything to do with Elijah? Does he know they know who he is? Something must be relatable. They all were sure about it.


POV from Loulou:

Does he even know how safe I feel about him being next me? I feel protected like I feel with Twan. But I can feel there is something on his mind. And it’s full of old feelings, something is really bothering him.


POV from Caspian:

She is looking at me with her special look. She knows somethings up. She knows me too well. I can’t stop thinking how I felt when I let her down the first time someone was after her and Isobel. That always comes when I think of Loulou happy. How happy she was when Isobel was alive but look at her now… she is fighting with depression - that only I know about. She is so caring and always sets everyone else before herself. How could I let her down and make her feel this way?


They were both silent for a few seconds until Loulou asked:

“What’s on your mind?”

Caspian looked at her and saw her eyes were glowing like thousands starts in the dark. Nor could he lie to her - she would notice. He had to tell the truth.

“It’s just… I feel so much guilt for what happened a few years ago. Ya know, how I failed protecting Isobel.”

The revenge and hatefulness grow along with sadness in his eyes. Loulou couldn’t stop but noticing how his ocean blue eyes got full of tears ready to thimble, but he was fighting to hold them back.

“It wasn’t your fault! What happened that day was never your fault! None of us knew what would happen that day. And if any of us did, we would have done everything to stop them.”

“I don’t know about that. I could have taken her with me when I saved you. How stupid of me to think I could get back to her. I should have taken her!”

Caspian took his head between his knees and began to cry in front of Loulou. Loulou looked at him and felt sorrow over being a living proof to him that he didn’t do his work right. She made place for him in her bed with moving to the other side.

“Here, come lie with me, like we used to do, when you had to look over me when I was younger.”

She looked at him with softness in her eyes that now was full of tears.

“Please don’t cry. I didn’t mean to…”

“Please just come here and hold me. I really need a hug”

Caspian looked at her and moved from the chair to the left side of the bed. After he found peace Loulou crawled up under his arm and lied her head on his chest. Listening to his heartbeat.

“This remind of the time when we were at the lake house. laying on the grass feeling the heat from the sun. Can you remember? The time when you and Twan had built a treehouse. Your dad walking around with mine actually having fun in the garden? Our moms enjoying the weather in the sun chairs. You and me laying there, me on your shoulder while we were talking about the future? Twan playing with the dogs.”

“Yeah, I remember that summer. It was the most peaceful summer we ever had. No business problems.”

“Do you remember what we spoke about?”

Caspian looked down at Loulou and smiled showing off his perfect straight white teeth. Right before pushing a straw of hair of Loulou’s face.

“You wanted to be a doctor helping people because that’s how you are. You always put other before yourself. That’s what I like the most about you.”

Loulou blushed a bit and Caspian saw it but didn’t say anything.

“I also remember that you didn’t wanted a normal life. That you want to keep this life but work and be a normal person part time.”

“I remember you wanted to keep your family business going while working with us. And look that’s what we are doing know and will do forever because that’s how we are, right? And I also remember you saying something about a girl, that you were so in love with. Are you still in love with this girl?”

Loulou looked at him and was hoping for a yes. Because she knew she was the girl. She also knew that Caspian still had feelings for her. Strong feelings. She could feel them.

“Yes, I still love her with all my heart, but she is having feelings for another guy, that she trusts but he is taking her trust for granted.”

“Wait what?”

“What? I have told you about her many times and you know how I feel about her.”

“That’s not the point. Didn’t she love you back?”

“She did when we were younger and right before he came into our lives. I don’t think she loves me more”

Loulou looked at him. And began to think about her feelings for the boys and for Caspian. But something kept coming up he is taking her trust for granted, was Elijah really a bad guy?


After some minutes of silent Loulou felt asleep with her head on Caspian’s chest. Then Twan walked in her room.

“Soooo what are you doing with my sister Sherlock?”

Twan said it trying not to laugh and wake Loulou.

“She wanted me to stay here”

Caspian was a little afraid of how Twan would react but Twan took it cool and said:

“I want her to be with you not with these idiots’ dad wants as soldiers, keep my little sister safe or…”

“Or I’m dead, I know the routine, I was the one helping you”

Caspian looked at him and winked. Twan left the room satisfied. He knew Caspian was the one for Loulou. The others is just side things until she gets it’s always been Caspain. 

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