True Love

The story is about three guys that fall in love with the same girl thats in love with one of them. The story is written a bit complex, so it can be hard to read.


17. Don't interfere

At the dining table Loulou looked over her dad and Twan. Her puppy eyes grew bigger and bigger for the knowledge about the screaming man in the office. 

“You don’t have to worry about it sweetheart, Twan is doing what he can to behave.”

Her mom sounded clam with no fear in her voice. Loulou looked at Twan and tried to study his face and the blood on his shirt. 

“Why are there so much blood on your shirt then?”

Twan looked at Loulou calmly and said:

“You don’t have to worry about anything, as mother told you, but I can tell I’m soon to lose my shit upon this Mr. nobody because he is getting too much attention!”

Twan slammed his hand on the table and looked over at Marcus with hatred in his eyes. 

“Loulou I think you should leave this topic closed, ask your mother about her day. She wasn’t with me nor your brother”

Loulou looked at her mother and with a curious look. That wasn’t normal. Anna was always with Marcus.

“Mother dear, what did you do today, and why weren’t you with dad?”

Anna looked at her with a smile

“I was out looking for a new room for you”

Anna’s smile was big and bigger were Loulou’s. Loulou looked at her mom with a great light in her eyes, and then her mom continued:

“I have found this purple room with a big bed and a teenager area that you love so much. I got the pictures in my purse, I am going to let you see them and chose the one you love the most and then by the end of the week you will have a new room.”

“Omg mother! That’s a wonderful gift”

“Oh, honey. I knew you would love them. Let’s eat and then we can have a look at the pictures!” 

POV from Loulou:

They think I’m going to forget the whole episode because of a new room… They want the best for me, right? I can’t think straight anymore. After everything with Caspian and Elijah… Ugh! I need Caspian with me right now. He always makes me smile and forget the real world and how awful it is. 


Loulou took up her phone and texted Caspian:

“Heyy! Can you come to my room for a second I need someone to talk with…? I think I’m losing my mind now. Everyone is holding back everything! Plz? I really need your hugs right now <3”


Loulou left the dining table when they all have finished and went with her mother to her parent’s room. 


“Loulou dear please take a seat on the bed, then I will find the pictures of your new room - Ohh I know you’re going to love it”

“Mother!! The pictures are wonderful! How am I supposed to choose?!” 

“Oh dear - you can get whatever you want, my precious little thing”

“Mother I really like this one!”

“Of course! I knew you were going to choose the purple and blue one - they are your colors after all!”


Loulou gets a text saying:

“I’m at your room now <3”

The heart made Loulou turn red and her mother’s eyes to shine. 

“Is it Caspian?”

Loulou looked at her mom with a big shy smile.

“Yes, mother it is him”

“Then what are you waiting for? Go to your room but! If you’re going to have some fun remember to keep it down”


Loulou looked at her mother and went all red while her mother started to laugh. Loulou gave her a hug and went fast up to her room where Caspian was waiting in her bed. 

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