True Love

The story is about three guys that fall in love with the same girl thats in love with one of them. The story is written a bit complex, so it can be hard to read.


4. As nothing happened

Elijah couldn’t hold it back anymore, so it came out

“I love you Loulou. I really do”

Elijah didn’t think of what he just had said, so he got up fast and ran back to the school. Loulou couldn’t believe what just happened, but one thing she was sure about that she loved him too.


Days had passed without any word from Elijah. He didn’t answer Loulou’s messages. Loulou felt so bad inside but didn’t tell anyone, not even Vivi. It was also some time since Loulou and Laila had spoken together.


Then there came this moment where Loulou saw him across the canteen in their school. She winked fast to him, and he notice but turned around and walked faster away. Loulou followed him and found him sitting with one of his friends. The was a little problem with that friend, because Loulou used to have a giant crush on him some years ago. His name has Frederik. After she saw them sit there and talk Loulou decided to hide behind a wall and waited for the right moment to step in. suddenly Elijah and Frederik stood up and began to walk in her direction. Luckily for Loulou her best friend Caspian was walking by and saw her and went to talk to her. When Caspian got his eye on Frederik he yelled to him

“Hey! Frederik, you hot cow come her. I have someone I would like to introduce you.”

Elijah and Frederik looked at Loulou and Caspian, then Frederik whispered

“Dude! Look at that girl. She is the hottest girl I have seen in this prison”

Elijah looked at him as it he didn’t give a shit about what Frederik felt, but inside he had already found over ten different ways to kill him in. No one is going to call her hot when she is beautiful.

When they all four was standing in front of each other’s Caspian asked Frederik

“Can you remember my friend Loulou?”

And Frederik replayed

“Of course! Who can even forget such a beauty. But I don’t know if you guys already know wonder boy here. His name is Elijah and he is 18 years old and he is number one in almost everything”

He winked cute at Loulou, and Loulou gave him a friendly smile. Loulou and Caspian looked at each other’s and Caspian said

“Yo! Don’t make the guy afraid. We only wanted a name, not a story. Haha.”

Elijah looked at Loulou and said


The tension between Elijah and Loulou grow and Frederik and Caspian wanted to avoid what was coming, so Frederik asked

“What are you guys doing after school?”

Caspian looked at Loulou and said

“We were going to Loulous and watch a movie”

In the middle of nowhere Loulou’s phone rang and she went a few steps away from them.

“Yes mother. Of course, mother. Momma can I have some friends over today? Thank you, momma, you are the best!”

Loulou came back to the boys and said

“Hey guys. Have you found out what we are going to do after school?”


“Okay, me and Caspian is going to my place, right, what would you say if you two joined us?”

Frederik looked like a clown that was going to explode, so Loulou asked

“What is wrong?”

Frederik couldn’t stop laughing and said

“It’s going to be a fun and naughty evening then”

Then they all looked at him and gave him a grow up look. Then they went to their classes and agreed to meet up in at the main entrance of the school.


When they met up…

Loulou looked over at the guys, they were all waiting on her.


POV from Elijah

She looked so beautiful. I was afraid of what she was felling about me after that day. Even after I had ignored her these past few days. I felt so lost without her, and the way Frederik talked about her. Ugh. I just want her for myself. Only me. But what was her friendship to Caspian. The thought of sharing her with them was one of the last things I would do. But the thought of him and her. Did they have a thing or…?


POV from Caspian

Look at her she is so innocence. But I don’t know if the love between us is like siblings or was it more. The thought of that she loved Elijah enough that she had cried her eyes out these past few days he had ignored he made me want to kick his face off. She is the best thing that have ever happened to me. She was the one who took me out of my miserably life. She taught me to love and see the beautiful things in this cruel world. But here we are. She is in love with Elijah, Frederik is hoping to get into her pants and then there is me. The one friend loved as a big brother.


POV from Frederik

I couldn’t take my eyes of her. She is so beautiful. I know what Caspian is thinking. I just want to get in her pants. But not this time, Loulou is different from the other girls I have been with. I don’t know what she is doing to me. But it feels so good inside me. 

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