Right Behind You

Let's take a flashback to the beginning, before the band came together and became who they are today, Why Don't We. Specifically, Jonah.

Jonah loved music, he loves to sing and write pieces and his goal is to perform in front of millions. Unfortunately, his parents don't support his passion for music and wants him to take on responsibility and face reality in life. To become a profession that won't be a one in a million chance. Jonah decides to make a promise with his parents. If he could get up his grades, graduate senior year in high school, his parents will let him continue to play music and to perform at cafe's on his spare time and to allow him to keep it as a hobby. His parents agreed, but there was one thing in the way. Jonah was terrible in school. He's never seen a grade higher than a B. Jonah strives to find a tutor who could help him out. Maybe the cute new girl in calculus?

Read to find out what happens to Jonah!


1. Author's Note

Hello! My name is Jessica, aka crbynbesson on wattpad and I decided to write a fan fiction about a member of my favorite band at the moment, Why Don't We. 


Writting stories was always something I wanted to do but I never seem to finish stories because I lose interest at times, but let's hope this one makes it because I really love this story.


Anyways, let me tell you a bit out me, my social media links and then the characters for the novel.

I'm seventeen and I'm a huge fan of music, literature, and writing. I like to read fiction novels of teens in mental hospitals( don't ask why, I just find them interesting). I hope you like the story I have in plan! It's not your ordinary love story fan fiction. This one is wild. 


My social media links! Let's stay connected, I love to talk to fellow readers of the same interest!

Twitter: @jcksroses

Instagram: @jessica.jeng


And this is the moment you have been waiting for, maybe but this is the list of characters in the story! (I will be leaving out the character who plays the tutor because it's going to be a surprise)


Jonah: Jonah Marais

Ethan: Uriah Shelton

Erin: Genneya Walton

Ana: Madison Iseman


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