The Girl With The Plants

Anna never fit in. Forced into english society by her mother, and raised like a princess, forced into romance and wealth, she boards a boat to America, but what happens when she arrives is all but the expected.


1. A Short Introduction - Anna

Mama had never thought highly of me. I was tall, but not skinny. My hair was too brown, and could never decided whether it was curly or not. My eyes were too light, they weren't blue like the sky in fairy books. But I didn't quite care unless other people did. Alone I was happy. But other people were not. Like my mother. Nevertheless she raised me up like a princess. That's what money did. She put me in ballgowns and makeup, stuffed my corsets, trying to turn me into something more than what I was, or what I could ever be capable of. I lived the life many girls dreamed of. I lived in a castle, with wide doors and windows, stained glass shining through when the sun hit. There were large halls, built for dancing, painted with stories from the bible. But I did not prefer that. So I left. I only took one dress, a simple brown one, and packed it in a sachet with my brown shoes. And I was happy.

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