Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


38. What's next?

A week had passed. Brent had come home from the hospital and bought a bigger couch. Mayuri and Tiffle would both sleep on the bigger couch now. But it was finally time to get the cat out of the bag. The others had just explained Brent about the fairy king moment:

"And that is how it went by," Natacha said. Brent's eyes widen:
"I went into a state of pure strength?" Brent asked:
"Yeah. You were possessed by Tiffle's magic." Hayden said:
"But how did I recover?" Brent asked. All but Brent, Tiffle, and Natacha looked at Natacha:
"Well. She stopped you." Miu said:
"Really?" Brent asked:
"Yes. She grabbed you and hugged you until you stopped." Mayuri said:
"You did something that dangerous?" Brent asked:
"I did what I had too," Natacha said:
"but you could have been attacked or worse," Brent said:
"I know," Natacha said:
"There something inside of me?" Tiffle asked:
"Yeah. Something, not Fairy." Mayuri said:
"And it happened because of my anger?" Brent asked:
"Somehow your power level grow when you get mad. That is something I have never seen before. Someone emotions giving them power." Mayuri said. Brent grabbed his head with his hands:
"You could become dangerous," Hayden said:
"I don't want to be dangerous," Brent said:
"I understand that but how can we be safe that you aren't gonna do something stupid?" Hayden asked:
"Just trust me. I won't do something stupid." Brent said:
"Yeah. Don't worry I will be there for you." Natacha said:
"Will you?" Hayden asked:
"What do you mean?" Brent asked:
"She can't be at your side all day. You sometimes have to do something without her. Maybe be in a fight without her. How are you gonna have control then?" Hayden asked:
"Why are you looking so coldly at it?" Miu asked:
"I don't look coldly on it. I look realistic on it. We know that Natacha can't be there. Look at when he fought me. How would she protect him from doing that there? She was bound. She can't be there all the time." Hayden said:
"I understand," Brent said:
"What no. You should not understand so easily." Miu said:
"No. It's fine. I understand." Brent said:
"You know what I mean." Hayden said:
"Yeah. It can be a burden if I can't control myself." Brent said:
"But it isn't your fault," Tiffle said:
"And it isn't yours either. It's whatever there inside you." Mayuri said:
"But what is it?" Tiffle asked:
"Miu and I had a theory. It's a piece of the unholy race." Mayuri said:
"The unholy race?!" Tiffle shouted:
"What is the unholy race?" Brent asked:
"They can't say. Seems like the name of the race has been cursed. So no Fairy or Lilin can say it." Hayden said:
"I see." Brent said as he leaned back:
"Just accept it. If we say the word we will die." Mayuri said:
"So you think the unholy race is a part of me?" Tiffle asked:
"Well, it was said that the race actually put some of their power into some of the children of our generation." Mayuri said:
"I see. So I'm one of those." Tiffle said looking at her hands:
"It's not clear yet. But something inside of you took control of Brent under the fight." Miu said:
"How did it trigger?" Tiffle asked:
"I think it was Brent's anger. The moment he got so mad he could kill, the part came out and took control." Mayuri said:
"But don't you worry." Natacha said placing her hand on Brent's cheek:
"Thanks love." Brent said with a warm smile:
"So what now?" Hayden asked:
"Well. I think I will go more on the offensive now." Brent said rolling his shoulder:
"Why suddenly the change of heart?" Tiffle asked:
"Well. Mayuri wants to see her father again. So we better get enough power to get through the gate to Tir Na Nog." Brent said:
"Good idea." Hayden said:
"Well, you don't really need power." Mayuri said:
"What do you need then?" Brent asked:
"I just need to reach it. It's hidden inside a magical cloud. You can only reach it if you have enough power to search. You just need enough power so you can fly up there. WIth your wind magic, it will be easy. Then you have to find it. But I think I can find it with ease. I just need to get closer to the sky." Mayuri said holding her hand up to the sky. Brent nodded:
"Then let's do that." Brent said with a smile. Mayuri nodded back:
"Well. I will get going." Hayden said standing up:
"Okay. Bye Hayden. Don't fall down the stairs." Brent said:
"Who do you think I am?" Hayden asked. They left. Brent leaned back and just relaxed:
"You not going?" Brent asked:
"Oh well. I feel welcome now." Natacha said:
"Sorry. Sorry." Brent said with a grin. The two looked at each other. Brent sat down on his couch. Natacha sat at his side and softly leaned her head on his shoulder. He wrapped an arm around her. Tiffle was outside with Mayuri. They were bonding. Clonic was lying on the floor like a puddle. It was sleeping. Brent ran his hand through her hair:
"You know I love you right?" Natacha asked:
"Yeah." Brent said closing his eyes. He relaxed as Natacha placed her lips on his cheek. He smiled as he softly opened his eyes:
"Brent..." She said low:
"Natacha..." Brent said low too. The two softly kissed each other. The warm feeling hit the air. Brent's cheek flushed as his lips were met by hers. It was the first time they shared such an intimate and soft kiss. Natacha eyes sparked and her cheeks flushed. The two parted their lips and they looked at each other. Brent's heart was beating quickly. They leaned in and then continued to kiss.

Timed passed. Two figured stood outside Brent apartment building:
"The clock is ticking." A boy was saying. His amber eyes glowed up:
"Yeah. But it isn't time." The red-haired girl said:
"I know." The amber eyed boy said. Yellow lines moved around them and you could hear a thunderclap before they were gone.

Brent woke up in his bed. He was met by one set of eyes looking at him. Tiffle was looking at him with the biggest grin and sparkling eyes. Brent didn't understand why. He looked at his side and saw Natacha sleep at his side. She was having her head on his chest:
"W-What..." Brent said as he realized what was going on. The two was covered with a blanket. They had chosen to sleep in the same bed for once. Natacha was still sleeping:
"Someone had fun," Tiffle said with a teasing grin. Mayuri was standing at the door covering her eyes with her hands:
"Out!" Brent said his eyes turning red:
"Ah!" Tiffle screamed as she ran out. Natacha woke up and sat up quickly:
"Oh no!" Natacha shouted. Brent sighed and stood up. He chased Tiffle into the living room:
"Well, what a lively morning," Clonic said as he was hanging on the roof like a puddle of goo inside Brent's room. Natacha took on some clothing. She had only been in underwear before. They walked into the kitchen to find Brent trying to smash Tiffle head down into a Frying pan:
"I'm gonna burn you alive," Brent said:
"Someone help!" Tiffle was shouting but she couldn't resist the laughter. Brent had come back and everything was fine:
"Just a normal day huh," Mayuri said:
"Brent get some pants on," Natacha said as Brent was in his boxers:
"Oh!" Brent shouted and ran into his room:
"Just a normal day," Clonic said to Mayuri. The morning started out nice. As it always does.

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