Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


8. Umbrella

"WHAT!" Tiffle shouted:
"I will not come home before late so I will let you use the kitchen today," Brent said:
"I can't use a kitchen!" Tiffle shouted:
"I will show you," Brent said grabbing a fast food freeze pack:
"This right here is a fast food freeze pack. There is instruction on how to-" Brent explained her all about microwave and food. Tiffle nodded and tried to take it all in:
"Okay. I think I got it. Why are you home late?" Tiffle asked:
"I'm going to hang out with a friend of mine. So I don't know when I will be home." Brent said. Tiffle nodded:
"Please then have this," Tiffle said jumping forward. She created a necklace out of her magic. It was a metal ring with what looks like the thin fabric Tiffle wings were made out of in the middle:
"What is it?" Brent asked:
"Its a charm. A fairy charm. It will keep you safe." Tiffle said:
"I'm just hanging out with a friend..." Brent said:
"Not that. Other pairs can feel your energy now. So they will hunt you and me. This will keep ya safe." Tiffle said:
"Well, thanks," Brent said before leaving. The school day passed slowly. Brent tried to focus but he couldn't ignore the small glance Natacha cast him as he sat down working. Tiara would sometime snap her finger and make the girl focus again. Natacha would grin and look back at Tiara. Tiara looked over her shoulder but she couldn't see it was me Natacha looked at since I tried to avoid eye contact. Tiara just rolled her eyes and looked back. The school ended:
"Oh my god. We need to go shopping today. I found this nice coffee shop down in the mall." Tiara said:
"Yeah. Could be fun." Courtney said:
"Sorry guys. I have things to do today." Natacha said:
"Really? Giiiirl, come on it can be fun." Tiara said:
"Nah. I'm sorry, girl. I have things to do." Natacha said:
"Sure then. You wanna come?" Tiara asked Courtney. The other girl nodded and they left:
"Ya coming?" Damion asked:
"No, not right now. I have some assignments to do." Brent said:
"Sure thing. That up to you then." Damion said leaving. Brent leaned back and just sat there. All student slowly left. Brent looked over to Natacha. The girl was smiling to Brent. She had this soft smile. A warm smile. She slowly stood up and walked over to Brent:
"Ready to go?" She asks bashfully:
"Sure," Brent said. The two walked side by side:
"You know its weird. We used to play a bit more as kids." Brent said:
"Really?" Natacha asked:
"Yeah. You might not remember but I do. You used to play with me and some of the boys but one day...You stopped." Brent said:
"Oh. I remember now." She said as they walked:
"Yeah. Tiara moved to our school and suddenly you didn't even wanna look at us anymore." Brent said:
"I see...I'm sorry," Natacha said. The rain began to pour and the two sought shelter under a bus stop. The two stood in silence:
"This brings back a fun memory." Natacha said:
"What?" Brent asked:
"You can't remember?" She asked:
"No. I'm a bit clueless." Brent said:
"It was last autumn. It was raining hard that day and I forgot my umbrella. I was stuck at the school but got bored so I ran into the storm. I tripped and fell on the ground. My leg injured. Tired of the rain and the fall I had nowhere to go but to sit at a bus stop. I was in my raincoat so you might not see it was me. But you were there. You saw me walk in and then-" She said but then Brent continued:
"I said. 'Hey, you okay?...Here take this.' I handed you my coffee and slowly sat down next to you. You didn't even wanna look at me-" Brent said:
"It was because it was you. I was influenced by Tiara back then. Thought you were trash. But I took the coffee anyway. You smiled at me and asked what happened. You always carried bandage in you back and helped just bandage the wound. You smiled at me-" She said:
"And then I grabbed my umbrella and handed it to you. I said with a smile-" Brent said:
"Take this, it will bring you home safe." The two said at the same time:
"It did by the way." Natacha said:
"Haha. I'm glad." Brent said. The two stood in silence:
"I knew from that day. You weren't trash but I couldn't just change how I acted...Even if it hurt." Natacha said:
"It didn't hurt. I said earlier-" Brent said but got interrupted:
"No...It hurt me..." Natacha said looking at him. It wasn't raindrops on her cheeks but a few tears:
"W...what?" Brent said low:
"After that day. I remembered everything. The good times with you and Damion. The times when you smiled at me. I remember that smile you used to wear but after we began in this grade. All I saw was your tired frown. You sad frown from Tiara. You weren't the Brent I used to know but I created that Brent. But that day. That day with the umbrella. I saw you again..." Natacha said moving a step forward. Brent looked at her silently. The tears rolled softly:
"Brent. I really do love you!" She shouts. Brent's hair got hit by the wind and his eyes widen a bit:
"I loved you for so long. Even when I acted like strangers. Even when I was mean. I always have known who you were and what kind of person you were." She shouts. Brent looked at her. She hit him softly on the chest:
"Why...Does it hurt." She asked. Brent softly and silently just hugged her. Her tears rolled down his shoulder:
"Shh...It's okay." Brent said. They stood at the bus stop for some time. There silent. The only sound was the rain on the bus stop roof. Natacha silent sobs could be heard in Brent's ears. The rain slowly stopped and a small sun ray shines through the skies. The sun hit the wet window in the bus stop and enhanced the light on Brent's face. Natacha looked up at Brent and saw his smile:
"I understand the pain you feel." Brent said as he looked at her. The light was reliving. It was a good sign. A ray of light between the rain and sorrow she has felt lately. Natacha smiled back and Brent used a single finger to remove the tear from her cheek. Brent smiled softly and then grin:
"Wanna go to the arcade?" Brent asked:
"M-hmm!" Natacha let out a happy hum as they walked. The two walked side by side. Natacha took one step closer to Brent and softly moved her hand to the left. She softly poked Brent hand with hers and then grabbed it. Brent looked at her. She was looking down at the ground with a red blush line. Brent smiled and gave her hand a squeeze. The two walked forward.

"Oh, what is that?" A voice said. It eyes keeps changing color:
"Seems like something fun...Haha." the voice said. The figure was sitting in a tree and the figure slowly changed shape and size. The creature jumped down and then became a puddle on the ground before vanishing. 

"Oh my god!" Natacha said. Brent broke into laughter:
"You sound just like her." Brent laughed out. The two laughed as they walked. They approached the town slowly:
"Still going to the arcade?" Brent asked:
"Yes," Natacha said as she smiled. The two walked away from the bus stop. Leaving behind the sorrow with the rain and now focus on the sun in front of them. 

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