Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


12. Tir Na Nog

"Now!" Courage shouted:
"Okay~! Teehee" Happiness shouted and moved her hands forward. She began to shot beams again. Brent spun the blade quickly:
"Execute wind wall!" Brent shouted:
"Executing wind wall!" Tiffle answered. Brent cut the ground in front of him and made a wall of wind. The beams shattered by the force of the wind. Brent was about to jump forward when he felt himself sinking again:
"Got...him." Sadness said:
"Nice. Come fear!" Courage shouted.
"O-okay." Fear said scared the two ran forward:
"Time for a good combo!~ Teehee." Happiness shouted:
"Ex-Execute. Darkroom." Fear said:
"Executing Darkroom," Clonic said. Fear moved her hands forward and made walls come up all around Brent trapping him inside:
"You always fear a completely dark room. No sound. No light." Fear said scared. Courage jumped up and smiled:
"Now Sadness!" Courage shouted:
"Execute. Tears." Sadness said touching the ground:
"Executing tears!" Clonic shouted. The ground inside the walls turned into water and Brent fell into it:
"I always cry tears when I'm sad and I cry a lot. It's the whole meaning of sorrow." Sadness said:
"Da-Damn," Brent said:
"Get yourself together!" Tiffle shouted:
"I'm trying!" Brent shouted back. Courage was just above the cage now:
"Execute. Bravery!" Courage shouted:
"Executing. Bravery!" Clonic shouted:
"Sometimes you need to do something brave. That's the whole meaning of courage!" Courage shouted as she made the roof of the cage. An orange wall of glass:
"Glass?" Brent asked:
"Oh no!" Tiffle shouted. Fear moved its hand forward and shot a wall up beneath Happiness. Happiness was shot into the air just above the cage:
"Execute. Sunny day!" Happiness said moving her hand up into the air. The very definition of sun came into her hands. A giant ball of fire and light:
"No matter how much it rains. There will always be!-" She shouted and threw the ball down towards Brent:
"A sunny day!" Happiness shouted. Courage moved away and the sun hit the glass. The glass empowered the sun. A massive fire erupted inside the cage. Brent screamed as the walls crumbled to the blast of the sun and he got shot six meters away and hit the ground. His shirt burned and his skin showing. He got blood over his body and was burned badly. He slowly sat up:
"You okay?!" Tiffle shouted:
"..." Brent didn't answer. He could only hear a ringing in his ears:
"I can't hear anything," Brent said standing up. He still had pants. He threw off his shoes which clearly was soon destroyed. He got some rips in his pants but they were still cover down to his ankles:
"Still standing huh!" Courage shouted:
"He scares me." Fear said:
"I'm so sad we have to do this." Sadness said:
"That was so fun!~ Teehee." Happiness shouted. Brent breathed out. There came a bit of black smoke out of his mouth:
"My body won't move." Brent thought as he looked up. He saw the girl he loved...No not the girl he loved. He saw the four emotions representing her:
"Hello?! Can you hear me?!" Tiffle shouted. Brent regains his hearing:
"Yeah..." Brent said low:
"Good...I was scared for a second." Tiffle said. Brent bit his lip:
"No more holding back." Brent said standing up straight:
"Have you been holding back. How cowardly!" Courage shouted:
"Yeah, I have. I could not hurt you. The girl I love." Brent said tightening his hand around the blade. Brent began to glow. His hair began to shine and then became pure white with green and the ends like Tiffle. Brent body began to glow and marking began to glow on his chest. Tattoos appeared all over his body. Green tattoos of wings and chains all over him. His left eye turned emerald green like Tiffle and his right eye stayed brown:
"You sure?" Tiffle asked:
"Yeah..." Brent said. He stomped the ground as the air shot up from the ground, breaking the brick road:
"You wanna use that?" Tiffle asked:
"I'm prepared." Brent said.

Brent was sitting in his living room talking to Tiffle:
"So what is the Fairy realm even called?" Brent asked:
"Tir Na Nog. Means Land of youth. It's an old Irish folktale which came to be true. The land of the elves. But we are fairies." Tiffle said:
"I see," Brent said:
"It's a magical place where everything can fly," Tiffle said:
"Oh, why is that?" Brent asked:
"Because of the wind," Tiffle said.

"EXECUTE TIR NA NOG!" Brent shouted fiercely:
"Executing Tir Na Nog!" Tiffle shouted. Brent began flying in the air as powerful winds hit the park:
"AND NOW. EXECUTE FAIRY FORM!" Brent shouted the wind surrounding him:
"Executing Fairy form!" Tiffle shouted. Brent grew fairy wings like Tiffle. The chain around his arm came loose and moved around him like a giant snake. The snake wrapped around the small scythe blade and then glowed. The blade became longer and became a long double-handed scythe. Brent grabbed it with one hand and looked down at the emotions:
"What-" Courage said:
"Power." Fear said after:
"Execute. Fairy storm!" Brent shouted:
"Upgrading Fairy wind. Executing Fairy storm!" Tiffle shouted. Brent swung the blade once and a powerful wind shot the emotions into the ground. The four emotions quickly stood up:
"Be prepared!" Courage shouted. Brent shot forward and spun the scythe around quickly:
"Execute. Forest breaker!" Brent shouted:
"Upgrading. Air cleaver. Executing Forest breaker!" Tiffle said:
"Execute. Friendship!" Courage shouted:
"Executing Friendship!" Clonic shouted. Brent swung the blade in an arc again. The wind shot forward and cut down the shield and Courage. Courage began to glow mat and then became liquid again before flying back into Natacha. Brent's eyes were sparked. His fist clenched around the scythe:
"Anyone else!" Brent shouted:
"Anyone else wanna explain a concept of emotions. Friendship my ass! If you wanna see strength in a friendship look at me. Tiffle and I are in sync!" Brent shouted. Fear slowly turned to liquid and flew into Natacha again. Sadness and happiness stood there alone:
"Seems like he got courage down and scared fear." Sadness said sadly:
"Yeah...HeHe." Happiness said:
"Execute. Anger and Jealousy." Natacha said:
"Executing. Anger and jealousy." A green and red liquid came out of Natacha mouth. The red one took form at Natacha with anger in her eyes and burning red hair. The green on took form as Natacha with disgust on her face and green hair:
"Ready?" Jealousy said:
"Yeah!" Anger shouted and jumped forward breaking the bricks under her. Brent swung his scythe forward and clashed with anger fist. The two got eye contact:
"Open to the left." Jealousy said. Anger nodded and spun around before placing a powerful kick to Brent left side. Brent took the hit and was shot into the ground:
"What?" Brent said as he stood up:
"I think I figured it out. Anger has super strength and Jealousy can see openings. The two go hand in hand." Tiffle explained:
"I see. Only one thing to do then." Brent said stabbing the ground with the scythe blade. He slowly pulled the scythe over the ground and engaged in hand to scythe combat with Anger:
"His right." Jealousy said. Anger tried to hit his right but Brent dodged:
"If I hear her. I can dodg-" Brent didn't even finish the sentence before he got a kick in the face. He hit a tree and coughed up blood. Brent slowly flapped his wings and flew into the air. Tir Na Nog still in affected kept him in the air:
"Wait, the winds! We can use them for yourself. Come Sadness!~ Teehee." Happiness said. The two road the wind into the air:
"No don't!" Anger shouted. Brent pointed at them and they were shot into the ground at body breaking speed. The two turned into liquid and returned to Natacha:
"Fools. It's his ability. Which means he controls the wind." Jealousy said:
"Dumbasses!" Anger shouted. Brent looked down at them. Anger looked back with hate:
"You really ready for this?" Tiffle asked:
"I can never be ready for this. Just the sight of the emotions dying breaks my heart. But I have to." Brent said as he moved his scythe forward. The fight continued over the moonlight empty park.

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