Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


50. Time against Wind.

"Hayden if I lose control-" Brent said:
"Yeah. I will smack you into the ground." Hayden said as he stood forward:
"Ymir!" Hayden shouted as the gravity behind him began to move around. It became a giant made of gravity behind him:
"This is my new technique. A giant form of pressure." Hayden said as he moved a hand forward. Miu did the same motion as Hayden:
"Now!" Hayden shouted. The giant behind him moved a hand forward and tried to hit Damion. Damion dodged and tried to run up the giants arm but was just shot into the ground again. Damion's eyes widen:
"Did you actually just try to step on pressure. My friend. The pressure will just slam you into the ground." Hayden said as the giant ran forward. It tried to kick Damion:
"Well then-" Damion said as he suddenly was behind Hayden:
"Hayden!" Miu shouted. Hayden didn't even get to act before he was stabbed by the blade. Hayden's eyes widen:
"How is he doing it?" Tiffle asked:
"I don't know," Mayuri said:
"Just be on your guard Mayuri. You aren't a part of my weapon now." Brent said:
"This formation has one flaw and that is Mayuri becomes vulnerable. She has to keep a concentrated link to my soul so I can control the dark magic. If she fails then Ametarsu would take control. This is a powerful form but if we leave Mayuri behind she will just be exposed. That would be the ideal attack point for the enemy. Because if she dies I die and if I die Tiffle die." Brent thought as he looked behind him at Mayuri:
"Haven't you guys realize it yet?" Amaterasu asked as she flew around in the air:
"What?" Brent asked:
"He doesn't move fast. He stops you guys from moving." Amaterasu said:
"What do you mean?" Tiffle asked:
"Look around you! What was the first thing he did?!" Amaterasu shouted:
"The yellow world," Brent said. The first thing Damion did was trap them inside a world he called 'Deus ex machina.' A world where he controls what is moving or not:
"So you saying. When he wants to get past our defenses he just stops us and runs behind us before he strike us?" Brent asked:
"Precisely...My god humans are so dumb." Amaterasu said:
"This is bad." Brent thought as he looked at Damion. Didn't seem like Damion had heard them:
"That is one flaw Damion always had. When he thinks he has the upper hand he gets too confident...He doesn't see us as a threat. I have known him for years now." Brent thought. Brent took a few steps back so he walked over to Mayuri:
"I will escort you to Hayden. Hayden will then make a safe barrier inside Valhalla for you, Miu and him. From there you just have to keep me stable...It's too dangerous for you to be vulnerable like this." Brent whispered to Mayuri the fairy nodded:
"Say it to Miu," Brent said. Mayuri nodded as she looked at Miu:
"Soul connection...Communication." Mayuri said as her own soul came out and moved over to Miu. It connected to Miu. Miu gave a nod back to us after a few seconds. She then whispered to Hayden. Damion slowly walked toward Brent. Brent's eyes widen:
"Now or never." Brent thought as he ran forward. Damion was suddenly in front of Brent:
"Buh!" Damion said. Brent kept a shocked face but he was happy on the inside:
"Now!" Brent shouted. Hayden moved a hand up:

"Heimdall!" Hayden shouted. Mayuri was shot toward Hayden. Hayden caught her and spun her around. Mayuri eyes widen at the gesture:
"Now. Valhalla!" Hayden shouted and protected the three of them inside there:

"What is this?" Damion asked:
"We saw through your little Deux ex Machina thingy!" Brent shouted as he hit his knee into Damion's chest. Damion's eyes widened:
"How did you see through it so fast?" Damion asked as he took a few steps back:
"I was just so clever." Brent said confidently:
"Bullshiiiiit!" Amaterasu said as she levitated at Brent's side. Only Brent, Tiffle, and Mayuri could see her. Hayden and Miu knew about her. Damion looked at Brent:
"Well. Seems like everyone has their secrets." Damion said:
"Like an unholy being." Amaterasu said as she lied down just above Brent's head. Brent sighed and just looked at Damion:
"Fine. That trick still works." Damion said as he suddenly was at Brent's side:
"Oh really?" Brent asked as he was above Damion:
"How?" Damion asked:

"Let me tell you something." Hayden said with a grin. Damion was then kicked in the head by Brent:
"My Valhalla keep all enemy magic out. So you can't stop me from moving. So when you stopped Brent a moment ago I just moved him before you had a chance to do your little trick. That is why my Valhalla is this small this time. The smaller the Valhalla the more I can do my other abilities. I used to only be able to hold two ability for a short amount of time but now because of my second eye lens, I can do it forever. So I can just sit here and relax while I keep Brent from being damaged by you little Deus ex Machina." Hayden explained. Damion stood up:
"Seems like I got too confident. You guys really can fight." Damion said. Brent spun his scythe around as he landed on the ground:
"So you gonna give up without a fight?" Brent asked:
"No." Damion said as he ran toward Brent:
"I hoped so." Brent said as their blades collided. The two exchanged a few blows with their blades.

"Something still bothers me," Hayden said:
"What is it?" Miu asked:
"He said there was one team there couldn't be affected by Deux Ex Machina," Hayden said:
"Oh. I see what you mean. You curious who the last team is?" Mayuri asked:
"Maybe a backup for him?" Miu asked:
"I don't think so. The lightning striker was known as a loner." Mayuri said. The three looked at each other:

"Well. I think we will need to get this battle going!" Brent shouted as he spun the scythe around. He blasted a bullet of air forward. It hit Damion and shot him off the roof. Brent jumped off the roof chasing Damion. Hayden followed them inside the bubble. Damion landed on the ground. He gasped for air. Brent flew down into him head first. Damion gasped for air. Brent was about to swing his scythe at Damion:
"Tick!" He shouted and shot Brent. Brent froze. Damion quickly moved to a distance:
"Tock," Damion said. Brent then could move and then cut the ground:
"Sly dog!" Brent shouted and quickly bashed his wings moving quickly toward Damion:
"Chronos!" Damion shouted as he sword began to glow powerfully again. The two of their blades collided. Brent smiled as he looked at him:
"Your time magic won't win against me!" Brent shouted:
"Oh you say that but!" Damion shouted as he shot a bullet at Brent. Another Damion came forward and was about to cut brent:
"Fenrir!" Hayden shouted as the Damion clone smashed against the ground and vanished:
"I got your back," Hayden said. Brent smiled and spun around kicking Damion back:
"You have no chance. You have felt it now. My power keeps growing by the second." Brent said. Damion sighed:
"I know. That is your ace up your sleeve?" Damion asked:
"Kinda yeah," Brent said. Damion smiled and then sighed:
"Then you have no chance," Damion said as he smashed the wakizashi and revolver together. The two glowed up and combine into a Katana:
"I will show you. My true power. I haven't used this for a while. But seems like its necessary." Damion said as he pointed the blade down at the ground. The blade had a yellow edge and the handle had chains around it with clocks in it. Damion rolled his shoulder. He placed two fingers on the flat side of the blade. He slowly moved his fingers down the blade:
"Paradox," Damion said. Brent's eyes widen as he suddenly felt an immense pain. He suddenly broke his left arm. He threw himself back in pain and screamed. Damion just smiled. Something was up and it wasn't good.

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