Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


20. Through the fire.

"God...Damn it." Brent said. He could see fire erupt from the windows. Brent entered the building and the flames were everywhere. The sound of the fire alarm rung loudly:
"Fairy fusion. Tiffle." Brent said:
"Fairy fusion. Brent." Tiffle said. Brent got his blade and blew a powerful wind forward to remove the flames in front of him. Brent quickly ran forward but the flames just appeared again:
"Wha-what!" Brent shouted as he took a step back.

Hayden was sitting on the rooftop smiling:

"Why can't I remove them?" Brent asked:
"Can you smell that?" TIffle asked. Brent sniffed the air and could smell the familiar stench of gas.

Hayden had around fifteen gas cans on the roof. His single open eye was glowing red and you could see the pressure in the air move the gas around the building and in through the windows:
"Execute Surtr!" Hayden said:
"Executing Surtr," Miu answered. The building was now a living fire.

The arms of fire moved around trying to grab Brent. Brent spun the scythe around to become a wheel again and then cut through it. Brent ran toward the stairs only to find them soaked in oil and fire:
"Damn," Brent said:
"It's so hot," Tiffle said. Brent nodded:
"What about activating Tir Na Nog and just flying up there?" Tiffle asked:
"Good idea," Brent said moving to the window:
"Execute Tir Na Nog!" Brent shouted:
"Executing Tir Na Nog!" Tiffle answered. Brent's winds raged around him as he jumped out the window and shot through the air toward the roof of the building. He then saw the red light. His eye as he looked over the edge of the roof:

"No no no...No cheating," Hayden said:
"Execute Fenrir," Hayden said:
"Executing Fenrir." You could hear Miu say. A giant pressure hit Brent and shot him towards the street again. He hit the ground and bounced off the ground with a crack. He carefully stood up and looked at the firey entrance:
"What was that force," Brent said low as he stood up:
"Yeah. I also thought his power was fire control. How can he push you like that?" Tiffle asked. Brent shrugged and ran into the building again. He pushed the fire aside by spinning the kusarigama around. The fire got pushed away by the wind generated by the spinning. Brent stood in front of the burning stairway. The wood was nearly giving away. Brent nodded and bit his lower lip:
"This is gonna hurt," Brent said as he ran forward and rushed up the stairs:
"Execute fairy wind!" Brent shouted:
"Executing fairy wind!" Tiffle shouted. A wind erupted around Brent trying to protect him from the fire. The fire was like small hands trying to grab his body. He got heat stroke and burn marks on his arms. He got to the second floor. There was more fire here:

"The rat has arrived at the second floor, I'm so glad I can track him using my pressure," Hayden said with a grin:
"So it's time?" Miu asked:
"Yes," Hayden said opening his eye wider.

Brent turned around as he heard a ding. The elevator door opened:
"The elevator," Brent said moving toward it. Brent walked inside it:
"Wait!" Tiffle shouted. Brent stepped inside and the doors closed tight:
"What?" Brent asked:
"The elevator would not work under fire!" Tiffle shouted:
"Oh yeah...I guess the heat got the best of me." Brent said as he swung the blade forward trying to cut down the door:

"And now we let him drop," Hayden said relaxing his eye.

Brent suddenly was dropped in the elevator. Brent crashed into the basement. He slammed into the ground with the pressure of the metal hitting him:
"Brent!" Tiffle shouted. She had turned human and removed the metal:
"D-damn...I'm so happy that I can take more damage than other humans. But my body feels sore already." Brent said standing up. He swung his head back and forward. He looked up:
"Wait..." Brent said as looked up the elevator shaft:
"What?" Tiffle asked:
"We can use this to get up. He can't see us in here." Brent said. Tiffle nodded and turned into a weapon again. Brent kicked the ground and jumped up into the shaft slamming his blade into the wall:
"Execute wind glider!" Brent shouted:
"Executing wind glider!" Tiffle shouted. Brent's feet unleashed air and he flew up through the shaft:

"Oh, that is clever. Sadly it won't work." Hayden said walking forward while softly tapping the ground with his crutch:
"Here," Hayden said slamming his right foot into the ground. A pressure broke the ground and debris fell down through the building.

Brent looked up only to see a massive amount of rocks falling toward him. He spun the blade around:
"Execute. Air clever!" Brent shouted:
"Executing. Air clever!" Tiffle shouted. Brent swung the blade forward only to break all the debris:


"Oh...haha." Hayden laughed a bit and walked over to his chair again:
"Then fry!" Hayden shouted as he looked at one of the gas tanks. The tank was thrown down the hole to the shaft:
"Execute. Muspelheim!" Hayden said:
"Executing. Muspelheim!" Miu said happily. One of the fires from the building shot out and hit the gas can and unleashed a giant wave of fire down the shaft:
"Fry up, wind boy," Hayden said evilly. 

Brent's eyes widen as he saw the fire come toward him:
"Dodge!" Tiffle shouted:
"I will!" Brent shouted and kicked the wall only to get on the fourth floor. The fire shot out and hit him a bit. Brent quickly took a few steps back to dodge the worse:
"Damn," Brent said low. He carefully stood up. He felt the floor under him give away. The rining of the fire alarm was annoying. He looked around:
"Stairway," Brent said low as he ran through the hall:

"He still stands," Hayden said:
"He's a fighter!" Miu said as she lied on the ground rolling back and forward a bit. Natacha looked sad:
"Brent..." She thought. She tried to pull on the robe but it wouldn't move an inch.

Brent was fighting his way through the fire. He spun the Kusarigama around trying to break the fire apart. The fire had its own life. They even dodge his attacks. He ran up the stairs unleashing winds from his body pushing them back. Brent's eyes were furious. He ran up the stairs to the roof. He didn't even care anymore. His feet got burned. His body got burned. He only had one thought in his mind:
"She. That girl." Brent thought. The face of Natacha was in his mind:
"That girl strongest emotion was love. Love for me! She is my love!" Brent thought:
"I need her. I need her to be safe. These fires are not strong enough to stop me!" Brent thought.
He ran up the stairs only to kick open the door. He took a few steps out. The black smoke hitting his back. He looked directly forward. Hayden was standing there:
"You!" Brent shouted:
"Me," Hayden said:
"Give me back my love!" Brent shouted:
"Bahahahaha. I'm sorry I couldn't play more with you down there. But my gas tanks are soon out. So I thought we should get to the main event already." Hayden said holding himself up with the crutch. Miu was sitting on the chair. Natacha was bound to the antenna and Clonic in the bottle. The entrance was to the east of the top. There was a few tanks of water on top and the gas tanks. There was a hole from when Hayden kicked the floor. There was a giant H under them. Natacha was to the north. Rest was just bare space:
"Prepare yourself!" Brent shouted:
"I am," Hayden said with a grin. The fight was about to start on the burning building.

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