Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


47. Three months later.

It had been three months now. Six months since he met Tiffle. Six months since he became the girl's  Boyfriend. Three months after her death. He had left the hospital three days after he cried. He had trained all this time. Enhancing his skills and power with Tiffle and Mayuri. Hayden had moved in next door with Miu and those two had trained too. Brent had fought a few Lilins and won against them growing only more and power. He had returned to school with Hayden and studied. Tiara was gone from the face of the earth. Brent hasn't seen her since that fateful evening. Brent had now killed five more Lilins. He didn't like the feeling of killing them. He disliked the whole idea of killing other human beings...But he had set his mind on the goal. Nothing had really changed up in Tir Na Nog had they heard. The god still sealed in obsidian. The Lilin still sealed in the null and Astralonius still protecting the Null-door. Brent had still no idea who this lightning-striker was. He only knew that the man still was waiting for him to fight him. Time had kept ticking and instead of dwelling on the past. Brent had reached for the future. He knew only one thing. That he was gonna save everyone that he cared for...

The sound of footsteps on the stone road. The brown spikes waving in the wind. The brown jacket covering the black shirt. The dark blue jeans and the running shoes. The sunlight hit the silver earring in his ear. His soft brown eyes looking forward as he walked. He had grown a bit taller in the few months. He stopped in front of the bench. He wanted to do this for some time but didn't find the time.

The small white haired girl at her side with green color at the end of her hair smiled at him. She twirled around once so her white dress spun once. The golden armband on her arm shinned in the reflection of the sunlight. Her green eyes were lighted up with happiness. She quickly walked forward and placed the flower in the grass behind the bench. The girl's sandals visible. She had her wings but no one else then the boy could see them.

Only him and the other girl. The girl with blond hair and red eyes. The blue glow coming from the girl's hair. The white hair band on top of her head and the new white dress. The dress only going to her elbows and her knees. The dress was beautiful and had flowers on it. She had white shoes. She now had a flower in her hair. A red rose. She smiled softly and also placed a flower.

Brent smiled as he looked to his right. The white-haired boy with red lines in his hair and red eyes annoyed walked forward. He was walking forward with both of his legs. He walked around in a gray short-sleeved hoodie with a green jacket over it. The green jacket had a fur hood. He had black pants on and boots. He right leg stood strongly on the ground. He had a needle connected to his arm connected to a pole at his side. The pole had a drop in it. The drop's liquid filled the boy's arm.

The pole was pushed by a girl. The sandstone brown hair with the one long hairline. The hairline was wiggling like a tail of a dog. Her amber colored eyes lighted up happily as she danced around the white-haired boy. She had an orange t-shirt on with a green jacket like the boy. It was just her size. She had blue shorts on and flip-flops. She smiled warmly.

The brown-haired boy stepped forward and placed a rose on top of the others. In front of the roses was a small stone. It wasn't that big. It was around half a meter tall with only her name on it. They really fought the mayor of the town to get this placed. But somehow they manage. The white-haired boy has his way with words. A grave placed where they met that evening:

"Come now. Let's go." The white-haired boy said:
"Yeah. I'm coming." The brown-haired boy said:
"This is it then." The blond haired girl with blue glow said:
"Yes. A final goodbye." The girl with the wings said:
"Goodbye, Natacha." The girl with the long hairline said.

Three months had changed them for the better. Brent had made an earring after he lost her as a memory of her. Hayden had got so much power now he could constantly use the gravity to control his leg and now didn't need the crutch. Tiffle had grown in power but hadn't changed that much in looks. Mayuri went back to the white dress. She now was a Fairy with Lilin magic. Miu had got a new coat after Volten took the lab coat back. The five of them had trained and been together for the three months and now they were soon ready. They just needed a bit more power then they could fly to Tir Na Nog.

Brent walked into his apartment. It was the same as ever. He got a new game console for the girls. He also had a small table at the side of his couch now. On it was a picture where Brent stood alone. He had his arm around the air. He knew who used to stand there but that girl had vanished from the earth. He also got a new microwave. Tiffle cooking still was as bad as ever. Mayuri had grown to become braver now. She still had her times where her hair would turn into the coat. Mostly when they walked in crowds or faced enemies. But she still fought her way through.

Hayden walked into his new apartment. Miu followed his side. It was layout as Brent's apartment. The bedroom was for Miu. She had this girly room full of toys and a small table where she could do her homework. Hayden had asked Volten for a request. He wanted Volten to speak his teacher friend to get some homework for Miu so she could learn things from a school. Hayden living room had a kitchen like Brent's. His fridge was full of many different things because he liked cooking. He had a small tv. Not a flat screen like Brent's and he usually just lied watching whatever was on it. His couch was where he slept. his balcony had a small table full of small boxes of dirt where he grew his own flowers. Hayden's psycho mentality wasn't gone but he had fought it back. He could control himself now and don't hear the voice that much lately. He also went to school now. He remembers the day where he came to school without his crutch. Everyone was so happy for him. That he overcome his sickness. Of course, his organs were still messed up. But his focus was better now and he could control the gravity without much feedback now.

Amaterasu had also been busy. Hunting Brent's dreams trying to make him break down. But Brent kept his word. He didn't let the unholy thing break him. He knew what she tried to do. She kept showing him memories of her. Of the girl. He kept showing memories of her but he didn't break. Somehow this sadness had made him stronger. This was a memory that would bring the fire forward in him. Let the winds glow around him and show him that if he can reach out. He can finally become stronger. He still misses her. He will maybe always miss her. The first love of his life. The girl who he shared not only happy but sad moments with. The girl who was there when he went on a rampage. Amaterasu tried to feed on Brent's sadness but this sadness was a good thing. He had grown stronger the last three months. Both in mind and body.

These three months had changed the five of them and there was only one enemy back before they could reach Tir Na Nog. They could maybe reach it now but they had to eliminate one more person before they went up there. They had to eliminate the lightning striker. He had also been busy and had killed more than enough to reach Tir Na Nog. Seems like he only wants power. They need to take him down so they could be sure he wouldn't follow them to Tir Na Nog. That was the next step but for now, they just took the time to relax. The clock kept ticking and the hands of time kept moving but these five knew that. They had known since that evening where Brent cried for her. They knew that but still waited. Because they all had to be prepared. All five of them had no reason to return to earth when they went up there. So the moment they left is the moment they won't return to earth. Time was catching up but they are ready.

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