Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


65. Third part of the war.

"Rings of Saturn!" Astarlonius shouted as the rings appeared and shot a purple energy beam:
"Virus!" Ricki shouted as she played an extremely fast part of music and a beam of electricity shot forward. The beams collided:
"Hayden! Get Tiara out of here. Get her back to Elfthrone!" Astralonius shouted:
"But!-" Hayden shouted:
"No Buts. I know that Brent is in there. I will go check on him as soon as I'm done here. Just go. We don't need more casualties!" Astralonius shouted. Hayden sighed annoyed but then nodded:
"What a pain," Hayden said as he grabbed her and flew away with her and the two fairies.

Hayden didn't get that far before he landed between Elfthrone and the Null-door. He didn't have a lot of magic left. He just walked slowly toward it:
"That guy better get his plan over soon. This is madness." Hayden said:
"It's war, Hayden," Tiara said weakly:
"Oh yeah. Sorry about leaving you all alone. If I knew she was that strong I would never have left you." Hayden said:
"I understand. It just shows you have faith in me." Tiara said with a weak laugh. Hayden just sighed as he walked.

Back at Astralonius.

"Will you soon give up!" Astralonius shouted as his blade collided with the bow:
"I must say. I'm disappointed in the mighty blade dancer. Where is all that strength I heard about?" Ricki asked:
"It's because this is not my true blade," Astralonius said as he spun the blade around and hit it down into her bow:
"True blade?" She asked:
"My true weapon is known as Belle Epine and its an artifact sword. I just happen to let it stay back in Elfthrone." Astralonius said:
"Oh, why is that. Did you really think you didn't need a powerful artifact for this war?" Ricki asked as she thrust her bow forward. Astralonius was cut over his shoulder but then he planted a knee in her stomach:
"No. I just let the rightful owner keep the sword." Astarlonius said.

Back in Elfthrone.

"Belle Epine..." Faust said holding the sword. Astralonius had let the sword stay on the table. It was Faust's sword before he gave it to Astraloinus:
"Do you miss this sword?" Faust asked as he looked down at the floor. Like he was speaking to someone there.

Inside the Null.

Brent was furiously battling Vanessa. The two didn't give space for failure. Brent quickly spun the scythe around:
"Fairy wind!" Brent shouted unleashing a wind from his scythe:
"Null. Obsidian Dust!" Vanessa shouted and moved her hand forward. Purple glowing obsidian dust collided with the wind and the two power neutralized each other. Both of them took a few steps back. They were breathing quickly. They were quite exhausted:
"Gi-Giving up?" Brent asked:
"F-Fuck you," Vanessa said. The two took a few seconds to catch their breath:
"You okay?" Mayuri asked as she walked up to his side:
"Yeah. I'm fine. Just...Exhausted, bruised and bleeding. But I'm fine." He said with a grin:
"You should really finish this quick," Tiffle said as she turned human:
"Easy for you to say. You're not the one fighting a Goddess." Brent said. Tiffle just giggled. Vanessa stood up and looked at them:
"You're done chatting?" Vanessa asked as she stomped the ground:
"Null. Obsidian hands!" Vanessa shouted. Massive purple glowing hands made of obsidian came up from the ground and reached out for Brent:
"Let's go," Brent said as he stood up. Tiffle turned into a scythe and Mayuri jumped back. Brent spun the scythe around faster and faster:
"Forest breaker!" Brent shouted as he cut the air. A massive blade of air cut the hands in two. Vanessa used this as a distraction. She jumped in between the crumbling hand and stabbed Brent through the arm. Brent flinched in pain but he just grabbed her spear with his free hand. He then moved his leg up and kicked her cheek hard. She spun around and landed on the ground. The spear crumbled the moment she let go of it. She pressed her hand on the ground and pulled a new spear up from the ground covered in a purple glow. 

At Astraloinus.

"This is getting tiring," Astralonius said as he looked around. Seems like the battlefield had cleared and the remaining fairies had retread:
"Fine. Now I can finally let go." Astralonius said as he dropped the sword. He moved his hand forward and opened the book:
"Astral magic. Galactic powers." Astralonius said as looked at Ricki:
"What is this..." Ricki asked. Astralonius power level was rasing by the second. He was getting more and more powerful and not even in small amounts. He was raising his power level by a massive amount each ticking seconds:
"Have you been holding back?" Ricki asked:
"Of course. If I used full force I might have hit some of my allies. But seems like they have gotten to a safe distance now. So I can use my full force now." Astralonius said as purple aura erupted from his body. It shattered the ground under him and the sky above him turned violet:
"I'm a fairy pair. We should be stronger than a normal fairy. How can you be this strong?!" Ricki shouted:
"You know. By killing Lilins day in and out. You seem to get powerful." Astralonius said calmly as he moved his hand forward. Giant rings erupted around him.They all pointed at Ricki and began to charge:
"Astral magic. Supernova." He said as the rings charged. Ricki fell on her butt. Her eyes shivered. All she could see was a giant purple aura with two violets eyes in between. His aura was so strong you couldn't even see him:
"Now-" Astralonoius said as he slowly lowered his arm:
"Di-" He was about to talk when he stopped moving.

At Hayden and Tiara.

"Thanks for the help Core," Hayden said as he carried Tiara with the help of Core. Core's arms were fully cracked now and shards were falling now:
"No problem. She is my partner after all." Core said in pain:
"Wait...What is that?" Miu asked as she pointed at the sky.

At Astralonius.

"That power..." Astralonius said as he stopped the spell. He looked at the sky.

A silhouette was moving with top speed toward the door. The silhouette flew through the door and entered the Null.

"What was that?" Astralonius asked confused.

At Hayden.

"Was that who I think it was?" Miu asked:
"Seems like it," Hayden said:
"But...I'm confused." Core said.

Inside the Null

"That energy!" Vanessa suddenly shouted. A light erupted and landed on the ground. The ground shattered and the light cleared. There stood Faust. He had Belle Epine in his hand. He had thrown the coat away and stood there in his yellow shirt. The metal thorns had wrapped around his arm and covered his chest and also went down his other arm:
"Faust?" Brent asked:
"I'm sorry Brent. I will take it from here. I made you fight my war." Faust said as he walked over to Brent's side:
"You can't be serious. You have never been able to beat me in a fight." Vanessa said:
"You wanna bet on that." Faust said moving his hand forward. A light erupted which healed all around him. Tiffle shoulder was healed. All of Brent's wounds and also Vanessa's:
"If you so sure then prove it sister." Faust said:
"You can't be serious! You're healing me?!" Vanessa shouted and began to laugh. She grabbed her spear and moved it forward:
"Fine brother. Let met finally end this war with your head on my spear!" She shouted. Faust nodded carefully as he looked at her. He had cold killer eyes:
​"Little sister." He thought.

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