Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


67. The three guardians are born!

"Drink! drink! drink!" Astralonius shouted as Hayden was chugging down a bottle of beer:
"I'm actually surprised you have alcohol up here," Brent said as he looked at Faust:
"Many are," Faust said as he sipped his wine. He was sitting on the throne. The whole castle was open and a giant party was held throughout the castle. People were singing and dancing.

Tiara was sitting and sipping a glass of wine. She looked around. She had Core at her side but no one really walked over to her. Core's arms were bandaged:
"You know. I was happy you were with us." Brent said as he sat down on the sofa behind her. They were sitting back to back:
"Really?" Tiara asked:
"Hayden would have been dead if you didn't come with us. So I thank you." Brent said with a smile:
"I'm still not forgiven," Tiara said:
"Of course not. You might never be. I can't forgive you for what you did. But I can at least be thankful for what you will do." Brent said. Tiara nodded and smiled. The two sat there in silence:
"You know. This might sound stupid." Core said. Brent turned his attention to Core:
"I could forgive Tiara and helped her work toward this. The moment where she could confront you. So this just makes me happy." Core said. Brent just laughed with a smile.

"It's nice for I to be over," Tiffle said:
"Truly. It has truly been an honor fighting by your side." Mayuri said with a smile:
"You aren't done," Tiffle said:
"What do you mean?" Mayuri asked:
"I eavesdropped on Astral and Faust earlier. They have an announcement." Tiffle said with a grin.

"Everyone!" Faust shouted. All turned silent and the music stopped:
"I have an announcement," Faust said standing up:
"Will the three humans and their fairy take the stage," Faust said. 

The seven took the stage:
"I would like to thank you. Truly you seven have fought fights beyond my understanding. These three humans have conquered many to get here. They have now reached us and now stand with us. Not as enemies but of course as friends. As allies. I heard your request of living here in Tir Na Nog. I grant you that wish and not only that. You will live here in the castle with me. You will be known as the three Guardians. Defenders of Tir Na Nog. I can proudly say that you will always be welcome to Tir Na Nog...To your home." Faust said proudly. People cheered:
"So now. Everyone please welcome. The wind Fairy. Brent!" Faust shouted. People cheered. Brent smiled. Tiffle wrapped her arms around Brent's arm and smiled. Mayuri smiled warmly. Brent wrapped one arm around Mayuri too and held those two close as he smiled:

"The gravity Fairy. Hayden!" Faust shouted. People cheered. Hayden sighed but still had a small smile. Miu crawled up on his back and sat on his shoulders. Hayden was fixed before the fight. Faust had healed his organs so he didn't have to have a drop anymore:

"The reflection Fairy. Tiara!" Faust shouted. People cheered. Tiara waved softly to them. Core was smiling proudly at her as she was bashful for once. 

"These three truly were a help to us," Faust said:
"So do anyone in this room disagree with my decision to welcome them here as one of us?" Faust asked. Everyone was silence:
"Then I God Faust declare. That you three are now honored Fairies!" Faust shouted. Everyone cheered. Then the party continued. Everyone wanted to talk with the three heroes. So many talked to them and it was quite overwhelming.

Brent found himself out on the balcony. Tiara and Hayden were with him. the three looked over toward the Door. The door was glowing by the light of the barrier:
"That right there. Was what we worked for." Brent said:
"Yeah. Kinda funny huh?" Hayden asked:
"And now we have become the honored fairies," Tiara said:
"Hiding outside when you are the honored guests?" Astralonius asked as he came walking:
"Just taking a breather," Brent said:
"That is okay. People were swarming you like flies." Astralonius said with a smile. He sat down on the fence:
"I must thank you myself. Because you brought me, my daughter, safely back. I talked with her. I said that she can relax now." Astarlonius said:
"Yeah and?" Brent asked:
"She completely reused. She didn't want to give up the bond with you. You truly become a close friend of hers. She has grown quite the spine like her mother." Astralonius said:
"Who was Mayuri's mother?" Brent asked:
"She was the right hand to Vanessa and the first Vanessa killed," Astralonius said:
"I see," Brent said:
"I'm happy and its fine. You truly can protect her." Astralonius said. Brent nodded:
"She is one of my close allies and close friends. She chose to bond with me. She became a truly strong fairy." Brent said:
"Yeah. I'm happy you took care of her." Astralonius said. Brent nodded:
"I will leave ya kids be," Astralonius said with a smile. The man left them. The three sat there. They felt the evening breeze:
"Faust made sure that we aren't remembered on earth anymore. So we are now stuck here." Tiara said.
"That was a clever way of doing this. We should at least be here for now. We are the three guardians." Brent said:
"This is becoming quite a drag," Hayden said:
"We saw your smile," Brent said:
"Shut up!" Hayden shouted. The two other laughed. The three looked over the horizon:
"The air feels fresher up here," Brent said:
"Truly," Tiara said:
"Kinda relaxing," Hayden said lying down on the fence:
"Faust fixed you?" Brent asked:
"Yeah. Before the fight. But the All-father still breaks me." Hayden said:
"Yeah. That was surprising. You created a black hole:" Tiara said. The three turned silent for a few seconds. The breeze hit them once again. Brent softly smiled.

Brent spiky short brown hair moved in the evening breeze. His brown eyes locked on the gate. He pulled in the brown jacket. The black shirt was cleaned from the blood. He still had the dark blue jeans and the silver earring. He tapped the ground with his white running shoes. 

Hayden's silver hair with red lines also moved in the wind. His red eyes were locked on the sky and the moon. He adjusted the hood on his gray short-sleeved hoodie. His black boots had protected his black pants from the blood. He grabbed the opening of his green fur hooded jacket.

Tiara's Daffodil blond hair was blowing in the wind. Her Crystal blue eyes were locked on the door into the party. She could see silhouette coming toward it. She let a hand touch the pink butterfly hairclip in her hair. The pearl necklace was still intact after the fight. He blue jeans were stained a bit red and she still walked around in white two-centimeter heels. She still had her white crop-top on with the black leather jacket over it. She had her white handbag hanging from her shoulder. She didn't walk around with red lipstick anymore. She had her golden rings on her fingers still. She hadn't touched a lollipop since the fight with Brent. 

"You guys coming?" Tiffle asked as she opened the door to the balcony. She stood with Mayuri at her side. Miu ran out to them and fly hugged Hayden who caught her. Core walked over to Tiara with two wine glasses:
"For the lady." Core said:
"Oh, now you wanna bring me a drink," Tiara said with a smirk. Core just laughed:
"This time you earned it." Core said. Tiara softly hit Core's chest. Brent looked at Tiffle and Mayuri. The two walked up to him. Tiffle just jumped on Brent and tried to hang on his back. Her new size made it harder but she still stuck on to him. Brent smiled. Mayuri lowers her head a bit and Brent pets her hair:
"This is such a beautiful night. A night of victory." Brent said.
"Victory!" Tiffle howled. She stood up on the fence and then took in a breath:
"We won! Woohoo!" Tiffle howled even louder. Brent smiled:
"Come on. Everybody." Brent said as he stood up at Tiffle's side with Mayuri. Core jumped up on the fence and helped Tiara up. Hayden stood down and sighed. Miu climbed up and pulled in Hayden's hair:
"Fine...Fine!" Hayden shouted as he jumped up to their side. The seven stood there and then took in a deep breath:
"We won!" They shouted into the night. 

Their voice echoed over the land. The beautiful glow from the Null-door lighted up the night. A night of victory. A night of beauty. A night with a future. A new future. The sevens life had just begun. A new start as also begun for Vanessa.

"So what now?" Ricki asked:
"We will colonize this realm," Vanessa said as she looked at the sun. The sun had made the breeze blow. Somehow the world seemed a bit brighter now:
"I thought our people were damned under your rule...But after that display." Vanessa thought as she remembered the cold dead stare in Faust's eyes. She smiled softly and then walked into the Null with her people.

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