Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


28. The Sylph with a soul.

Brent was lying on the couch outside a hospital room. The doctor was doing an examination of the mysterious Mayuri. The door opened and the doctor came out. He was all white in his head and sat down for a second taking a breath:
"What is up doctor?" Brent asked:
"This is...So impossible..." Volten said. Brent looked inside the room. The head nurse was questioning Mayuri. The girl was still hiding inside the coat made of her hair. You couldn't even see it was hair. It was like a normal coat:
"Tell me what is going on?" Brent asked. Tiffle climbed on top of Brent back and placed her head on top of his to look at the doctor:
"That girl...No that Lilin...Has a soul." The doctor said. Tiffle eyes widen as she looked at him:
"See that blue glow from her hair. That is a soul radiating from her body...She is a Lilin with a soul...But she tells me she is a Sylph now." The doctor said. Brent looked at her Tiffle peered inside too. The girl had a light blue glow from her blond hair:
"I see...So she wasn't lying...She is partnerless?" Brent asked:
"That is a human soul...One hundred percent. But she got it inside her...Somehow she got the soul of her old partner and also didn't die when the partner died...She should not exist." The doctor said:
"I see...This is weird." Brent said:
"We are back..." Miu said holding back a laugh. Brent and Tiffle turned around:
"Oh hey. Welcome ba-..." Brent said but stopped. Tiffle and Brent broke into laughter as they saw the mud cover Hayden. Miu was laughing:
"Shut...up," Hayden said:
"Hey. Hayden...You got a bit on your cheek." Brent said:
"Shut up!" Hayden shouted:
"You can take a shower just down the hall." The doctor said holding back a laugh. Hayden sighed and stumbled down the hall with his crutch. Miu was pulling the drop at his side as he walked:
"So what happened here?" Natacha asked:
"I tell when Hayden comes back...This is something...Unnatural." The doctor said.

Hayden returned grumbling to himself. Miu was latching on to his back:
"So...This right here is Mayuri...She is a Sylph like me." The head nurse said:
"Okay and?" Hayden asked:
"She is a Lilin with a soul." The doctor said. Miu and Clonic eyes widen:
"What?!" Hayden shouted:
"That should not exist," Natacha said. Mayuri who was standing in the middle sat down pulling her hood down more. The dog ears dangling a bit:
"Easy now..." Brent said as he knelt down at Mayuri side:
"Hello there..." Brent said. Mayuri didn't look up. She didn't say a word:
"Okay...Knock knock." Brent said as he softly poked her head. Mayuri looked up and placed a hand on top of her head in confusion:
"Hey there," Brent said with a warm smile. Mayuri hair began to move so you could see her dress again:
"Hello," Mayuri said:
"My name is Brent...Was it Mayuri?" Brent asked. She nodded:
"Wanna tell me what you were doing in the woods?" Brent asked. She looked scared suddenly:
"Don't worry. No one is gonna hurt you." Brent said:
"I was hunted...As I visited his grave." Mayuri said:
"You old partner?" Brent asked:
"Yes...I was visiting Johnny...Then I was attacked by a Fairy pair." Mayuri said:
"I shouted that I wasn't a part of the war anymore but they didn't stop," Mayuri explained. Her voice shivering:
"I see. Must have been scary..." Brent said. Mayuri looked at him. She reached out and placed a hand on Brent's cheek:
"You have his smile," Mayuri said:
"His smile?" Brent asked:
"Johnny's smile," Mayuri said:
"I'm glad...Did he have a nice smile?" Brent asked:
"Yes...He always smiled." Mayuri said:
"But don't you worry. Nothing is gonna happen to you anymore." Brent said. Mayuri nodded. She seemed a bit calmer now:
"Okay..." Mayuri said low. Brent stood up again:
"Okay. What now?" Brent asked:
"Can I have a word with you six outside?" The doctor asked. Brent nodded and was about to leave when he felt someone tucking at his shirt:
"Where...You going?" Mayuri asked:
"Just outside...I will come back soon." Brent said. Mayuri nodded scared and instantly wrapped her hair around herself to the coat again:
"So...I don't really know what to do with this...I really want to keep her around. She is interesting." The doctor said:
"She has been through enough," Brent said:
"I know...I will not do anything major...Just a few examinations a month...See how she is doing..." The doctor answered:
"It's only fair to do that." Hayden said:
"What are you saying?" Natacha asked in shock:
"Listen. She shouldn't even exist...We need to find out how she is alive...This is weird." Hayden said coldly:
"I understand..." Brent said giving up:
"Brent!" Natacha shouted:
"No...We must know how she has a soul. We don't even know if its a bad or good thing...But what do you want us to do?" Brent asked:
"I want one of you to take care of her." The doctor said:
"Well, I can't really do it. It's hard enough to hide Clonic." Natacha said:
"I can't either...My rundown apartment is not even suitable for two." Hayden said:
"Then by the order of elimination. Brent?" The doctor asked:
"Well...I can go buy a mattress somewhere she can lie on..." Brent said:
"I will pay for that...It's only fair." The doctor said:
"Fine...So you want me to take care of her until we find out what she is?" Brent asked:
"Yes. She also seems to like you better than us." The doctor said pointing in through the window on the door. Mayuri was hiding in her coat. Brent nodded and walked inside. The moment Mayuri saw him her coat vanished and became her hair again. She rushed forward:
"Where were you?" Mayuri asked scared:
"I was just out there." Brent said pointing at the door:
"Okay..." Mayuri said looking around:
"So what do you say by coming with me for now? So you have a safe place to be?" Brent asked. She quickly nodded and latch on to Brent's arm:
"Yes!.." She tried to sound louder but she still was talking quite low:
"Fine. Shall we get going." Brent said. Mayuri nodded:
"By the way. This is Tiffle. She is my fairy and also my partner. She lives there too." Brent said. Mayuri looked at Tiffle:
"Nice to meet you...Please don't kill me." Mayuri said bowing her head:
"I won't..." Tiffle said surprised.

The seven went outside:
"We do the picnic tomorrow." Brent said:
"Seriously...I really don't wanna go out into more mud." Hayden said sighing to himself:
"Well. We see to it but we can also do it in the park?" Natacha asked:
"No...I wanna go to the forest!" Miu said childishly:
"Fine...We do it in the forest." Hayden said giving up. The six laugh. Mayuri looks at them.

"I see her." The man said:
"Me too...She has people around her now." The woman answered:
"We will wait." The man said. The two jumped away quickly. Mayuri looked up at the rooftops:
"There..." Mayuri said low:
"What wrong Mayuri?" Brent asked:
"No-nothing," Mayuri answered. They were walking home with a new enemy on the horizon and a new mystery to solve.

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