Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


1. Brent and Tiffle

"And so does the classes end for today. Remember to make all assignments from page 85 to 89 to tomorrow and don't slack too much of. We have exams coming up soon." The teacher said. Brent closed his book with a quick move and sighed. He looked outside and there were students going home. He slowly stood up and rolled his shoulder:
"I have been stuck here for too long. I get quite the stiff shoulder." Brent thought as he looked around. His classmates were already packing their things:
"Earth calls Brent...Hello~?" A voice called. Brent looked down and sees his best friend had his head lying on the table:
"What is it?" Brent asked. This person right here is Brent best friend and self-proclaimed best student in the class. Damion:
"You just sit there. You wanna go home or what?" Damion asked:
"Of course. Just give me a moment to indulge in the sweet taste of boredom." Brent said finger flicking Damion's forehead:
"Yeah yeah. I will get going okay?" Damion said standing up:
"Sure. I will see ya soon." Brent said. Damion left. Brent slowly stood up and sighed. He looked at the window and saw his own reflection. He had brown short spiky hair. He was wearing a black shirt and dark blue jeans. He had white running shoes on and a brown jacket. He took on his jacket and walked outside. He walked through town. It was one more boring day. The only kind of excitement these days were Damion. He was kinda funny but at the same time obnoxious and loud. Brent slowly made his way to the center of town. He sat down on a bench and looked around:
"Hello~" A voice echoed through Brent's head:
"Oh not again," Brent said low:
"Can you hear me~?" The voice echoed again. Brent had been hearing this girl voice the last couple of weeks. It began just after the second term started:
"Just ignore it," Brent said low. Brent walked around:
"THe forest. Please~" The girl's voice said. Brent stopped. He only heard her ask if he could hear her. But she never directed him anywhere. Brent let out a hum:
"Ay Brent!" Damion shouted as he came walking. Damion was a tall blond spiked hair boy with sunglasses. He had an orange shirt on with a camo vest and shorts. He walked around in sandals:
"Oh hey," Brent said holding up a hand:
"You look pale. Ya okay there?" Damion asked:
"Oh. Just some of the dreams again." Brent said:
"Oh, that girl's voice?" Damion asked:
"Yeah," Brent said:
"I'm freezing. Please help...The forest~" The girl's voice echoed once again. Brent's eyes widen:
"Um. I will go." Brent said and ran off. Damion blinked a few times but just shrugged and walked off:
"Why am I running. It's just my fantasy...right?" Brent thought. He ran into the forest:
"Hello!" Brent called out but there was no answer. He walked around:
"What am I even doing out here?" Brent asked. The only sound was the birds and the sound of Brent footsteps against the ground:
"Hello~" The voice called out. Brent turned around. This one sounded a bit louder and warmer:
"Hello?!" Brent shouted:
"Who are you and why are you in my head!" Brent shouted. Two people came walking at that moment and looked weirdly at Brent:
"It's not what it looks like..." Brent said defeated and sighed before walking around again:
"Down here~," The voice said. Brent slid down the steep hill and then ended down behind the hill. He saw a fine stone on the ground:
"What?" Brent thought as he kneeled down and took it into his hand:
"Weeee!~" The girl shouted in the voice happy:
"Ah!" Brent shouted and dropped the stone again:
"What are you doing~?!" The girl's voice shouted:
"What..." Brent said low as he looked at the stone:
"You finally found me you, Idiot..." The girl's voice said. Brent took up the stone again and looked at it:
"Hello~ I'm Tiffle." The stone said:
"Tiffle?" Brent asked:
"Yeah. Tiffle the fairy!" The voice clearly came from the small stone in his hand:
"Fairy?...You're a rock." Brent said:
"No. Idiot. I'm a simple fairy." The voice said. The stone began to glow a bit and then became bigger and bigger. It took form as a small girl. The girl landed at his side and smiled. She had white hair with green color at the ends of the hair. It was set into spiky long hair down her back. She was wearing a white and black dress with a golden armband around her right arm. She has green eyes. She was the size of a ten-year-old. She had small legs and were wearing sandals. She had two pairs of wings on her back. Razor thin nearly see-through wings. They were a small tan of green. She looked up at him and smiled:
"Hello there. I'm Tiffle." The girl said:
"So...A fairy. A true, real life fairy. In front of me." Brent said as he blinked a few times:
"Yes." She said:
"Nope. I don't believe it. See ya." Brent said turning around and walking away:
"Hey wait!" She said flailing her arms around as she dashed in front Brent:
"What is it?" Brent asked:
"You can't just leave me. Aren't you amazed?!" Tiffle asked as her wings moved once:
"...You not even real..." Brent said:
"Oh, I'm real. I'm more real than real!" Tiffle shouted:
"Nope. You are clearly not real." Brent said:
"I am!" She shouted. Her body emitted a green light. A powerful gust pushed Brent to the ground:
"You Idiot! You dumb man! I'm standing here as a mighty fairy and you think I'm not real!" She shouted:
"Mighty fairy...Girl you around one meter and fourty." Brent said unamused:
"Shut up!" She said kicking out after Brent. Brent dodged:
"Hey!" Brent shouted. The two glared daggers at each other:
"So you were the voice in my head the last couple of weeks!" Brent shouted:
"Yeah, that was me!" Tiffle said happily:
"Don't sound so happy!" Brent shouted and hit her on top of the head with a hand:
"Eep!" She let out a cute sound as she was hit and looked up at him:
"Listen. I didn't choose this either. We fairies are bound to some humans and apparently, you're my partner!" She shouted:
"I don't want an annoying fairy like you!" Brent shouted:
"I don't want a bored human as you either!" She shouted. The two glared at each other so you nearly could see a thin lightning between their eyes:
"Fine. Then I will just leave." Brent said turning around and walking off:
"Um...Wait!" She shouted jumping forward and clinging to his back:
"Hey! Get off!" Brent shouted:
"You can't leave me...As much as I wish it. You targeted now and maybe I don't like you but I still tasked with protecting ya!" She shouted:
"Wait?! Targeted!" Brent shouted as he flung himself forward and launched the fairy into the ground:
"Ouch! You moron!" She shouted:
"Speak! What have you gotten me into?" He asked:
"Well. To say that its easier to explain everything." She said:
"No shit! Just start talking!" Brent shouted:
"Okay. So it all started back when-" Tiffle said but was rudely interrupted by the sound of a gunshot:
"Well. Well. Well. What do we have here? Seems like a fairy and host starter pack." A man said:
"Seems like it." An echoing female voice said:
"Oh no!" Tiffle said standing up:
"A gun?!" Brent shouted:
"Okay...If you just hand over your energy. We won't hurt the host." The man said. It was a scruffy late teens boy with silver hair and yellow eyes. He had a leather jacket on and a gray shirt. He got leather pants and boots on:
"We got to run!" Tiffle shouted and grabbed Brent hand pulling him along:
"Oh, you're gonna run! Well, I never were bored of a good chase." The man said pointing the gun forward:
"Execute: Water Spiral!" The man shouted:
"Executing: Water spiral!" The female voice said. The gun glowed up and shot out a bullet of water. The water began to spirals around itself and became a vortex of destruction:
"Down!" Tiffle shouted:
"What!" Brent shouted but it was too late. The two got hit by it and were sent flying forward:
"D-Damn." Brent said slowly trying to stand up:
"What happened?" Brent said low. He looked at his side and saw Tiffle lie on the ground. She was shivering in pain:
"Oh damn." Brent said standing up:
"What a useless Fairy-" The man said:
"With a useless host." The female voice said. The man gun began to glow and turned into a girl. The girl had a leather jacket on a chain around her neck and a spiked armband on her arm. She had long legs in netted stockings and high heels. She had a lollipop in the mouth and burning red hair with horns:
"What..." Brent said:
"I just enjoy stomping down the competition. You weren't made to be a Host boy. Just hand over the Fairy and I will make this quick." The man said:
"Who are you two?" Brent asked as he slowly grabbed Tiffle by the shoulder and shook her a bit:
"We are Fairy team. I'm Xander and this is my Fairy Olivia." The man said:
"Sup!" Olivia said:
"Now hand over the Fairy." Xander said. Brent looked at Tiffle who weren't waking up:
"What's gonna happen if I do?" Brent asked:
"I will take her energy and she will stop existing." Xander said:
"Quite a useless Fairy. Haven't even explained the rules yet." Olivia said giggling:
"Stop existing! You mean she will die?!" Brent shouted:
"It's kinda like dying..." Xander said:
"I can't..." Brent thought:
"It's two against one. I don't even know if I can carry her." Brent thought afterward as he looked at the small girl:
"Don't play hero son." Xander said:
"You don't know the rules. Don't know the way to fight. Don't even know what a fusion is." Olivia said:
"A fusion?" Brent asked:
"When a Fairy energy fuse with the body of a host. I'm the host in this case." Xander said:
"What?!" Brent shouted:
"Let me show you." Xander said with an evil smirk:
"Execute: Fairy Fusion! Olivia!" Xander said:
"Executing Fairy Fusion. Xander!" Olivia shouted. Her body began to glow and she took a form as a gun. Xander caught it and pointed it forward:
"Fairy Fusion complete." The two said together. Xander slowly moved the gun forward:
"Shit..." Brent thought as he looked at Tiffle. Brent sighed and nodded:
"Okay..." Brent said:
"You handing it over?" Xander asked with a grin:
"Sure." Brent said slowly standing up:
"Good..." Xander said moving forward. Xander was a few steps away from Brent:
"Take this!" Brent shouted and moved forward smashing his fist into Xander's face. Xander was sent flying back and Brent quickly picked up Tiffle and ran as fast as he could:
"You really did fell for that?" Olivia said:
"Shut up!" Xander said standing up:
"You brought me a lot of trouble!" Brent shouted. Tiffle was still asleep:
"Dumb sleeping fairy!" Brent shouted as he ran away from the presuder. 

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