Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


58. The start of the end.

"This war shall be done today. I have a plan." Faust said as he stood out on the balcony. You could look out over the city and the horizon. They could see the null-door in the background:
"It's a three-step plan. I think you three can do it." Faust said turning around to look at the teenagers:
"Yes?" Brent asked:
"First I need my second in command here. I need-" Faust said then turned his eyes to look at Mayuri:
"Astralonius," Faust said. Mayuri eyes shivered softly;
"Yes. Your father Mayuri. I know its been years but its time. He will know you are alive and you can finally see him." Faust said. Mayuri began to hyperventilate:
"Easy now," Brent said placing his hand on her head. She softly nodded:
"You waited a long time to meet him. So it's time Mayuri. You can't get cold feet now." Tiffle said hugging her softly. Mayuri nodded:
"If we had cold feet we wouldn't be here right now," Hayden said. Miu hit him softly:
"We are here for you," Miu said:
"I grant you the power of flight in all of Tir Na Nog," Faust said and moved an arm forward. Light erupted around them and they could feel a change in the body:
"Now the first step is getting Astralonius back. The Lilins might have felt my presence." Faust said as he turned around and gave the young once a soft smile:
"So that means. They are going to do a full out attack. So this is the plan-" Faust said as he began to explain the plan. The teenagers nodded as they listen to it. They understood and agreed and then they took off.

"It sounded like a good plan," Tiara said:
"Yeah. We gonna do great!" Miu shouted as she flew around Tiara once:
"I could get used to this. I don't have to use my powers on my leg when we fly." Hayden said as his right leg was flying around like a loose towel in the air:
"Well...That right there is just unpleasant to look at." Tiffle said as she looked at his leg rapidly flying around in the air. It was fully limp:
"You can see the Null-door," Brent said.

"Give them hell." A dark girl voice said. 

Suddenly the sky was bombarded with purple fireballs:
"Null fire!" Mayuri shouted:
"Ullr!" Hayden shouted as gravity spikes shot out from him and hit the Fireballs:
"Nice," Miu said latching on to Hayden back. Hayden coughed up a bit of blood:
"It's hard to force out my power when I'm not fused with ya," Hayden said as he kept himself up:
"I think they want to attack us," Tiara said:
"No shit!" Core shouted and hit her head. The seven went back to back:
"We are too visible in the sky. We should walk the rest of the way." Tiffle said. The seven landed down in a forest just beneath them. 

"Let's go," Brent said. The seven ran over the ground toward the mountain in the distance:
"Toxic!" Voices shouted as toxic gas came flying in from the trees sides:
"Keep going I got this!" Tiara shouted. Core nodded:
"Fairy fusion!" Core shouted. He began to glow and became pure light. He hit Tiara and she began to glow before she moved her hands forward:
"Reflect!" She shouted and the gas shot back:
"I will keep them at bay. Just get going!" Tiara shouted:
"We can't leave one to so many," Hayden said:
"I'm not one. We are a pair...A fairy pair." Tiara said:
"An amazingly beautiful fairy pair." Core said his voice confident. Tiara stomped the ground:
"Reflect...Vibrations!" Tiara shouted as the earth broke apart and shot forward like spikes. 

The other had run out of the forest and saw the gate come closer. They could feel the mighty presence of Astralonius in the distance. The five ran forward. 

"Someone is coming," Astralonius said as he stood up from the pile of rocks he had formed to a chair. 

"Attack them!" A Lilin shouted:
"Throw the spears!" Another one shouted and threw fiery spears down toward the ground:
"Keep going," Hayden said as he stomped the ground:
"Ymir!" Hayden shouted. The giant protected them from the fiery spears:
"Come let's go!" Brent shouted as Tiffle and Mayuri followed him. Miu latch on to Hayden's leg:
"Let's go!" Miu shouted. Hayden nodded. His eyes sparked red:
"Let's do it," Hayden said as he grins one of the giant arms latched out after the Lilins and broke their body apart:
"BAHAHHAHA." Hayden psychotic laugh broke out from his lips. 

"Let's go. Faster." Brent said:
"Why did they hold them back?" Mayuri asked:
"You really asking. Maybe Faust mission is to get Astralonius back but our mission is for you to reach him!" Tiffle said:
"Wh-What?" Mayuri asked surprised:
"Now go!" Brent shouted and grabbed Tiffle's arm. She turned into the scythe:
"Fairy wind!" Brent shouted and blasted Mayuri forward quickly. He then turned around and parried one of the Lilin assassins following him. 

Mayuri kept running. She was crying. Tears leaving her face as she could see the Null-door now. She could see the person in front of the door.

"One more Lilin...Trying." Astralonius said moving a hand up. Three purple rings came out of his arm and began to glow powerfully:
"Astral magic. Ring beam!" Astralonius shouted. The beam began to charge. He closed his eyes and listened to his own heartbeat. The rings glowed more and more.


Astralonius softly opened his eyes and looked over the horizon:
"Why did I let it happen?" Astralonius asked.


"That voice. Repeating in my head." Astralonius said as the light glowed powerfully and was ready to shot:

"Lonius. Father!" 

"W-What?" Astralonius said as he heard it again. He lowers his arm a bit and looked at the dot running to the gate. A few charging after her:
"Mayu....ri?" Astralonius asked as he looked at her:
"Father....!" Mayuri shouted as she ran toward him. She was running from five Lilins. Astralonius eyes harden as he ran forward. He shot the beam at them. The beam flew past Mayuri and hit them. Burning them alive. 

He ran forward on the unstable ground. His boots covered in blood. 

Mayuri ran forward she was running so fast she was nearly falling.

The two ran toward each other.

Mayuri could see her dad's face now. His black hair. His white shirt. His rune full arm.

Astralonius could see his daughter's face now. Her blond hair. Her white dress.

He threw himself down on his knees and caught her in his arms. He hugged her close:
"Is this...Real?" Astralonius asked crying:
"Yes...Father." Mayuri cried...She was nearly howling out sobs. The two hugged each other close. They just sat there. She was rubbing her cheek on his chest. He was petting her hair:

"We are here," Brent said as he came walking with a smile. Mayuri didn't answer. Neither of them answered:
"Leave them be for now," Tiffle said. Brent nodded.

The silence filled the air. Mayuri had finally been at peace.

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