Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


5. The sickness.

A few weeks earlier. Before Brent and Tiffle met a pair of two also met. It all starts with one person. One psychopathic killer and teenager with the name of Hayden. 

"The results have come in. You clearly have it." The doctor said:
"Pff and?" Hayden answered. Hayden was standing at the doctor. Tapping the ground with his right leg:
"This is serious, young man. This sickness will eat away at your nerves and organs until you die." The doctor said:
"Die?" Hayden asked:
"Yes. This virus takes a grip on your nerves and eat away of their power until they don't function and also eat away at your organs. You will soon not be able to breathe or eat." The doctor explained pointing at a monitor of a human body as he explained:
"That is why I'm here. Am I not? You will fix me up?" Hayden asked:
"That is the bad news. There not much we can do other than slow the process. The sickness is not the same. Some people can live years with it and some can live mostly a week." The doctor explained. Hayden charged forward and forced the doctor up the wall:
"WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!" Hayden shouted:
"Let go of me." The doctor said calmly. Hayden breathing slowly returned to normal as he let go:
"We also know you are a psychopath. You don't feel anything for anybody and also sees the human body as a playfield more than a tool. You like to torment and explore people body when you assault them. But we can't say how long you have. All we can do is for you to remain here and take your time." The doctor said. Hayden spit on the ground:
"Fine...So be it." Hayden said.

One week passed. Hayden was throwing things around the hospital room. He was throwing a stool out the window and then unleashed a howl of anger:
"Hayden I'm coming in!" The nurse shouted. When she came inside she saw him leaning up against the wall. His right leg dangling:
"It's your sickness." The nurse said. Hayden looked down at his leg:
"Calm down." The nurse said. Hayden took in a big breath and then calmed down:
"Fine what now?" Hayden asked:
"I will call the doctor. You will keep sitting here." The nurse said running off. Hayden sat down on the bed looking at his hands. A few minutes pass and then the doctor comes:
"Sorry for the wait. I will commence examination. Please refrain from trying to stab me with the scalpel again." The doctor said as he approached. Hayden nodded. After a few minutes would the examination be over:
"Seems like we can still save your leg somehow. This will take a long time but it can be fixed. Just don't go use it too much." The doctor said:
"Sure," Hayden said. 

A few hours passed and Hayden was just lying in the hospital bed:
"I'm coming in!" A girl shouted. The door went up with a slam and in walked a tiny figure:
"You room seems not to be messy at all." She said. Hayden just looked at the tiny figure. It was Miu without the lab coat:
"Who are you?" Hayden asked:
"I'm Miu. Your fairy partner!" She said proudly:
"...Get out of my room." Hayden said
"I won't!" She said proudly. Hayden just stood up and walked over to the girl with his newly acquired crutch. He grabbed the girl by the collar and threw her out of the broken window. It was on the third floor and the little girl fell:
"That was that," Hayden said. The girl burst into the room a few minutes later:
"What are you doing! You can't just go around throwing girls out of windows." She shouted as she came running and began to hit him softly on his chest:
"How did she survive that?" Hayden thought as he looked at the window:
"Listen, kid. Scram. I don't want you here." Hayden said kicking her back. She fell to the ground but just stood up again. She adjusted the big hairline and then growled:
"You a meanie!" She shouted and left:
"That was weird. Maybe a lost child or something." He said lying down again. A few minutes pass and then the door gets kicked open. The girl charges in and throws a bucket of water at Hayden. Hayden got splashed. His eyes began to shiver as the red lines appeared in his eyes:
"I will gut you!" Hayden shouted as he stood up:
"Run!" Miu shouted and ran away. Hayden not that fast trying to not use his right leg rushed after her with a crutch.

The days continue like that. Miu came every day for two weeks. She came with gifts and again and again got rejected by Hayden:
"Look what I found!" Miu shouted:
"Oh no...Not again." Hayden said as he nearly just has given up:
"I stabbed her...I throw her out the window. I hit her with my crutch. I choke her until she passes out but she still comes back." Hayden thought. Miu had stolen a doctor coat:
"I found this!" She said happily:
"You mean you stole it from a doctor?" Hayden asked:
"Yep!" She said proudly. Hayden got a small smile on his lips:
"That a bit of respect kiddo," Hayden said:
"Oh, you can actually smile. I actually prefer you frown. You look creepy when you smile." Miu said. Hayden snapped and threw a table at her. Miu screamed and left the room. 

One day or two after.

"Why is the door locked?" Miu asked as she tried to open the door.
"Oh, you here to visit Hayden. His into operation today. Something crucial happened. All of his organs stopped functioning." The nurse said:
"...Hayden..." Miu said low:
"I DON'T NEED ANY MEDICINE!" Hayden shouted as he just woke up:
"I'm sorry but the only way you can resist the pain from your organs is to take this." The doctor said pointing at the pole with the drop:
"I WILL NOT!" Hayden shouted.
"Say what. You won't have to. But I will place it in your room and you can put it into you if you ever feel like it." The doctor said. Hayden growled but then nodded.

Later that evening.

"AHHHHH!" Hayden shouted in pain. All his organs were melting inside of him. It felt like a hedgehog was rolling around inside him. It felt like someone was poking holes in them one by one:
"AHhh WHERE IS IT!" Hayden shouted as he stood up. He stood up so fast that he fell forward and crashed into the ground because of the pain in his right leg:
"Damn!!! SOMEONE!" Hayden shouted. He coughed up a bit of blood. His eyes were shivering. His pain was unbearable. Suddenly all quieted down. His pain vanished slowly. His heart was beating in his chest. You could feel it. Like it was trying to knock itself out of his chest:
"You okay?" Miu asked as she just stabbed the painkiller into his body:
"Why...Are you...here?" Hayden asked:
"You're my partner. Fairy partner. I could never leave ya side." Miu said. Hayden grabbed his chest and tried to breathe:
"I'm fine now," Hayden said standing up. He slowly sat down on his bed and remove the blood from his lip with his arm:
"Damn sickness," Hayden said. Miu walked forward and held out her hand. Hayden slowly reached out and their hands touched. A light appeared between them and Miu smiled:
"There. I will come by tomorrow!" Miu said happily as she skipped out of the room. Hayden looked at his hand. He felt a warmth within it. He growled and lied down again. The painkiller still in his body and the crutch at his side:
"Damn sickness," Hayden repeated before closing his eyes.

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