Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


34. The saplings of war.

"Wait...I have to ask something." Miu said seriously:
"What is it?" Mayuri asked:
"What are we? You tell me the war was begun before the god was turned to Obsidian and before the goddess was sealed away. So why are we here? We have the memory of being sent down here to make humans help us in the war but if the war already was begun. Why are we here then?" Miu asked:
"...I know...But do you really want to know?" Mayuri asked:
"We need to know," Miu said:
"The war had been raging for years to no end. The goddess and god had been fighting for years. You are saplings. Small trees ready to grow. We sent fairy kids down to the earth when we were enslaved by the unholy beings. You are seeds. Small saplings of our generation there could rise if we ever would fall to the unholy beings. When the Lilin got more corrupted by the Null. She began to corrupt some of these saplings...Like Clonic. " Mayuri said as she sat down:
"When she began to corrupt our future. Our God sent down message to the saplings to wake up and seek out help. Seek out, humans. Fairy powers get enhanced when fusion with a human soul. This is the ability known as fairy soul. You weren't here because of the war. You were here because of the future. Now you just simple soldiers in the war. The moment you started to awake was the moment the god was turned to Obsidian." Mayuri said looking up at the ceiling. The others were silent
"That is sad," Natacha said:
"So no one of us down here is made to be here for the war," Clonic said sitting down:
"No. You are here to survive but now the war has extended down to earth. Down to you. I'm sorry. I apologize for everything." Mayuri said as she bowed down:
"I see. So we just fairy children sent down to earth. We were meant to secure the future of the fairy race but now we are stuck in a war. Our memories of the war were tweaked." Miu said:
"Yes. God gave you memories of the war before he awakens you. That is why you know about the war. But the war has been raging for a few years now. For three to four years. It all started when the god and goddess argued on the next step to take after we finally became free from the unholy race. The god wanted our people to live peacefully in the safety of the barrier between our worlds but the goddess wanted more. She wanted to use the Null's power and also enslave the humans to use their souls to empower us. She wanted to get power to get revenge on the unholy beings. That made them argue and split the fairy nation in two. We fairies have guarded the Null-door for many generations. We are the guardians of this corrupted magic. But the goddess thought we could use the dark magic to kill off the unholy creatures.

She made her camp to the east away from the gate after she was driven away from the capital of Elfthrone.

She set up camp east of the town of Alfheim.

Our God had his main defensive line in front of Elfthrone west of Alfheim.

To the west of Elfthrone is Lilyheim. Lilyheim is the town where I grew up with my father Astraloinus.

Just to the west from there is the Null-door.

The giant gate was locked before the Goddess turned into the Lilin. After Astraloinius became what he is he needed a break for three days to control his powers. In that time the Lilin got through the defenders and to the door. She broke the seal and enter the Null-zone. While she was inside the zone, the god appeared. He slowly closed the gate and redid the seal. In the older times both him and her sealed it but now he did it alone. That meant it took more than a few seconds. The Lilin tried to break through but failed. You might remember it that the fairies helped him but they didn't. They were holding back the enemy forces still trying to get to the Null-door. Holding them back until Astralonius came back. So the god was alone. He closed the door but just before it all vanished. He was hit by the spear of the Lilin slowly turning to obsidian. His obsidian form is still sealed inside Elfthrone. The spear still stuck in him. Only a powerful person with power of a fairy and Lilin can remove the spear. The Lilin kept sending down Lilins to our world and the fairies kept coming down here to get more help. We need a human. We need a man or women who can grab the spear and pull it out so our god can live. I know all this because I was the daughter of Astralonius but also just because I was the daughter of the Lilin for a few years. Now we are here. Now I'm here. I wait for a moment to return to Tir Na Nog. I want to see my father. I want to tell him about Johnny. I Want to tell him how I missed him. I want to save him from himself." Mayuri explained. She was slowly crying at the last part:

"So how can it be we know about Astralonius and the god and Lilin and all?" Miu asked:
"Because of the God. He granted you memories of everything. He wanted you to understand the war." Mayuri said:
"But our memories are different than what you tell us." Miu said:
"That might be because the moment he did it was in the middle of the war. He granted you memories but in haste so that might be why your memories are a bit different." Mayuri said.
"I see...I'm...Confused." Clonic said as it sat down. Miu sighed:
"So we lived on a lie for now?" Miu asked:
"Kinda. We so sorry." Mayuri said bowing deeper:
"I just don't-" Miu said:
"It's fine," Hayden said. Miu blinked:
"It's fine. You did what you have too. You vague war and lose lives every day. I understand the sadness you feel but lift up your head." Hayden said:
"But," Clonic said:
"Don't but. We are here to be there. We aren't evil. We should forgive. She lost her father and thought her mother was the bad guy. She has been through enough." Natacha said. Mayuri looked up:
"We won't hate you. Since it's only human to make mistakes. At least you tried to save the fairies sent to earth. You tried and you did a mistake and the memories aren't the same. But it's only human to make mistake...everyone can make a mistake. So face...us?" Natacha said but stopped as she saw Mayuri cry:
"Thank you... I...I'm..." Mayuri cried tears falling quickly:
"It must have been hard," Natacha said as she walked over and knelt down. Mayuri nodded:
"You look just like before...Small and fragile." Natacha said as she hugged Mayuri:
"I want to be strong...I want to be there...I want to be there for my dad...His all alone...Protecting the life of my people..." Mayuri said:
"I understand. You just want to let him know. You are safe." Natacha said petting Mayuri head:
"I just know...He thinks I'm still in there. I walked into the Null-zone and was sealed away inside the null-zone with the Lilin but I escape because she sent me to earth. That is when I met johnny." Mayuri said with a tear in her eye:
"It's okay. You found us. You didn't die. You did what you had too." Natacha said:
"I think I want to explain about Johnny and my time with the goddess next," Mayuri said as she rubbed her eyes. She had red rings around her eyes. She was biting her lower lip:

"One last question. You mention the ability of fairy soul earlier." Miu said:
"Yeah?" Mayuri asked:
"What is Fairy soul?" Clonic asked:
"It's when a person comes to the peak of their ability with a fairy. When a human soul gets merged with the magic so you aren't only bound anymore. You are the living smile of the world. The magic shine in your smile and the soul breathes in your body. A truly magical moment for a pair. I think Brent can reach this and I will help him do it." Mayuri said:
"Wait. How will you help?" Miu asked:
"I want to bind with Brent," Mayuri said:
"Wait...But his bound to Tiffle." Clonic said:
"Yeah...But remember the rules. A person can only bind to one fairy because you only have one soul. But I have my own soul. So we can become a trio." Mayuri said as the soul left her hair and levitated:
"That can wait for later. I want to hear your next story now." Natacha said:
"Fine...The next is the story behind me and the goddess and also how I met the man named Johnny." Mayuri said.

"Father..." A voice said in Astralonius head:
"Mayuri," Astralonius said as he pulled Belle Epine from his back. The sword twisted not only around his hand but up his arm. The thorns cutting into his skin. The thorns spread out over his chest and one single rose grew from his chest. The rose kept changing color:
"I will free you one day!" Astralonius shouted as he swung his sword forward. A powerful purple beam cut down the army in front of him. He slowly placed the sword back on his back. He changed a lot since the Astral codex took over. His hair black and purple with white dots in it like stars. The hair had still more upper Z in them. They are going backward and there more of them now. Belle Epine was on his back and his gloves were gone now replaced with the runes on his hands and up his arm. His hair was levitating a bit so you could see his eye all the times. The black eye with purple veins in it was glowing powerfully. He got a white shirt on now which was open so you could see his chest and his stomach. His six-pack visible. He got black pants on with wide sleeves at the feet. He now had black shoes with spikes at the bottom. There was a lot of violet aura leaving him. He slowly looked over the world. There countless bodies around him. The smell of blood in the air and the giant gate behind him. The gate was just standing tall. It was stuck to a mountain. The mountain was so big you couldn't see the top:
"Mayuri...My little girl." Astralonius said as he closed his eyes and waited for the next attack.

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