Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


29. The picnic.

"There we go," Brent said as he had covered the mattress with a pillow and blanket. Mayuri looked at it with a smile and lied down on it:
"Thanks again mister," Mayuri said as she closed her eyes and fell asleep instantly. Brent smiled and sat down on the couch. Tiffle came walking with a cup full of water:
"Here," Tiffle said. Brent accepted it:
"Thanks," Brent said sipping from it. Mayuri softly snored. Her hair glowing a bit more every time she breathes in. Brent walked over to the fridge:
"This is so weird," Tiffle said looking at Mayuri:
"Truly," Brent said sitting down. He looked at Mayuri too:
"A Lilin with a soul. That shouldn't exist at all." Tiffle said calmly:
"Yeah. Quite scary huh?" Brent said with a grin:
"Yeah yeah..." Tiffle said with a shrug:
"She seems harmless. She doesn't seem like any of you. You're so intense and worried. Clonic is a bit cold. Mayuri just seems so...Scared." Brent explained as he leaned back:
"True. She hasn't seen a single fight." Tiffle said:
"What do you mean?" Brent asked:
"You can usually see the power level of a fairy but Mayuri is quite weak," Tiffle explained:
"I would love to have met her partner," Brent said as he looked up at the ceiling:
"Johnny..." Mayuri said low. Brent looked at her:
"This Johnny," Brent said as he looked at her:
"Well. You can't. So go to bed. We have a picnic to do tomorrow:" Tiffle said. Brent nodded and he went to bed. 

"Morning." A voice said. Brent opened his eyes to see Mayuri sit at his side on a chair she pulled from inside the living room:
"Oh...Morning." Brent said looking at her. She smiled softly:
"The clock is seven in the morning. You going in two hours." Mayuri said:
"Oh...Well, thank you." Brent said surprised. Brent walked inside and began to cook. Mayuri was looking at the tv screen as Tiffle was playing her game:
"You wanna try?" Tiffle asked. Mayuri looked at the joystick. She just nodded and grabbed it. She sat a bit closer to Tiffle and the fairy started to teach Mayuri how to play. Brent smiled as he looked at the two:
"Those two seems to get along easily." Brent thought as he looked down at the pan. He moved the content of the pan around a bit.

The time passed and the three got ready. They walked outside and then made their way toward the forest. Hayden and Natacha were already there when they came:
"Oh hey!" Miu shouted as she waved her hands violently back and forward:
"Hey!" Tiffle said waving back. Mayuri looked at Brent and Tiffle as they waved to the others. Mayuri softly moved a hand up and gave a weak wave. Hayden waved:
"Yeah. Come on already. I need a hand over here." Hayden said with a sigh. He was trying to start a fire pit but he had a hard time:
"Sure. I'm coming." Tiffle said running over there:

"Anything I can help with?" Brent asked:
"Come help me cut the meat," Natacha said. Brent nodded.

Mayuri looked at them. She was fidgeting on the spot:
"Hey!" Miu shouted and wrapped an arm around Mayuri. Mayuri eyes snapped open and her hair flew around her to protect her:
"Easy now," Miu said. Mayuri looked at Miu through the corner of her eye:
"Come help me gather some sticks," Miu said with a smile. Mayuri looked at Brent. Brent smiled and gave her a soft wave:
"Okay..." Mayuri said the hair removing a bit so only her hood was there. The two collected sticks.

Brent softly began to put everything in the giant pot Hayden had brought:
"Where do you live now?" Tiffle asked:
"Just around some apartment building. It a rundown apartment where I live with Miu...It's unclean and I think there are rats but we get through it." Hayden said:
"I never really thought we would miss the hospital," Miu said as she came walking with a good amount of sticks:
"Why not move in at Brent?" Mayuri asked:
"No no no. There no space." Brent said:
"Not that dumbass. The apartment at your side is for sale." Tiffle said:
"Really now?" Hayden said as he looked at Tiffle:
"Yeah. I forgot our neighbor moved out." Brent said:
"I might look into it," Hayden said:
"Man...I still live at home." Natacha said as she chopped up some carrots:
"You could always move out," Brent said as he looked at her:
"Where should I live?" Natacha asked:
"Could always live with you oh so lovely boyfriend," Miu said while spinning around:
"I would rather not live with the peasant," Clonic said as it looked at Tiffle:
"Oh. You just do love me don't you?" Tiffle asked as she grabbed on to Clonic:
"Let go of me!" Clonic shouted as it tried to turn into a puddle:
"Do they...Fight?" Mayuri asked:
"No. Those two get along well. They just like to battle it out sometimes." Brent said with a smile. Mayuri nodded:
"Ay Brent come help me!" Hayden said:
"Coming!" Brent shouted:
"Those two used to be enemies but they become better friends lately." Natacha said:
"Enemies?" Mayuri asked:
"Yes. Hayden kidnapped me a week ago and Brent and Hayden fought it out. Hayden then asked for an alliance after Brent won and Brent accepted. He becomes more friendly towards us." Natacha said:
"He sometimes seems annoyed or bored but that is just a facade. He's enjoying the friendship." Miu said with a grin:
"What are ya even saying?!" Hayden shouted as he looked at Miu:
"Come on be honest. You enjoy their company." Miu said as she giggled and ran up to latch on to Hayden's leg:
"Yeah. Just you think that." Hayden said:

"I think we soon ready." Brent said as he looked over at the pot Natacha was preparing:
"Should we carry it to the fire?" Natacha asked:
"Well...We were a bit dumb. How will you move a pot that big and full over to the fire pit?" Tiffle asked as she sat down:
"Let me...Miu." Hayden said holding out his hand:
"Fine." Miu said as she looked at him:
"Fairy fusion!" The two shouted as Miu tear came out of her eye and turned into the lens. Hayden caught it and put it into his eye:
"So that is Odin's eyepatch." Brent said. Hayden looked at the pot. The pot began to levitate:
"Stay focused...Don't force it forward. That is when you hurt yourself." Miu said. Hayden nodded as the pot slowly moved toward the firepit:
"Ready the firepit!" Hayden shouted. Natacha, Brent, Tiffle, and Clonic rushed to the firepit and quickly prepare it for the pot. Mayuri looked at them:
"Hayden!" Miu shouted. Hayden coughed a bit blood and lost focus as he fell to his knees. The pot was about to drop when it suddenly stopped mid-air:
"What?" Brent asked. He looked at the pot. The pot was wrapped around in a blue glowing aura. The aura came from Mayuri hair:
"Soul line." Mayuri said. Hayden stood up after falling to his knees. Miu softly stood at Hayden's side:
"Move..." Mayuri said as the soul softly moved the pot to the firepit. She placed it down and the soul just shot back into her hair again:
"Wow..." Miu said:
"Did she just-" Tiffle said:
"Use the soul as a rope." Clonic said. All looked at Mayuri. Mayuri looked at them and gave a soft smile:
"Didn't...Want it to...Drop." She said with a small but soft smile. The others smiled warmly back:

"You okay?" Miu asked:
"Yeah...Just a bit hard...I think my organs have a hard time recovering." Hayden said:
"What's with your organs?" Brent asked:
"My sickness took a good amount of function on my organs. So right now my organs only function at a 50%. My power put a small pressure in my body if I don't focus. So my organs take a lot of damage. My organs have a hard time healing already so I'm not fully recovered from our fight yet." Hayden explained:
"Well. Sit down and relax. We gonna take it from here." Tiffle said. Hayden nodded and sat down relaxing. The pot on the fire and sun shining above them...For now.

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