Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


39. The new student.

It was a stormy day. The rain was pouring down over the schoolyard. The school was deserted but four people...Or should I say three. There was someone lying on the ground. Blood spilling from their corpse. A heel was standing on top of the corpses head:
"Fufufu..." A laugh came from the person who stood triumphantly above the corpse. Suddenly wind broke the ground around them as you could see a green eye in between the wind.

A few hours earlier.

"You know its kinda evil to sneak into someone's room when they sleep," Brent said as he looked down at the table blushing furiously:
"So what did you do last night?" Tiffle asked as her head was on the table just under Brent's:
"N-No-No-Nothing!" Brent stutter out:
"Brent you just cute," Natacha said:
"Aren't you embarrassed at all?" Brent asked:
"No. We both adults Brent." Natacha said:
"That is true," Brent said:
"Oh, how old are you?" Tiffle asked:
"Oh I'm-" Brent said:
"We are here," Hayden said coming inside. Miu rushed inside and tackle hugged Mayuri:
"We're here!" Miu shouted:
"I see that," Mayuri said with a light giggle. She got a shock from the tackle hug and her hair had wrapped around her only to form the hood:
"So what is going on. Why is Brent looking like a tomato?" Hayden asked:
"Nothing!" Brent shouted. Tiffle rolled over the ground laughing:
"Me and Brent just enjoyed some sleep together," Natacha said:
"Maybe a bit more than just sleeping," Tiffle said with a giggle. Brent blushed furiously and Natacha giggled:
"Oh, something like that is gonna make you tomato red? What a fucking coward." Hayden said with a grin:
"Shut up!" Brent shouted:
"Well. We going to school. So why did you..." Brent said but stopped as he saw Hayden in a school uniform:
"Wait..." Brent said:
"Volten thought it was a good idea if I started school again. So I'm gonna join your school." Hayden said:
"That is nice!" Natacha shouted:
"Yeah. Congratz. You gonna be something useful now." Brent said:
"You shut it before I make you," Hayden growled:
"Can you two watch Miu for me while I'm gone?" Hayden asked:
"Yeah!" Tiffle shouted:
"Sure," Mayuri said. Miu smiled:
"Good. Let's go then." Hayden said.

The three of them left for school. Brent sat down in his chair and waited. Soon the teacher came in:
"Class today we have a new student...Please refrain from strain him. He got a few problems." The teacher said. Hayden came walking. Hayden white hair with red lines in it was actually fixed for once:
"Hello there," Hayden said politely. He had his crutch and you could easily see the leg dangle. The drop was at his side.
"My name is Hayden. I will start here today." Hayden said. Brent smiled at Hayden:
"Hope we all get along," Hayden said politely. You could see Natacha and Brent nearly breaking into big laughter at Hayden polite tone. Hayden glared their way. He sat down in the chair between Natacha and Brent:
"You two are so dead to me," Hayden said:
"Don't be like that. It's just hilarious how you act in public for once." Natacha said and then giggled:
"Yeah. You actually looked human for once." Brent said:
"Fuck you!" Hayden said. The class then began.

Break time came around and The three sat:
"So you knew this guy before he came here?" Damion asked:
"Yeah. His a friend of mine." Brent said:
"But he has a crutch. So I would guess his the one who beat your ass?" Damion asked:
"Yeah. But after that, we kinda fixed it and became friends." Brent said. Damion smiled:
"Okay," Damion said:
"Excuse me," Tiara said walking into the conversation:
"Can I speak with you?" Tiara asked. She looked at Hayden:
"Me?" Hayden asked:
"Yeah. I would like a word with you." Tiara said:
"Well, that's weird. You don't seem disgusted to be close to me." Brent said:
"Shut up!" Tiara shouted angrily but then turned to Hayden:
"Sure. I guess I can spare a moment." Hayden said standing up. Tiara grabbed his drop pole and helped him over to the corner of the room to chat. Brent looked at them:
"I never really understood why Tiara hated me," Brent said:
"Something about her old school," Natacha said:
"You actually know?" Brent asked:
"Yeah. Something about because you met her once she was looked down on from her school." Natacha said:
"Down on...Wait, what?" Brent asked:
"She came from the fine school that Siera came from. But one day a boy came to her rescue when she needed help. The other girls on the school saw that and she was bullied out of the school. She never forgave that boy. Apparently, that boy is you." Natacha said:
"That is the reason?! I remember I helped a girl when I was young. She was about to get hit by a bicycle so I pushed her out of the way. Seems like I was doing a good thing." Brent said:
"You did. But those fine girls see us down here as filth. So your hands were like a stamp to make her corrupted. So she needed to be pushed out of the school. Kinda fucked up." Natacha said.

Hayden came back:
"Well, what a load of bullshit," Hayden said sitting down:
"What?" Brent asked:
"She was all like-" Hayden said and then made his voice lighter to sound like Tiara:
"You shouldn't be seen around Brent. He is nothing but filth...Blah blah blah..." Hayden said annoyed and then stopped the copying:
"What did you say?" Natacha asked:
"If she tried to choose who I'm friend with I will cut out her tongue," Hayden said:
"Really?" Brent asked:
"No. I said I knew what I was doing and that I knew you before I came here. She seemed annoyed at that and left." Hayden said:
"I see," Brent said as he placed his head on the table:
"Well. No time to relax." Hayden said taking up his pen:
"Wait. You care about school?" Brent asked:
"I want to be the best in everything. Don't challenge me." Hayden said with a growl. Then suddenly the sound of a phone went off. Natacha took her phone.
"Meet me outside later." Natacha read out loud:
"Who is it from?" Brent asked:
"Tiara," Natacha said:
"Do you want me to come with you?" Brent asked:
"Nah. You can just go home. I'm on clean-up duty. She maybe just wants to talk to me about you." Natacha said:
"I will help you clean up stuff. I need to know about the trash and stuff now I'm a new student." Hayden said:
"Fine. I can show you." Natacha said with a smile. 

School passed and Natacha met up with Tiara outside the school at the yard. Hayden was at her side. But what they met was not what they thought. Tiara was standing there with a small figure at her side. A boy with black hair there hide his right eye. His left eye was showing the left eye was glowing white. He had a black t-shirt on and black pants with holes in them. Also A pair of black boots going to his knees. He had chains wrapped around his upper arms. The chain covers his arm so much that you couldn't see them. He had silver rings around the wrist and a silver necklace on with a cross in it. The boy looked at them:
"Is it them?" The boy asked:
"Yes. Now come." Natacha said and touched the boy. They fairy fusion and the boy suddenly turned into stone. Tiara smiled:
"So filthy..." Tiara said kicking the statue:
"I know what you are...And I will destroy you for betraying me." Tiara said looking at Natacha.

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