Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


30. The moon at noon.

"So you can control your soul?" Hayden asked as he covers his right eye with one of his hands. Mayuri nodded. The blue glow came out of her hair again and twisted around her a few times. The blue line stopped and lied on her shoulder like a snake:
"That is quite unique," Tiffle said:
"What do you mean?" Brent asked:
"We fairy usually got some powerful powers but it seems like her power controls the soul itself," Tiffle said. Brent nodded:
"See. Miu has gravity control. Clonic can control emotions and I can control the wind but doesn't it seem a bit weird she can control the soul like a rope?" Tiffle asked:
"Maybe. I can see what you mean but that just means she is quite unique." Brent said with a smile. Mayuri smiled.

The seven sat down around the fireplace. Hayden kept an eye on the pot:
"I like cooking but it's quite annoying to be in the wild. More so when you literally have to pull a drop pole behind you." Hayden said:
"At least you have Miu to help you," Natacha said:
"True..." Hayden said. Miu was changing the drop bag:
"Miu is your own little private nurse," Clonic said with a grin:
"I guess so," Hayden said stirring in the pot with a spoon.

Brent stood up and stretched a bit:
"I'm gonna go for a small walk," Brent said:
"Sure just be back in half an hour. We are soon ready to eat." Hayden said:
"Okay," Brent said slowly walking into the forest:
"I'm coming!" Tiffle shouted:
"Me too..!" Mayuri said in a bit louder voice. The three walked around the forest.

The forest was sunny and Hayden was stirring the pot:
"Hello there." A voice said. Hayden turned around and looked at a man:
"Oh hey," Hayden said:
"I thought I saw some smoke. I'm the forest ranger. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a fire." The man said:
"Sure. It's only us having some food." Hayden said:
"Just you four out here?" The ranger asked:
"No. There three others in the forest." Natacha said:
"I see. As long as you don't burn down the forest." The ranger said before turning around. He slowly walked away.

"It is time...For the hunt." A woman voice said:
"Execute hunting grounds." The woman then said:
"Executing hunting grounds." A man's voice said.

The ranger suddenly stood still. The sun vanished and the whole forest got swallowed in darkness. Hayden looked confused as he turned his gaze up to see the moon. No not the real moon. A moon created by magic was covering the forest. The forest was stuck in magic:
"What is happening?" Hayden asked:
"Someone is here," Miu said as she ran to Hayden side:
"This is bad. I don't have any painkiller with me. My organs aren't ready." Hayden said annoyed:
"Twenty hunters!" A voice shouted. Twenty bullets of purple light shot out from the bushes at Hayden and Miu. Hayden quickly ran forward and grabbed Miu. He guarded her with his body:
"Don't worry. I got you." Natacha said as she stood at their side. She was pink:
"Love," Natacha said. She had drawn walls in front of her. The purple walls protected Miu and Hayden from the bullets:
"Someone here," Natacha said:
"Oh...Someone is fast." A women voice said:
"12 pm!" The woman shouted as the magical moon turned into a sun. She ran out of the bush and swung her weapon forward. The weapon hit the ground and shattered it. Rocks came up from the ground and flew forward. Natacha's walls broke. Natacha quickly jumped up:
"Wrath fist!" Natacha shouted and hit one of the rocks. The person stood up from the crater. It was a girl. She had a massive battle axe in her hand:
"What is that?" Hayden asked:
"Hello pray. Ready for the hunt?" The girl asked as she grinned. The girl had white hair and yellow eyes. She had a silver hair clip in her hair and a school uniform on. Her uniform was a simple white vest over a black shirt and black pants with black shoes. She had a red tie on. She had the symbol of one of the most wealthy schools in town and also a necklace on with a sun and moon in it:
"Hunt?" Natacha asked:
"Yes. I'm Siera the huntress and this is my fairy and weapon Gemini!" She said holding out the battle axe. The axe turned into a big strong man. He was bald and had a purple glowing left eye and a yellow glowing right eye. He was bare-chested and covered in markings. The left sides markings were glowing purple and the right side was glowing yellow. He had a kilt on with pants under it and boots. He was massive in strength:
"Now. 9 Pm!" She shouted. The sun in the sky turned into the moon. The forest was cover in darkness. She began to be blurry but that was not what took the attention of the friends. The big man suddenly grew smaller and more thin and slim. He grew longer legs and He grew brown hair and got a hat with a feather in it. The man's purple markings began to take over the yellow side:
"What is he?" Hayden asked. Siera grabbed the man arm and he turned into a long thin musket. The musket had a small axe blade under it:
"It's a gun now!" Hayden shouted. Siera vanished from sight and suddenly was behind Natacha:
"Pray. You gonna die." Siera shouted. Natacha quickly spun around and tried to kick Siera but the girl was faster now and suddenly flew above Natacha:
"Hunters mark!" Siera said touching Natacha head and then jumped back to a safe distance:
"Marking set my lady." A male voice said. It was a soft and smooth voice. Siera nodded and pointed the gun at Natacha:
"You better leave. I'm here for the Lilins." Siera said looking at Hayden:
"Don't give me that crab. Your first attack was for me." Hayden said standing up:
"You can't fight...You still not regenerated." Natacha said:
"You gonna protect an enemy?" Siera asked:
"He's not an enemy." Natacha said:
"Go find Brent, Tiffle, and Mayuri. They still in the forest." Natacha said waving her hand at Hayden:
"No chance." Hayden said putting in the eye lens after fusing with Miu:
"Well...No matter-" Siera said as she stood up and shot the gun to her side, not at the enemy:
"You already marked." Siera said with an evil grin. The bullet vanished into thin air and suddenly appeared in front of Natacha. She took the shot and was thrown to the ground:
"Natacha!" Hayden shouted:
"12 pm!" Siera shouted. The moon turned into a sun and the musket slowly turned into the battle axe again. There was still a small hole at the top of the pole on the axe:
"You should watch out for your enemy!" Siera shouted and slammed the blade into Hayden:
"Tyr!" Hayden shouted and moved his leg up. The two things hit each other and the earth cracked:
"What force is this?!" Hayden shouted as he suddenly felt more and more pressure. He then was shot into the ground:
"Two pray down. Let's wrap em up." Siera said as the weapon turned into the big strong man and not the slim one. The yellow tattoos now covering most of his body:
"Don't tell me what to do!" The man shouted but grabbed a robe.

There was silence but what they didn't know was that someone had escaped:
"I must find him!" Miu shouted as she ran through the forest. Since Miu wasn't transformed into a weapon she had run when she saw the condition of the fight:

"Where could Brent be?!" Miu shouted as she kept running:

"One escaped," Gemini said:
"Then let us hunt for her," Siera said:
"Tie them up and then we go," Siera said but then felt a hand on her leg:
"Don't you dare touch Miu!" Hayden shouted:
"Dual Rastonin come to me!" Siera shouted. The man turned into the axe again. Hayden's eyes widen as he saw the blade come down toward him.

Miu looked behind her as she heard an explosion:
"Can't stop running...Brent!" She shouted as she ran into the forest after Brent.

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