Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


48. The hunt!

It was fall.

Brent and the friends had a weeks break from school and had finally taken up the time to hunt down the lightning striker. 

Brent was sitting on his couch. He was looking over his things. He knew soon that he wouldn't see this apartment again. They had taken the choice to stay in Tir Na Nog. To make sure war never happened again. Brent and Hayden might not be many but they want to help the fairies so they never have to risk using humans life again.

"You regretting it?" Tiffle asked as she leaned up Brent's back. The two sat back to back on the couch:
"Maybe a bit. But I can't back down now. I chose this." Brent said as he looked forward not even looking at her. She didn't look at him either:
"You're gonna be fine. You have me, Mayuri, Hayden, and Miu." Tiffle said:
"Where is Mayuri by the way?" Brent asked:
"She's over at Hayden's place. Preparing our plan to track down the lightning striker," Tiffle said:
"Yeah. Mayuri can track him down If we get to high enough ground. Her magic sensing is really powerful." Brent said. Tiffle giggled:
"This is gonna be a hard fight," Tiffle said looking over her shoulder. She looked at Brent's silver earring. It was a cross hanging from the earlobe:
"It really suits you," Tiffle said. He only had one in his right ear:
"True. I just wish I could have taken one of hers. But all that was connected to her is now gone." Brent said as he touched the earring:
"I'm home!" Mayuri shouted as she came inside the building:
"Hey! Did you get any ideas?" Tiffle asked:
"Yeah. We go to the hospital rooftop. Hayden will use his gravity to keep me above the city. I will then track him." Mayuri said:
"Then let's get to it," Brent said standing up:
"We should maybe wait just a bit!" Tiffle shouted:
"Oh. I thought you were ready?" Brent asked surprised:
"I want to finish the game on the console!" Tiffle shouted. Brent sighed and grabbed her hair:
"Let's go!" Brent shouted as he pulled her over the floor. She just sat on the ground pouting as he pulled her out. Mayuri just made a girly giggle.

Brent knocked on Hayden's door and he opened:
"There you are. Ready?" Hayden asked. He looked at him as he tapped the ground using his right foot making sure his boot is on. Miu came up to his side. Her jacket was on:
"By the way. I better tell you this now." Mayuri said holding a finger up:
"What?" The others asked:
"Miu and Tiffle. You two might have some appearance changes when you come up to Tir Na Nog. The world soul has some changes to fairies who haven't been affected by it. I heard a few teams already made it and died up there but the fairies had a change in appearance when they got up there." Mayuri explained:
"Oh," Miu said:
"I'm actually a bit scared now," Tiffle said:
"No worries. It will be fine." Brent said with a warm smile.

The five of them left the apartments behind. They left their keys outside in the doors. The five of them walked toward the hospital:
"The hunt begins," Tiffle said:
"I know it will be that hard. He has been seeking me for a while." Brent said. The others nodded. 

They went into the hospital. They said goodbye to Volten and then headed for the rooftop. They stood there for a few seconds. The autumn wind blowing in their hair. Brent stood forward:
"Let's do this," Brent said. Hayden stood at the edge with Mayuri at his side:
"Freya," Hayden said as Mayuri began to fly. She flew into the air:
"Soul link. Power seek!" Mayuri shouted as her soul shot out and tried to search for a powerful person. It immediately turned around and went behind one of the water tanks before it connected with someone:
"His there!" Mayuri shouted as she pointed her hand at the water tank. Yellow lines moved around behind the tank and then the water tank exploded. The water fell to the ground as the person was revealed. The person stood with a wakizashi and a revolver. He smiled as he looked at Brent:
"Finally found ya," Damion said as he jumped down spinning the wakizashi around in his hand:
"Damion!" Brent shouted:
"Yes. Who else?" Damion asked:
"Who else! Who else!" A girl's voice shouted. The wakizashi and revolver began to glow yellow before it became a small girl on the ground. Her fire red hair blew in the wind. She had hair all the way down her back and also had hair in front of her eyes so you only could see a small amount of her eyes. She had pure white eyes with what looked like clock hands inside of them. The hands moved around and there were no iris to be seen. She walked around in a black dress and had gears around her arms like armbands. Her leg had holes in them so you could see inside. Inside was a lot of gears and clocks. She had black shoes on. She smiled:
"I'm clockwork. Nice to meet you." She said and bowed finely down. Pulling softly up in the dress as a fine lady:
"It...Were you all along?" Brent asked as he took a step back:
"Of course," Damion said as he folded his arms:
"I don't get it. You were so close for so long. Why didn't you finish me or go to Tir Na Nog already?" Brent asked:
"I wanted to face you when ya found me. I find it more fun to fight. Also, I take this as my last test. If ya win over me. You will go to Tir Na Nog. If I win over ya. I will go to Tir Na Nog." Damion said as he grinned. Brent took a step forward. Mayuri and Tiffle grab each of his arms. Damion grabbed Clockwork's hand:
"Oh and fun fact. I don't even use lightning as a weapon. My power is time. The yellow lines people always talk about it timelines. Ya gonna see that first hand soon." Damion said as Clockwork turned into the wakizashi and revolver again. Brent smiled:
"Fariy Fusion. Tiffle and Mayuri." Brent said:
"Fairy fusion. Brent!" The two girls shouted. Tiffle turned into the scythe blade and Mayuri into the soul chain. He held the new kusarigama in his hand:
"You used that against Tiara. When you used the dark winds. Seems like you use it normally now?" Damion asked:
"I have been training," Brent said. Hayden stood forward:
"Miu," Hayden said. Miu nodded. She created two eye lenses and Hayden put them in both eyes. Damion smiled:
"Then let's start and don't worry. I will make sure we have a good amount of space." Damion said pointing his gun into the air:
"Deus Ex Machina!" Damion shouted and shot a bullet into the air. The bullet was directed toward the sun. The sun turned into a giant clock head. The whole world got swallowed in a yellow aura. Everything stopped moving  but the three of them:
"Only those I allow can move in this. I only wanted us to fight but seems like there one pair out there I can't use this on. How strange" Damion said:
"Another pair?" Brent asked but he didn't get an answer. Damion moved forward with unbelievable speed. He suddenly was in front of Brent. Their blades hit each other. The ground under Brent began to shatter. The fight was about to begin. 

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