Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


3. The god and Lilin.

Brent slowly opened the door to his apartment and walked inside. Tiffle followed behind:
"You live alone?" Tiffle asked:
"Yes. I moved earlier this year." Brent said. Tiffle took a walk around the area. It was a one-room apartment. There was a kitchen and living room in one room. There was also one room with a bed in it and a bathroom. There was a sofa in the living room and only like a small corner for a kitchen. Tiffle softly waddles forward and then sat down on the sofa. Brent would walk over to the kitchen. He slowly opened up the fridge and took out a half-empty bottle of juice. He poured two cups and walked over to the girl:
"Okay...So I don't think I can ignore this anymore. After what I saw." Brent said as the image of Xander broken body flashed in his mind:
"Easy now," Tiffle said and smiled. Brent nodded:
"So to explain this. I have to tell you the story of the god and Lilin." Tiffle said:
"Sure...Go ahead," Brent said:
"Once upon a time. There were two deities. The goddess and the god. The two lived in harmony and were the ruler of the fairy kingdom. So we are decedents the two deities. One day. The two began to battle and fight. No fairy knows the reason. But the winner of the battle was the god. He banished the goddess to another dimension called the Null-zone. The goddess slowly driven more and more insane by the void slowly transformed. She absorbed the dark energies from the Null-zone and slowly began to be corrupted. There she whispered dark thoughts into the fairies there was born from her and then made them free her. The god sealed the Null-zone with the help of the god-descended fairies so the goddess and her followers couldn't escape. In the last moment, the goddess threw a spear through the crack of the Null-door and hit the god. The spear turned the god into Obsidian. The god in his last moment shot a bullet of light through the Null-door and hit the goddess. Taking all of her energy from her and gave it to all fairies. Good and evil. The goddess then turned to the god and spoke 'I will rise again. And when I do. I will finish this matter.' She said to the god. The god replied before it was too late 'I will wait for it Lilin.' That is when the goddess became the Lilin. The two deities then broke the barrier between the human and magic world. We fairies were sent to the human world crashing down into the lands. We slept for years and now we rise. Awake from our amber slumber and now we are ready to help our deity. It's a battle between the Lilin fairies and the god's fairies. I, of course, am a god fairy. I would take a guess that the Olivia gun fairy was a Lilin. You see. The first one who can bring a powerful enough soul enhanced by fairy magic to the weapons can break free out deity. I need a strong human. Someone whos bond with a fairy transience the power of the Null of the magic of the deities themselves. I need you, Brent." Tiffle explained. Brent just nodded a few times taking it all in:
"So. I'm trying to save god?" Brent asked:
"Basically yes," Tiffle said:
"And because we are bound by soul now. The other fairies will come for us?" Brent asked:
"Well. Your soul has been bound to me since you were born. But its only now we could connect. I have shouted you name for years as you slowly grew. Finally, I can get into the fray. I can try to save my god." Tiffle said happily:
"I see. But if you or I die. We both gonna vanish?" Brent asked:
"This is how it works. Fairy has magic and no soul. Humans have a soul but no magic. When you are bound to a Fairy two things happen. The human is allowed to use magic through the bound with the fairy. But there is also a dark side. Magic combine with soul is a really bad mixture. It's a mixture there force the two bodies to become one. Means if one dies. The other takes the toll too." Tiffle said. Brent sighed and took a swig of the juice:
"I see. So we have a feather and string?" Brent asked:
"No, not really. I'm usually a Kama with a chain. The thing is. Our power is determined by our bond. If we don't believe in each other. We won't fight. We will just lose. Also if our bond is too unstable...It can have a dire conscience!" Tiffle said:
"What kind of coincidences?" Brent asked:
"Death one of them. See it like this. Your life has become a robe. That robe is bound around your stomach and in the other end, the robe is bound around my stomach. If the robe breaks we die. The stronger our bond is the thicker the robe. The weaker our bond is-" Tiffle said:
"The thinner the robe." Brent finished. Tiffle gave him an approving nod:
"So you see. That is why I can't leave you." Tiffle said:
"I see. This is just one big drag isn't it." Brent said leaning back:
"It might be. But it's for the best." Tiffle said:
"You are right. But just the image. That man." Brent said as he thought about the shadowy figure on top of the hill. The Crater. The tress and the body of Xander:
"That must have been a Lilin." Tiffle said:
"No. That can't be." Brent said:
"Are you correcting me on my own story?" Tiffle asked:
"No. If you say that Xander and Olivia worked for the Lilin. How could it be that the figure worked for the Lilin too? They would not hurt each other." Brent said:
"Good point." Tiffle said:
"So what happens when we win these fights?" Brent asked:
"Well. You get the energy from the fairy you killed and from there you grow. Level up in power. It's quite simple." She said:
"I see. So where are you even staying?" Brent asked:
"This sofa!" She shouted:
"No your not!" Brent shouted back:
"Yes, I am!" She shouted:
"No. If my friends come over and see you. They think I'm a pedophile." Brent said:
"I'm not that young. I think I'm 19!" She shouted:
"You have the body of a six-year-old." Brent said:
"People usually say ten!" She shouted back:
"Still...Wrong." Brent said:
"Well. I can't leave you. If you get attacked at home you will die...aka I will die." She said:
"Oh, so you are not worried about me. You worried about your own skin!" Brent said:
"Yeah of course!" Tiffle said. Brent shot a fist forward and hit her on top of the head:
"Ow...Ow...Ow." She said low:
"You meanie." She said after:
"Of course I am. Not you. But I" Brent said dramatically:
"Good, we agree." She said like she didn't even sense the sarcasm:
"I'm gonna teach you about sarcasm later. But things first. You can't stay here." Brent said:
"But I'm gonna." She said:
"Like I care. You not gonna!" He shouted:
"Wait!" She shouted:
"What now?" Brent asked after a few seconds of silence:
"The problem isn't that I live here. But we live together right?" She asked:
"Yeah?" Brent asked:
"Executíng Fairy wind!" She said holding her hand forward. A gust of wind shot Brent out of the window:
"Then I live here and you sleep outside like a good dog." She said:
"You..." Brent said:
"What is that aura?" Tiffle asked:
"Are..." Brent said:
"seriously cut it out." Tiffle said nearly crying:
"So..." Brent said:
"I better run." She said scared:
"Death!" Brent shouted and just launched through the window and tackle her:
"Let me go!" SHe shouted:
"Force me." Brent said nearly demonic:
"Lilin is that you?!" She shouted. Brent did the ultimate thing. He put his hand into a fist and slowly placed it on the girl's hair:
"You are death." Brent said as he gave her a nuggy:
"Ouch stop! It's my hair. Nooooo!" She shouted. The rest of the evening went with battling and soon the fairy fell asleep. Brent sat in the calamity of the room there once was his living room. The kitchen in a mess. The drawers open. The television on the floor and the table flipped. He was sitting up the table with the fairy sleeping on his lap:
"God damn it. What a fucking day." Brent said to himself. She softly hummed in her sleep:
"I can't deny she is cute...But my god." Brent said as he let out a breath:
"Hey, Brent?" She asked:
"I thought you were asleep." Brent said half dozing:
"Let's do out best and don't die." She said holding up her hand. Brent grasped it and they tighten their hands for a second:
"Partner until we die." Brent said as he slowly dozed of:
"Partner until we..." She said but didn't finish the sentence. Falling asleep slowly. 

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