Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


33. The fairy who lost his daughter.

"So that is what happened," Volten said as he sat down in a chair:
"Yes. Brent went into a state of pure power." Hayden said:
"I will go through a full examination of Tiffle to get a knowledge of this power," Volten said:
"You shouldn't do it. It will only bring darkness." Mayuri said:
"I see. Why is that?" The head nurse asked:
"I have a feeling that we won't get anything out of it," Mayuri said:
"You seems to be more ready to speak this time," Volten said as he looked at Mayuri:
"She is Mayuri daughter of Astralonius," Miu said:
"That Astralonius?!" The nurse shouted:
"Yes. My father is the future god of fairies and gatekeeper of the Null-door. Astralonius." Mayuri said:
"By the way, you promised me to tell me about everything," Miu said:
"It is time...Very well. I will now commence telling you all about the relationship between me and my father and also how I was abducted by the Lilin." Mayuri said as she looked down at the ground:
"Me and my father...Was close-" Mayuri said.

Mayuri was sitting in a garden of clouds. Small flowers were poking out of the clouds. The flowers were white and softly glowed with magical light. She softly picked up a flower and placed it into her hair. Mayuri was wearing a white dress. Her dress had red flowers printed on to it and a belt over her shoulder with red roses in them. Her eyes were blue and her hair was flowing in the wind without the blue glow. She wore her necklace with blue gems in it leading down to a powerful glowing teal colored stone:
"My daughter. You look more and more like your mother." A voice sounded. Mayuri turned around:
"Thank you, father," Mayuri said. She turned around and was met with her father Lonius and known as Astralonius. He had black hair. His hair was short and ruffled and there were a few lines of hair coming up from the hair formed as the upper half of a Z. It also covers his left eye and his eyes were blue as the sky. He wore a breastplate with a blue shirt under so you could see it. The shirt had a long coat tail. So it covers his back legs. He wore black jeans and brown boots. He also wore brown gloves with many different magical runes in them. He had a belt on with a scabbard for a sword. His sword Belle Epine was in it. The dark sword was sheathed in it and you could see the end of the sword having a rose as the bottom and metal formed as thorn vines twisted around the handle:
"Nice to have you home father," Mayuri said walking up to Lonius. Lonius placed his hand on Mayuri head:
"I will be home for dinner too but then I have to return to the battlefield," Lonius said. Mayuri looked sad.
"Just make it home safely," Mayuri said:
"You talking to Lonius leader of the royal guard," Lonius said with a smile:
"I know," Mayuri said:
"We just lost mother to those Lilin's..." Mayuri said looking sad. Lonius bit his lower lip but then smiled:
"My daughter." Lonius said as he knelt down and looked into Mayuri eyes:
"I will keep you safe...I didn't keep your mother safe but you can trust me." Lonius said placing his forehead up to her forehead. Mayuri smiled:
"You a strong and beautiful woman like your mother. That is why I trust you." Lonius said holding up his hand grasping Mayuri hands:
"Now come. We better get inside." Lonius said.

The two lived not far away from the Null-door. The Lilins had a camp to the east from it and was charging west through the town of Alfheim. This was before the Goddess had been turned to stone. She was trying to reach the Null-zone to get the power of the dark magic inside. That is the whole reason she going there in the first place.

The two ate dinner together and laughed. Suddenly someone knocked on the door. Lonius walked up and open it only to see Lilins:
"What?!" Lonius shouted but it was too late he was blasted by an explosion:
"Got him!" The Lilin shouted:
"Father!" Mayuri shouted as she came running:
"I'm fine." Lonius stern voice said. A blue light glowed in the smoke and a sword thrust out of the smoke cutting off the head of the Lilin:
"Belle Epine drink of my magic. Feast on my magic and empower my slashes." Lonius said as the thorns of metal on the handle twisted around his hand and began to glow with violet mana:
"I must say, gentlemen. You surprised me." Lonius said as he didn't even have a scratch:
"It also only was a distraction!" A female voice shouted:
"That voice!" Lonius shouted but it was too late. He was captured in a dark aura:
"Oh no! Run Mayuri!" Lonius shouted. A dark hand gripped Mayuri and pulled her out of the house:
"The mighty Lonius. I must say your daughter looks just like your wife." The female voice said:
"Damn you Goddess!" Lonius shouted:
"That is not how you should talk to your ruler!" The female voice shouted. Lonius was crushed by the darkness:
"Ah!" Lonius shouted:
"For this, you must pay. I could kill your daughter!" The female shouted:
"You leave Mayuri alone. You took the life of my wife! You will not take the life of my daughter!" Lonius shouted:
"Father!" Mayuri shouted:
"It's alright sweety. Your dad is right here!" Lonius shouted:
"Oh, this is just nice. I know what I will do now." The female voice said. The smoked cleared and you could see a dark blurry silhouette holding Mayuri by the throat:
"Watch Lonius. Watch as your daughter falls to the corruption." The female said:
"Don't you dare Witch!" Lonius shouted as he began to kick with his legs but it was futile. Mayuri began to glow purple as her blue eyes turned red and her gems in her necklace slowly turned red. The teal one turned just a normal blue:
"There!" The Female shouted:
"No...Mayuri...MAYURI!" Lonius shouted:
"Who is this man shouting at me, mother?" Mayuri asked:
"Just a knight of the kingdom...My daughter." The female said. Lonius eyes drained of life and his face turned pale. His legs slowly hang as he heard that:
"You will pay..." Lonius said as he sobbed:
"You will pay...You took my wife in front of my eyes...You took my daughter in front of me...Will you never stop...How did you even get past my line of forces?" Lonius asked:
"There not much of tactic if the commando isn't there." The female said before vanishing:
"I won't take the Null-door today. I want to make sure my daughter gets home safely." The female said as she vanished with Mayuri. Lonius landed on the ground. His mind broken. He didn't know how long there past. But he just lied there for a few hours:

"Get up Lonius." A male voice said:
"God...I...I lost my only...Only light..." Lonius cried as he grabbed to the earth:
"Let me see your eye Lonius." The man said. He was clouded in the light. Lonius looked up. He saw the light:
"Take my hand my boy. I have something for you." God said. Lonius hair moved away from his hidden eye. His eye was pure black. Purple lines moving like veins inside of it:
"still corrupted from you peak into the Null-zone I see...I didn't want to give you this until your eye was cleansed but I see I have no choice. Stand up Loinus." The god said. Lonius slowly stood up:
"Here I have the power you seek. I will go to the front lines and take care of the Goddess and seal her inside the Null-zone. You will be my gatekeeper. Use your anger to keep her locked away." The god said holding out his hand. A pure purple and violet light came from his palm as a book manifested:
"This is the Astral Codex. A powerful artifact I want you to have. Because I might not survive the encounter with the Goddess. You will be the next in line to become a god as my royal captain and as a close friend my boy." The god said:
"I hereby give you the title of Astral. You name will from now on be Astralonius!" The god shouted. Lonius grabbed the book and everything flashed up around him.

"That is how I heard it went down," Mayuri said:
"Wait you are saying there was war in Tir Na Nog before the god and Lilin were sealed?" Miu asked:
"Yes. You fairies here was sent to earth a long time ago...The stories are mixed up but will unravel as we go on." Mayuri said:
"This Astralonius really sound like a good father," Hayden said leaning up against the wall:
"He truly is. Even now he stands in front of the gate and protects it. I hear his calling when I relax. His voice shouting my name. He knows I'm out here and I want to go back to him." Mayuri said:
"Then let's do that," Hayden said calmly:
"What?" Mayuri asked:
"We are seeking to go to Tir Na Nog too," Natacha said:
"But...I don't like you." Mayuri said looking at Clonic:
"I know what you thinking...I was corrupted yes but I think the time spent with Natacha has made me into a more caring creature." Clonic said:
"You can say that but I will never forgive the Lilins," Mayuri said:
"I understand," Clonic said:
"No matter. I want to know what happened after you were corrupted and who this Johnny is." Miu said:
"I will commence that tale too," Mayuri said.

In front of the gate stood a man. A man lost of hope. Lost of smiles. Only one thing brings a smile to his face and that's killing Lilins:
"I count two hundred," Astralonius said as he saw an army attacking the gate:
"Fifth page of the codex," Astralonius said moving his hand forward. The book began to flip to the fifth page:
"Rings of Saturn!" Astralonius shouted. A massive ring appeared above the army:
"Die," Astralonius said as the ring shot out a massive purple beam killing every one of them in one go. He sat down again. He softly pulled out a flower from his pocket. The flower was kept alive by magic and was the only thing left from Mayuri. 

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