Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


22. The demon in the burning building.

"First and foremost. Let's just tricker this again." Hayden said as he stomped the ground:
"Surtr!" Hayden shouted. The fires in the building began to latch out after Brent again. Brent rolled his shoulder:
"Execute. Eye of the storm." Brent said:
"Executing. Eye of the storm." Tiffle answered. Brent wings gave out a bash and unleashed winds around him keeping the fires at bay:
"Curious. Why didn't you use that earlier?" Hayden asked:
"Because I wanted to save my full power to beat that grin off your face," Brent answered. Hayden just smiled and rolled his leg a bit:
"Tyr!" Hayden shouted and ran forward. Every time his right leg hit the ground it shattered the ground a bit. Brent spun the scythe around. The two engage in scythe to foot combat. Hayden kicked the scythe hard and the scythe just flew back:
"Tiffle!" Brent shouted but it was too late. Hayden spun around and made a roundhouse kick to Brent's neck:
"Tyr's Ragnarok!" Hayden shouted. Brent was shot into the wall with more power than before:
"Funny thing. I also saved my power to break your bones. How funny we think alike. BAHAHHA!" Hayden started to laugh. Brent slowly stood up again. He was a bit unsteady on his leg:
"Tiffle, come to me," Brent said holding out his hand. Tiffle flew into his hand again. Hayden kicked off the ground and moved toward Brent was amazing speed:
"Rattlesnake!" Brent shouted but nothing happened:
"BAHAHA!" Hayden just laughed and hit Brent using his heel on Brent's head. Brent shot into the ground face first. Brent gasped as his face bounced off the ground:
"And like a soccer ball-" Hayden said spinning around:
"You fly..." He said evilly and kicked the back of Brent's head so he flew into the wall. Brent quickly got out of the wall only to get a lance kick right into his stomach:
"Come on. You're slow." Hayden said. Brent's eyes widen. He bends forward:
"Show me that bark you had before," Hayden said spinning around quickly and heeled kicked into Brent backhead again:
"Fenrir!" Hayden shouted. Brent was pressed more down by the power and then went through the floor:
"Oh. It's not nice going breaking a hospital. We actually need those things." Hayden said softly as he jumped into the hole. He landed on Brent. Brent's eyes widen as he felt Hayden weight. Hayden weight was amazing. He used his gravity to make himself weigh more. Brent opens his eyes wide as wind shot out from his body and pushed Hayden away. Brent quickly stood up and slammed his scythe blade into the wall to hold himself up:
"Oh...Are your legs shaking...Where's your bark now?"  Hayden asked. Brent looked up. His eyes were hazed and his breathing was unstable. Hayden walked forward slowly. He had his hand in his pockets:
"Need a timeout? Need anything. I could go get you a water." Hayden said looking at a vending machine. The machine broke and out of it came a water bottle:
"Is the heat coming to you. These fires aren't that bad are they?" Hayden asked as he threw the bottle at Brent:
"Ragnarok," Hayden said low. Brent was hit by the bottle. The bottle was like a bullet and he crashed up the wall again:
"Brent..." Tiffle said low:
"I won't forgive you," Brent said as he looked at Hayden. Hayden was hazy and all you could see was two red eyes and a dark silhouette. Truly the image of a demon. Hayden rushed forward:
"Morning sunshine!" Hayden shouted:
"Brent. Please wake up!" Tiffle shouted. Brent's eyes widen in that moment:
"Forest breaker!" Brent shouted. He swung his scythe forward and unleashed the powerful wind. Hayden was cut and sent flying back:
"How did you do that?" Tiffle asked:
"I finally figured it out. It's about our bond. You told me we need to execute commands. We can use ability instantly if our heart is in sync. If we both are fully in the same length of emotions and dreams. I finally figured this out. I battle to protect Natacha and you battle to protect me. But we both changed out sync in that moment. We both just wanted to survive. Tiffle. I want us two to have the same dream...What is it?" Brent asked:
"I can only think of one thing." Tiffle said:
"I know what you thinking. Let's test it." Brent said spinning his scythe around:
"Fairy storm!" Brent shouted and unleashed a powerful wind. The wind destroyed all the flames around him:
"Our wish is to protect those we care about!" Brent and Tiffle shouted:
"The same as ours..." Miu thought:
"Bahahahahah!" Hayden slowly stood up. He snapped his fingers as the flames came forward again:
"How cute. You finally figured it out. I will never lose to a new pair like you. I'm so above you!" Hayden shouted stomping the ground. The ground shattered and debris flew into the air:
"Ragnarok!" Hayden shouted. The debris flew forward like massive bullets:
"Fairy storm." Brent said the winds cut down the debris. Hayden used this opening:
"I will show you!" Hayden shouted and slammed his fist into Brent's stomach:
"Odin!" Hayden shouted. A massive pressure compressed everything around the fist quickly together:
"Die!" Hayden shouted. A massive power shot Brent up into the air:
"Fenrir!" Hayden shouted and slammed Brent into the ground again:
"I am the demon!" Hayden shouted as he grabbed Brent by the throat and forced him up the wall:
"You are dead!" Hayden shouted as he moved his leg back:
"Tyr!" Hayden shouted and slammed his knee into Brent's chin. Brent flew on to the roof again. Hayden jumped up to him:
"Look at me!" Hayden shouted. Brent's eyes opened just a bit. He could see the flames underneath Hayden and Hayden red eyes:
"What do you see?" Hayden asked:
"D...Demon." Brent said:
"Correct. Now sleep well." Hayden said moving forward. He softly placed his leg on Brent's chest:
"No..." Brent said as he grabbed Hayden leg:
"What?" Hayden asked surprised. There was a lot of pressure on his leg but Brent still had a hard grip on it. Brent hand getting damaged just by being near the leg:
"Rattlesnake." Brent said. The chain came out of his hand. It wrapped around Hayden's leg:
"What are you even doing?" Hayden asked:
"This..." Brent said. The chain stabbed Hayden's leg:
"What?" Hayden shouted:
"Air pump!" Brent shouted. A lot of air shot into Hayden's leg:
"The pressure will destroy everything in your leg." Brent said. Hayden was silent:
"That would have been a good move. If it wasn't my right leg you hit." Hayden said. Brent's eyes widen:
"Go down." Hayden said stomping down on Brent. Brent slammed through the floor and into the third floor now. He was slowly getting up. Hayden crashed to the ground:
"You know nothing of loss before you tried it. You think you can protect everything but you're wrong. I will show you this and I will kill you...Brent." Hayden said:
"Just try..." Brent said on the brink of a blackout:
"I will. I will make you take back everything you said." Hayden said looking up into the sky:
"It is soon time to bring judgment on you." Hayden said and began to laugh. Brent sighed:
"You okay?" Tiffle asked:
"Don't worry. I won't go down yet." Brent said catching his breath and ready himself for more fighting.

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