Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


35. The corrupted daughter.

"My memories were foggy from there. All I remember was I woke up in the dark." Mayuri said to them

"Morning my daughter." A female clouded in darkness said.

"I couldn't remember her face since I think all memories of her figure vanished the moment I became a free fairy again. But the Lilin corrupted magic still rested on me." Mayuri told them.

"Morning mother," Mayuri said. She looked at the figure:
"The war is going great. Today we reach for the gate." The female said. Clearly the voice of the Lilin:
"I see mother. Shall I help you come over there?" Mayuri asked:
"Yes, daughter. Your power is crucial to this operation. Your Soul connection let you control your soul more than everything else. You will sneak your way into the fairy territory and reach the gate. Then you will use this-" The Lilin said holding out an object. A black crystal:
"This is a Nullstone. A powerful crystal made of the Null's corrupted magic. You will take this stone and when you at the gate you will use it. That will transport me and my followers to you. It will empower your magic to an overwhelming level. That will let you use one of the strongest spells only you can use. Soul Catcher. When you have done that. Use soul transportation to get us all over there." The Lilin explained:
"I understand mother. Hand me the crystal." Mayuri said and took the crystal:
"It's also Null magic which is banished from these lands. Which means the moment you use it. You will only have three minutes until the world rejects you and you will be forced down to earth. When you get there you will get a partner quickly and use him or her to destroy all the non-corrupted fairies of the Earthlands." The Lilin explained:
"I understand mother," Mayuri said. She then proceeds to turn around and leave the hut.

She was met by the horizon of dead fairies and Lilins and the smell of blood and burning buildings. She didn't flinch. Nothing of the carefree Mayuri was there. Only a corrupted shell of a person she used to be. She slowly walked down the path slowly taken step by step to reach the town of Lilyheim. To reach the Null-door. Mayuri slowly walked toward the capital of Elfthrone. She walked to it and looked at Elfthrone. There were guards and they looked scared as they saw Mayuri:
"We can't cut her...She is the daughter of high commander Lonius." The guard said:
"What did you say?" Mayuri asked in a cold voice:
"What?" The guard said:
"What did you say. I'm not a daughter of such filth as Lonius. I'm the daughter of the great Goddess. You should have your tongue cut out." Mayuri said as she looked at him. Her red eyes glowed up. A soul shot out of her hair and grabbed the guard at that throat. He choked as he tried to remove the hand:
"Sound the horn!" The other guard shouted but it was too late. Mayuri took a step forward the ground under her feet withered. She slowly walked forward as the guard there was choked by her suddenly got red eyes:
"I got the power to corrupt your souls like my mother," Mayuri said as another soul shot forward and corrupted the other guard:
"I will go. Make sure my way through Elfthrone is peaceful." Mayuri said:
"Yes, lady Mayuri." The two said. Mayuri made her way through Elfthrone leaving an army of corrupted elves as she walked.

"Enough." The god said as he stood up. His golden hair shined in the sun:
"I had enough. I won't let my people go through it again." The god said as he stands on his balcony:
"This is a move past down in generations. One man passes it to another. It's one of the mightiest god spells out there. Stand back everyone!" The god shouted as he stood up on the balcony fence and looked over his city:

"Oh no..." Mayuri said as she saw the god form a triangle of his hands. She quickly ran out of town leaving behind all the corrupted fairies she had made.

Light began to shine inside the triangle the god had made. He slowly parted his hands as a magic triangle appeared. It slowly grew bigger and levitated in front of him:
"This spell kill all corrupted and null. Sadly it doesn't work on the goddess since she is godly too. But time is of the essence. Send an army to the null-door. It's time. They are coming." The god said. His guard saluted:
"Oh and sent words for Astralonius." The god said. The other guard nodded. He looked in front of him:
"I will give you five seconds to leave my city or else!" The god shouted. none of them moved:
"One!" He shouted as his right hand rolled together and then he pointed the index and ring fingers up. The triangle began to spin:
"Two!" He shouted as he did the same thing with the left hand. The triangle spun faster:
"Three!" He shouted as he rolled both hands into a fist. A square came out in front of him and was behind the triangle:
"Four!" He shouted as he moved his hand forward and placed them flat up against the magical triangle and square:
"Five." He shouted as the two symbols rolled together and became a single ball in front of him:
"The time is up...Sorry...My fellow fairies." He said with a sad tone. Tears leaving his eye. He reached out and grabbed the ball with both hands. They squeezed together to a light in his hands:
"Silver light!" The god shouted. He opens his hands there was holding the light:
"Cleanse." He said. The light erupted and cover the city of Elfthrone. All corrupted fairies were nowhere to be seen the moment the light vanished. The god bit his lower lip:

"Faust!" A guard shouted:
"Be proper. Call him by the title of god." Another guard shouted:
"It's fine. It's my name after all." God said. He turned around. His yellow spiky hair glowing like the sun. His yellow eyes soft and warm looking at the guards. His yellow shirt under the pure white coat he was wearing. His black pants with white boots. He had a ring on his left hand. The ring had a gem which kept changing colors. He also had the mark of the fairy tattoo into his right palm. His right arm covered and magical tattoos. His sharp ears going forty centimeters behind his head. He looked quite young even for the oldest fairy:
"God Faust." The guard knelt:
"Rise up my friend," God said with a warm smile. The guard stood up:
"Seems like a massive force is going to the Null-door." The guard said:
"I see. This is problematic. I will fly there at once. Ready the army and rush toward the Null-door. I will be there." God said as he jumped off the balcony.

He flew through the air as he made his way there:
"How will she even get past Elfthrone..." God thought as he landed in front of the Null-door. That is when he saw Mayuri:
"I see." God thought as he landed in front of Mayuri:
"Mayuri...I see it's you." God said:
"Faust," Mayuri said taking the crystal. She absorbed it and suddenly an army of Lilins was all around them:
"Hello, Faust." The goddess said:
"Hello, sister," Faust said calmly:
"You are the only gatekeeper between me and pure power?" The goddess shouted in victory:
"Yes...Sadly...For you." Faust said as he moved his hand out. The coat dropped as you could see the tattoos. A silver light came out of his hand and twisted around his arm:
"You really gonna go all out?" The goddess asked:
"No. I know if we fought the world we live in will break...So I will let you pass...For now." Faust said. The goddess walked past him with Mayuri:
"In the meantime...Face me..." Faust said as he swung his hand in front of him. A nova of light erupted from him and making a barrier between him and the army:
"God power. Sealing gate." Faust shouted. The Null-door opened. A massive hand came out grabbed Mayuri and the Goddess:
"Fifteen seals of Tir Na Nog...Godly barrier!" Faust said moving a hand up. The giant black hand pulled the two girls inside. The gate slowly closed:
"You intent to seal me in the Null-zone huh!" The Female voice shouted:
"I intend to seal you yes. Sadly I can't save Mayuri...I must say sorry to Astralonius later." Faust said as he moved his hand back. He clapped them together:
"Seal!" Faust shouted as the door moved faster now. The Lilins behind him was slamming them self against the barrier. An army of fairies came running and an all-out war started:
"This is the last time I see you sister...Goodbye." Faust said as he pushed the gate a bit more:
"Then you will fall with me, brother!" The goddess shouted as she threw her spear at him. He was hit through the shoulder and slowly turned to obsidian from his feet and up:
"I will make sure you won't use your magic in there!" Faust shouted and shot a bullet of light at her draining her power giving it to all the fairies both good and evil:
"I will rise again and when I do...We will finish this matter." The goddess said:
"I will wait for it Lilin..." Faust said weakly as the gates closed and sealed. He slowly looked over his shoulder at the armies:
"Bye...My people...Stay safe. For me...Protect Elfthrone...Protect Rose." Faust said as he turned into obsidian.

The fairies were losing to the corrupted but then a pillar of purple light shot down the corrupted:
"I have arrived," Astralonius said.

"Time has come." The female said as she looked at Mayuri:
"You will decent upon Earthland." The female voice said. Mayuri then vanished in an instance. She dropped down from the sky. She turned into a stone and landed in a garden. She then just lied there asleep for a few days.

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