Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


9. The arcade

"Combo breaker!" The machine shouted as Brent fell back in his chair:
"Wow...How good are you at these games?" Brent asked:
"Oh. I come here when I'm not with Tiara and Courtney. Tiara doesn't really approve of the arcade. She thinks its full of nerds and sweety dudes. But there actually quite a few girls here." Natacha said pointing around. There were a few girls inside the room. Brent let out a laugh:
"True. There can be a few nerds around but aren't we all." Brent asked. Natacha nodded a few times and then giggled. The two walked around the arcade and played the games. Brent had never seen Natacha like this. She was nice. She was wonderful:
"Brent come on...Maybe you are just a lazy person." She said as she ran a bit in front of him and then winked at him. He moved his hand lazily back and forward.
"Yeah...Yeah. I'm coming." Brent said. The two had the time of their life. Brent had never been on a date before and never really seen Natacha as more than a weapon Tiara could use to mock him. but now he saw a hold new side of her. A beautiful side he never has seen in a girl. He saw a girl who didn't think he was lazy. Who didn't force him into a giant fairy war. But just a girl. Who wanted to be with him:
"So what do you wanna have?" Brent asks as they stand in front of the food stand:
"I want the chill fries." She said nearly drooling a bit:
"Are you sure?" Brent asked. Brent isn't that fond of spicy food:
"Yeah!" She shouted happily. Brent just gave in. They ate the food and then went back gaming. The time passed slowly. It was soon seven O' clock and the two just sat outside on a bench. Actually the same bench from yesterday. The two just sat in silence. Their hand was entwined. Brent felt like he could feel a warmth through his body. A warmth he never felt before. Natacha looked at him with a soft smile. She softly leans in and places her lips on his cheek:
"Hey, Brent...Wanna be my boyfriend?" Natacha asked. Brent blushed hard and jumped quickly back. Natacha looked confused:
"What is it?" She asked scared:
"Nothing...Just didn't expect it." Brent said with high pitch voice:
"Really...But I told you I loved you." Natacha said:
"Yeah...I know...I know." Brent said low. Natacha giggled and looked at him:
"So it was just because you were surprised?" Natacha asked:
"Of course. I don't dislike you." Brent said. She let out a giggled and then nudge him with an elbow:
"So what's your answer to my question?"  Natacha asked:
"A-A-Answer?" Brent Studer out:
"Yeah. I literally just asked you out." Natacha said with a grin:
"I know I know..." Brent said and leaned back on the bench. He let his neck relax and just stared at the sky:
"Such a big pause...Can...Can scare a girl Brent." Natacha said:
"Just give me a moment," Brent said. He wasn't hesitating. He really liked her too. Even with what happened. He saw a new side of her today. A side he grew to like really quickly. He was just scared of one thing and one thing alone:
"That lingering thought of me dying...Because of the war." Brent thought as he looked into the sky. He didn't know if he would survive all this. He didn't even know how to fight yet. He didn't know if one day he might just be forgotten like Xander but one thing he did know:
"I like you too," Brent said. His voice relaxed. He looked in front of him again. He scanned the park in front of him before looking at her:
"Sure. Let's go out." Brent said. He knew if he ever needed to try romance it was now. There was no time for hesitation and now he had a reason to fight more. A reason to always survive. That reason was Natacha. She was right there. Right now. Natacha eyes watered a bit:
"Oi. No crying okay. This is meant to be a happy time." Brent said as he gave her a soft karate chop to the forehead. She grinned and softly wiped away the tear using her arm:
"I know...I know...It's just...I'm happy." Natacha said low:
"I know." Brent said with a grin. She broke into more tears unable to control the tears:
"It's fine. Let it out." Brent said:
"I will..." She said. Brent softly wrapped an arm around her and held her a bit closer. She softly let out small sobs. Some time passed and she stood up:
"Wait here. I just need to fix myself up again." Natacha said:
"Sure." Brent said. Natacha left and walked into a public bathroom. There was no one there. Only a flicking light bulb. Natacha turned on the water and softly washed her face. The window of the room was a tiny bit open. Something was moving inside the window. A liquid. The liquid dripped on the ground and then slowly took shape. Natacha was unaware of it. The liquid slowly took form as a person. The person rolled it shoulder and walked forward. Its eyes kept changing color. Natacha heard it walking and turned around. Her eyes widened.

"She's taken her time huh," Brent said to himself:
"Boo!" Natacha shouted. She had sneaked up behind Brent. Brent jumped forward and fell on the ground:
"I'm sorry. Didn't mean to scare you that much." She said with a grin:
"It isn't funny!" Brent shouted:
"It is. Come wanna walk one more time before going home?" Natacha asked:
"Sure," Brent said with a smile before standing up. The two of them walked around:
"So what you gonna do now with Tiara?" Brent asked:
"I think you will find out tomorrow," Natacha said:
"Oh. I'm scared now." Brent said:
"But I think I know what to do," Natacha said.

Brent slowly walked up the stairway to his apartment. He opened the door to his apartment and was greeted with the smell of burned food. He slowly walked inside and saw the kitchen soaked in water and a bucket on the ground. TIffle was lying on the floor shivering and the microwave was burned:
"What happened?" Brent asked:
"I don't know." She cried out. Brent just sighed and then slowly walked forward. Tiffle began to shiver scared of Brent. Brent sat down and placed a hand on top of the girls head:
"You okay?" Brent asked:
"Y-Yes?" Tiffle asked scared:
"Good. Help me clean up." Brent said grabbing a mob. They soon fixed the room and cleaned it out. Brent sat down in a chair and slowly looked out one of his windows. He slowly sighed and Tiffle walked up to him. She climbed on top of him and just hang on his back:
"Has it been a good day?" She asked:
"Yeah. I enjoyed it." Brent said:
"That's nice...That's nice." Tiffle said:
"Hey, Tiffle?" Brent asked:
"Yeah what is it?" Tiffle answered:
"You have to teach me to Fairy fusion correctly tomorrow," Brent said:
"Sure thing," Tiffle said:
"We need to be prepared for everything," Brent said:
"Of course and I will always be there for you," Tiffle said:
"I know. We are partners after all." Brent said. Tiffle grinned:
"So who were you with?" Tiffle asked:
"A girl named Natacha," Brent answered:
"Uhh. Your girlfriend?" Tiffle asked:
"No...I mean yes." Brent said:
"Really?!" Tiffle shouted:
"Yeah. Strangely yes." Brent said. Tiffle giggled and clung to his back a bit more.
"I'm happy for you," Tiffle said:
"Yeah. Thank you." Brent said. He softly moved his hand up and pet Tiffle hair:
"Ehehe." She let out a soft giggle:
"Let's do our best to survive to win this war," Brent said:
"Yeah!" Tiffle said determinedly. 

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