Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


10. Storm's feather.

Brent woke up to the sound of the birds outside his window. He slowly stood up and rubbed his eyes. He had the same dream once again. The dream of the dark figure calling out to him. A massive dark figure with the voice of a woman calling out to him. beckoning him closer. beckoning him to come towards her. But every step Brent took made him feel iller. Brent took on his shirt and walked out into the kitchen. Tiffle was of course still asleep. Brent turned on the stove and began warm a pan. He sat down on a chair and cover one of his eyes with a hand. He looked at Tiffle. Tiffle was lying on the sofa with the blanket lying at her side. She wrapped herself in her own wings:
"Wait!?" Brent thought:
"She came to my school two days ago? But how was it that no one comments on her wings?" Brent said low. Tiffle snuggled her head on the sofa and then just gave out an uncharming snore. Brent just lets out a laugh:
"Seems like it not the time for that now. First school. Then training and then questions:
"Morning..." Tiffle said sitting up and rubbing her eyes:
"Morning Tiffle," Brent said with a smile:
"You seem happy," Tiffle said:
"Yeah. Remember we have to train today." Brent said. Tiffle nodded. Brent left for the school. He gave out a big yawn. Damion met him on the way there and they walked into class. Brent leaned back in his chair:
"Where is she!" The familiar voice of Tiara called out from the hall. Brent blinked. Only Tiara and Courtney walked inside. Natacha was nowhere to be seen:
"Strange," Brent said:
"Strange. The trio has become a duo." Damion said as he looked forward:
"Morning," Natacha said walking into the room:
"Girl. Where were you?" Tiara asked:
"Nowhere," Natacha said with a smile and walked just passed Tiara:
"Yep," Brent said low. She was looking at Brent. She walked directly up to Brent and just sat down at his side:
"Morning." She said. Tiara and Courtney looked dumbfounded. Even Damion looked dumbfounded:
"Morning. Thanks for yesterday." Brent said:
"Yo dude. What are ya talking about!" Damion shouted:
"Nothing," Brent said. Natacha grinned and latch on to Brent's arm:
"Yeah. I'm just here with my boyfriend." Natacha said. The whole class turned silent. Tiara's eyes widen in anger and Damion just had the biggest smile in the world. Natacha smiled and Brent just relaxed as she clung to his arm:
"What!" Tiara shouted:
"Brent and I are together now," Natacha answered. Tiara marched over and looked at Brent and Natacha:
"You!" Tiara shouted. Brent just looked at her:
"Me?" Brent asked:
"Give her back...You filthy...Heathen. You trash. GIVE!-" She shouted and grabbed a pen:
"Her!" She shouted and tossed it forward:
"Back!" She shouted and hit Brent with the pen. Brent got hit by the pen and sighed. He was about to open his mouth when:
"What the fuck you doing!" Natacha shouted:
"What the fuck am I doing!? What the fuck are you doing!" Tiara shouted:
"What am I doing huh!" Natacha shouted. The two glared daggers at each other:
"I'm tired of your bitchy attitude. Just go already." Natacha said coldly. Tiara's eyes widen before she glared at Brent again:
"You...I will never forgive you." Tiara said leaving. Courtney looked back and forward:
"Um..." Courtney said:
"It's okay. Just go." Natacha said to Courtney with a smile:
"Okay...I message you later." Courtney said running off. Brent sighed and leaned back. 

"That was so awesome," Damion shouted as the two walked home:
"What a drag," Brent said:
"Well see ya tomorrow," Damion said holding up his hand. The two parted ways. Brent opened the door to his apartment and Tiffle jumped out:
"Hey!" Tiffle said:
"Been bored?" Brent asked:
"Yes," Tiffle answered. Brent nodded. The two sat down at the table and Brent leaned back:
"Okay. Time to master Fairy Fusion." Brent said as he stood up. Tiffle nodded and stood up also. The two looked at each other:
"It's all about our bound. Let's go outside." Tiffle said. The two walked outside:
"There a few ways to enhance the power of the summoning. One of them is chanting your fairies weapon name." Tiffle explained. Brent nodded and held out his arm:
"Okay...So tell me what to say." Brent said:
"I call the winds from Tir Na Nog! I call the daughter of the wind. The weapon made of a million breezes. Come forward Storm's feather!" She shouted dramatically:
"You want me to say it like that?" Brent said a bit embarrassed. Tiffle nodded. Brent tightens his fist with the image of Xander in his mind:
"I call the winds from Tir Na Nog! I call the daughter of the wind. The weapon made of a million breezes. Come forward Storm's feather! Fairy Fusion Tiffle!" Brent shouted:
"I hear your call human and accept you. Fairy fusion Brent." Tiffle shouted. The air grew tight and Tiffle body began to glow green. Her body began to morph and then turn into a long chain. The chain wrapped around Brent's left arm. A powerful breeze shot through his hair and wings of wind surrounded him for a moment before expanding everywhere. Feathers rained down on him and transformed into a metal rod in his hand. The rod suddenly glowed up and out of the top came sharp scythe like blade formed as a feather. The chain around his arm shot forward and connected to the kusarigama blade. A wind then shot down and twisted around Brent. The chain around his arm began to glow green and then he fell to the ground. He landed on his feet and then moved the blade forward finally achieving Fairy fusion:
"Wow," Brent said:
"Awesome isn't it!" Tiffle voice was in Brent's head:
"Yeah," Brent said low as he swung the kusarigama forward. The kusarigama glowed up and unleashed a powerful wind. The wind cut the grass beneath him. Brent's eyes widen:
"Okay. Let's stop." Tiffle said transforming human again:
"That was amazing," Brent said:
"Yeah. Not only do I give you magic. I give you a Kusarigama and also enhanced physical power. So that means you can run faster. Jump higher and hit harder." Tiffle said:
"I see," Brent said low as he looked at his hands:
"You starting to realize what is going on?" Tiffle asked:
"Yeah," Brent said. The two stood still for a few seconds.
"It's soon time for my first battle," Brent said:
"Oh. Who do you mean?" Tiffle asked:
"That guy with the crutch..." Brent said:
"He's on your team," Tiffle said. Brent nodded:
"Well...I will find someone soon." Brent said:
"Why are you seeking a fight?" Tiffle asked:
"Because...We need your dream to come true." Brent said with a smile. Tiffle blinked a few times and then giggled:
"You are truly a funny person," Tiffle said. Brent nodded:
"I try," Brent said with a grin. The two nodded before going inside. Brent wished for a fight and soon got one. A fight he never would forget.

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