Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


62. Start of the war.

The sound of Beethoven's virus echoed through the air. The electric hands shot from the Tesla coils at Hayden and Tiara:
"Reflect," Tiara said and swung her hand forward. Her hand reflected the electricity away from them. Ricki was humming the tune as she played the same tune:
"Her power is overwhelming. I don't know how many dead fairies there is in her." Hayden said as his eyes glowed brightly red:
"Ullr," Hayden said as a spear of gravity shot forward. Ricki spun around happily and dodged the spear of gravity:
"She seems strong," Tiara said. Ricki spun around and played her violin quickly:
"Sound of the deep...Abomination!" Ricki shouted as you could see electric currents spin around her quickly. She was soon cover in a sphere of electricity. Eight tentacles erupted from the sphere and slammed around the area hitting the trees:
"Abomination...Get them," Ricki said coldly. The giant jellyfish-like creature around her began to latch out after the friends:
"Reflect!" Tiara shouted scared. The tentacle hit her hand but didn't get reflected. It just crashed down into her. She was captured inside the tentacle and was getting shocked. The tentacle swung her hardly and threw her into a tree:
"Tiara!" Hayden shouted as he ran to her side:
"You can't reflect my magic. You can't reflect something I control this smoothly." Ricki said as she kept playing the same tune:
"So you can reflect it. She just assembles it the moment you do it...It's gonna be hard." Hayden said as he helped Tiara up:
"Tiara. You okay?" Hayden asked:
"Yeah. Just a bit shocked." Tiara said as she was shivering slightly from the lightning:
"I will just break it apart," Hayden said as he took a step forward. His eyes glowed up:
"Hold it a bay for now. I need to focus." Hayden said. As he pressed his hands together. His eyes glowed more and more as you could see the pressure compress around his hands:
"You want me to keep that thing a bay?!" Tiara shouted:
"Good luck...Valhalla!" Hayden shouted as he hides in the barrier and then began charging:

"Oh, you gonna face me alone huh?" Ricki asked with a grin as she spun around once. She danced a bit on the spot as the violin began to play faster now. The creature grew in size:
"Beautiful reflection," Tiara said as her arms turned into glass. She ran forward and began to dodge the tentacles. The tentacles moved faster now:
"Reflect," Tiara said as she pressed her hand on the ground. She was launched into the air. One of the tentacles reached out to her:
"Reflect!" Tiara shouted and kicked the air. A massive amount of air shot forward and made a hole in the tentacle. She flew through it and was falling straight for Ricki:
"Nope!" Ricki shouted as she changed the song. She began to play fairytale on her violin. The electricity vanished and changed into shadows. Hands made of shadows shot up and reached for Tiara. Tiara quickly tried to push her hand on one of them:
"Reflect." She said but her hand went through it. Ricki smiled as the shadow hands grabbed Tiara's shadow. She was stopped mid-air:
"Crash," Ricki said as Tiara was tossed to the ground.

"Shit...Shit...Shit!" Brent shouted as he spun the kusarigama around. He cut the obsidian dust to the sides but his blade had a hard time hitting it:
"It is as Faust said. She uses the Obsidian magic." Brent thought as he slid over the ground. He slammed the blade into the ground to stop himself better:
"Obsidian. Fist!" Vanessa shouted. Pure hands of obsidian rock came up from the ground and tried to grab Brent. Brent jumped backward as he landed on a tree and pushed himself off it. He flew forward:
"Obsidian. Slicer!" Vanessa shouted. Blades of Obsidian shot up from the ground and tried to cut Brent:
"Oh no...NO!" Brent shouted as he looked down. He was impaled through the chest by one of them. Brent quickly fell down as the blade crumbled. He landed on the ground. You could see he had a hole in his stomach:
"Sh-shit..." Brent thought. He wanted to say it out loud but his voice was gone. He coughs out blood and lines of blood leaked from his mouth:
"Pathetic," Vanessa said as she walked forward. Mayuri and Tiffle turned human and looked at Brent. They knelt down at his side:
"Brent wake up!" Tiffle shouted:
"Brent!" Mayuri cried. Vanessa walked toward him:
"Did you actually think you had a chance against a goddess?" Vanessa asked as she stood in front of Brent's body. She looked at the two girls:
"Give up. If he isn't dead now. Then he will choke on his own blood." Vanessa said coldly:
"Shut up!" Tiffle shouted as she cried:
"Brent could not die now...Not now!" Mayuri cried:
"You really have so much faith in him?" Vanessa asked coldly:
"We don't have faith...We know he can do this...He had such ambitions." Tiffle said as she sobbed:
"He can't die now. Not now...Not so easily." Mayuri cried. Brent's body lied completely still blood leaking from the hole in his chest.

You could hear two hits from a heartbeat.

"Where am I?" Brent asked.

Two more heartbeats. 

"You are here," Amaterasu said. The two sat in the white room. Amaterasu just lied on the ground unamused:
"You tempted fate and now you lie here," Amaterasu said:
"Let me out. I will go back to the real world. If I stay here the fairies might be in danger." Brent said:
"I can't let you. If you go back now. Then you die." Amaterasu said as she swiped her hand forward as Brent suddenly could see something in the white walls. It was the image of Brent's body lying on the ground bleeding from the hole in his stomach. The two fairy crying at his side and Vanessa just looking at him:
"I can't just let them cry!" Brent shouted:
"If you really want to die then leave!" Ametarsu shouted as she snapped her fingers. A gate opened in the white room:
"But I also have an offer," Amaterasu said with a grin:
"What?" Brent asked:
"I don't like my host to die so early on. So what about you let me get the small amount of 5% of your soul and then I will lend you my full power until this fight is over?" Amaterasu asked. Brent stopped. He looked at her:
"What?" Brent asked:
"Mostly when you used my power you let yourself control it. But what if you control all of it. That also means it would be bad for your fairies to get used while you use me. So what about using me for once and show this Goddess the true power of the unholy race." Amaterasu said:
"So you tell me to give you 5% of my soul and then use you to win against the Goddess?" Brent asked:
"It's either that or dying," Amaterasu said. Brent looked at her. He sighed and looked at her:
"I will make it a contract. I give you 5% of my soul and then you will let me use your power this whole fight and after that, you will go back to your seal?" Brent asked. Amaterasu gave a small nod:
"Okay, how do we do this?" Brent asked:
"Give me some of your blood," Amaterasu said as she bares her teeth to show her fangs. Brent nodded as he grabbed his collar on his black shirt and lower it a bit so his neck was exposed. Amaterasu eyes glowed red and she launched forward biting into Brent's neck:
"I hereby create a pact with this mortal!" She shouted as everything turned black.

"But it's sad. I lied about giving you the body back." Amaterasu's voice said before Brent vision turned fully black.

Brent suddenly slowly stood up. There was a black mist leaving the hole in his stomach. He slowly stood up as the dark mist began to regenerate his stomach. His eyes turned black. He placed his hand on his chest. He slowly pulled out a black mist from his chest which slowly formed itself into a scythe. The scythe had a black pole and long sharp black blade with armor on the top. In the top of the pole was an eye. A purple eye like Amaterasu's:
"Ready?" Amaterasu asked:
"Ready!" Brent shouted with a hazy ghost-like dead voice. His eyes cold. His two fairies standing back scared as they saw him use the dark powers of the unholy race.

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