Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


56. Standing on red clouds.

The light vanished and the world appeared around them. Brent stood on the cloudy floor. His foot went a bit through the cloud and hit a solid surface. An invisible surface. He looked around him to try to find his friends. He stood alone:
"Hello?!" Brent shouted:
"I'm here," Mayuri said as she stood up. She had lied on the ground a bit away from Brent. She smiled warmly:
"I'm here too." An unfamiliar voice said.

Brent looked around only to see a girl stand up. She had white long hair with green stripes through it going all the way down to make the end of her hair green. It was still spiky at the end. She had a dress on. The dress was black at the chest and white at the skirt. The dress also had an outline all the way around which was green. She had a golden armband on both arms now. Her green eyes shined a bit more. She looked like the same age as Brent. She had long legs and had bare feet. She still had two wings. The wings were beautiful flapping in the wind as she walked:
"Why are you staring?" The girl asked. She had a smooth and warm voice:
"Tiffle?" Mayuri asked:
"Yeah? Why are you staring?" She asked:
"Is that Tiffle?!" Brent shouted and pointed at Tiffle:
"Yeah. Didn't you remember that Miu, Tiffle and Core looks might change because of the world soul influence on their magic." Mayuri said. Tiffle's eyes widen as she dashed to their side:
"Mirror? Someone give me a mirror!" Tiffle shouted:
"I can help with that." A boys voice said. They kinda knew the voice but it was a bit deeper now.

Tiffle turned around to see a boy. It was clear as day it was Core but he had changed. He still had black hair it was a bit more ruffly now. His hair showed both his eyes now. His eyes glowed brightly as ever. He had a black t-shirt on and a red hoodie jacket. He walked around in black jeans without holes now. He had chains around his wrist so his sleeves were sealed. The chains were like armbands. He got silver rings on each finger. He still had the chain with a silver cross in it around his neck:
"Core?" Brent asked. Core nodded. Tiara was walking at his side. He was suddenly taller than her:
"Here." Core said moving his hand forward. The chain around his right arm unlocked. The sleeve moved up on its own and his glass arm was revealed. The glass arm became bigger so you could reflect yourself in it. Tiffle looked at herself:
"Wow. I'm pretty!" Tiffle shouted. Brent gave a laugh:
"And still childish as ever," Brent said low. Tiffle posed:
"Don't go fall for me now. Brent~" She said with a sweet giggle. 

Suddenly Tiffle found herself bitting the clouds under her and Brent had moved his fist up. He had hit her over the head:
"Too soon?" Tiffle asked as she rubbed her head softly:
"Oh yeah! Where are Miu and Hayden?" Tiffle asked as she looked:
"Oh yeah. Miu must have changed a lot." Mayuri said:

"Stop crying!" You suddenly heard Hayden shout. Miu was latching on to Hayden. She was the same as ever:
"But all of them changed and I'm still myself," Miu said:
"Oh, how sad," Tiffle said:
"Why is that the sad part. She's herself. You are the one who looked like she grew a dozen of ages." Brent said. Tiffle giggled:
"Well. It isn't completely true." Mayuri said as she looked at Miu:
"I think she grew a few centimeters." Core said:
"Don't...Rub salt in the wound." Miu said as tears rolled down her cheeks. The other laughed. The floor under them was yellow clouds. Brent suddenly began jumping up and down:
"Feels solid as earth," Brent said. The seven of them stood in a good amount of bushes:
"Let's see if we can find our way out of this," Brent said as he walked forward. The six other followed him. They left the bushes and suddenly stood on a hill. A landscape of clouds and forests appeared in front of them:
"Wow!" The humans and saplings shouted:
"Amazing isn't it. Welcome to Tir Na Nog!" Mayuri shouted. The six smiled:
"Where are we?" Brent asked. Mayuri took a few seconds to look around:
"Seems like we a bit west from Elfthrone. That means to the west is my father and to the east is the capital. We should go to the capital first." Mayuri said:
"Then let's go," Brent said as he ran forward and jumped off the hill letting himself drop down toward the forest:
"Brent!" Tiffle shouted and jumped after him:
"My partners truly are fun," Mayuri said jumping after them:
"What a trio of morons," Hayden said as he dropped after him:
"Hey wait!" Miu shouted as she jumped:
"Come Core!" Tiara shouted as she jumped:
"Right behind you." Core said jumping. 

The seven decent suddenly slowed down:
"Freya." Hayden had said as the gravity softly let them land on the ground. Brent smiled and landed on the ground. Then his eyes widen as he heard a splash sound. He looked around him only to see corpses of Fairies and Lilins. The clouds were red stained with blood:
"What?" Brent said with fear in his voice. His voice shivered:
"Did you really forget...This is war." Mayuri said sadly:
"Ah!" Miu shouted and climbed on to Hayden:
"I got you," Hayden said. He let her this time to make sure she didn't touch the bloody clouds:
"This is...-" Core said:
"Unbelievable," Tiara said. Core thought she finished his sentence:
"Not my designer shoes!" Tiara shouted to continue her own sentence:
"Oh get over it." Core said annoyed and hit her on the head:
"Come...Let's get out of here." Brent said as he walked forward. They left the forest and was met with a landscape they weren't able to see before. It was red stained clouds as far as the eyes went and countless of bodies in the clouds. You could see the capital in the distance with its castle. The castle was levitating for itself on a rock above the city. The castle had giant butterfly wings:
"That right there is Elfthrone. The capital and the place the god is sealed right now. We need to hurry over there." Mayuri said as she began to run:
"Didn't you say something about we could fly here?" Brent asked:
"Oh yeah!" Tiffle shouted:
"Only people with a lot of magic can do that. You should-" Mayuri said but suddenly Brent flew through the air with Hayden and Tiara and their fairies:
"You coming?" Brent asked. Mayuri's eyes widen but she shrugged and left the ground. The seven of them flew toward the capital:
"Seems like they have enough power to fly. They might be able to free the god as soon as we arrive." Mayuri thought. The seven of them flew through the nice breeze. The sun setting behind the castle as they flew. Tiffle had latched on to Brent's back. It looked like Brent had wings now. The seven made their way to the capital.

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