Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


6. She is mine to protect!

"I got these!" Miu shouted as she held out a pair of glasses. They were shades and they had this red and pink color scheme:
"They are the most disgusting piece of headwear I have ever seen," Hayden said as he sat down getting ready for examination:
"Awh come on. I used a good amount on these." Miu said sadly:
"I'm not gonna wear them," Hayden said. Miu looked sad:
"We need to ask you to leave. The examination is about to begin" The doctor said. Miu nodded and slowly walked over to the door:
"See you soon!" Miu said happily:
"Just go already," Hayden said. She left the room. Hayden lied to examination for around two hours. The doctor came back:
"I don't believe it." The doctor said shocking:
"What is it?" Hayden asked:
"You are cured. You don't have the sickness anymore." The doctor said:
"W-what?" Hayden asked. The first thought there came to his mind was the light he felt after their hands touched yesterday:
"The damage done can't be fixed. Maybe we can fix your leg. But you won't get more hurt for what I know." The doctor said:
"W-wow. Well." Hayden said leaning back:
"If its okay. Can we keep you here? To find out what healed ya?" The doctor asked:
"pff. Sure. I don't have anything else to do." Hayden said leaning back:
"Let's start now then." The doctor said. Hayden nodded. He went through a lot of tests and it became late before he came back to his room:
"What?" Hayden asked as he came inside. He couldn't see Miu but there was a small toy rabbit on the bed. Hayden walked forward and looked at the rabbit. He then turned his attention to the bed. Miu was lying on it softly asleep.

"She an easy target, do it! KILL HER!"

"No," Hayden said walking forward. He sat down on the bed at the girl side. He softly moved his hand forward and grabbed the toy. He slowly gave it to the girl. The girl wrapped the arms around the rabbit and then began bitting one of its ears. She growled a bit. Hayden sighed.

"Kill her!"

"No...Not today. Not now." Hayden said. Miu turned in her sleep. Hayden just stood up and sat down in the window:
"What is this...This feeling?" Hayden asked himself.

Hayden woke up in the window. The room was empty:
"She already left huh," Hayden said standing up. He moved over to the bathroom to his room and washed his face. He looked in the mirror. He got eye contact with his own red eyes. He looked into the mirror for a few seconds and then sighed. He walked outside and down the street. The birds were singing. The breeze was soft. You could feel the warmth of the sun. Hayden walked into the store and looked around:
"Hm...Where?" Hayden asked as he walked around:

Hayden eyes suddenly snapped open and became insane

"Can I help you, sir?" A lady asked:
"Oh...Yes...Yes. Do you have any cakes or cookies or stuff?" Hayden asked:
"Yeah. Just this way sir." The lady said as she showed him over to the bakery of the shop. Behind a small glass cover was a few cakes. Hayden looked down holding himself up with the crutch. He looked through them all:
"That one," Hayden said as he bit his lower lip. It was a rabbit cake. It was with carrot and looked like a cute rabbit:
"Awh. Buying it for a sibling?" The lady asked:
"Just...Give me it," Hayden said. He bought the cake and slowly walked back to the hospital. He had a hard time pulling the drop behind him:
"Damn this," Hayden said. He walked inside and Miu still wasn't there:
"Weird. Haven't seen the stump all day." Hayden said as he slowly sat down. He looked at the small bag in his hands. Inside the small rabbit cookies lying. He slowly pulled it out and looked at it. The small piece of chocolate there was the eye had melted a bit so it looked like it was crying:
"Weird...Hope she doesn't mind." He said.

"Why am I worried?" 

"I better go look for her," Hayden said as he walked outside. He didn't know where she was. But somehow he just followed a route. A single road. He walked past the store and quickly began to hear a man shout:
"Where is he!" A man shouted:
"I don-don't know." A girl cried. 

"That voice!" 

Hayden walked around a corner and saw Xander kicking Miu.


"What do you think you doing?"


"Who are you?" Xander asked as he turned to Hayden. Miu's eyes lighted up.

"Kill him!"

Hayden takes a step forward and rolls his shoulder. He dropped the needle from his drop:
"Watch out. They have magic!" Miu shouted:
"And?" Hayden growled as he stomped the ground with his right leg. He shot himself forward with his right leg. All the nerves broke right there. He flew forward and started beating Xander mercilessly with the crutch. Miu's eyes widen:
"YOU LEAVE HER ALONE!" Hayden shouted as he moves his crutch up and slammed it into Xander's mouth. Xander fell back. Hayden stomped the ground with his right leg again and jumped forward. He forced Xander up the wall and continue to slam his fist into Xander's face. He threw Xander to the ground and forced his face into the ground before he just stood up and threw the guy down the street. Xander landed hard on the ground and slowly stood up. He got a crutch to the face before he even got a moment to rest. Hayden took him by the neck and forced him up the wall:
"You are finished," Hayden said as he slammed his fist into Xander's stomach. He then threw Xander down the street again. Xander got up and then ran off:
"BHAHAHAHHA." Hayden laughed and then slowly calmed down. He looked at Miu. He put the needle back in his arm and slowly walked to her side. He sat down at her side and held out the bag. The cookie was crumbled:
"I bought you a cake," Hayden said:
"Thanks," Miu said grabbing it. The two sat in silence:
"You keep me sane," Hayden said:
"I'm glad," Miu said:
"You stay with me. From now on. I will not change. I will stay psychopathic. But please. Just stay." Hayden said.:
"I will," Miu said:

"she is woundable. Kill her now!"

"Hayden I can't move," Miu said after a few seconds:
"Here...take this and rest," Hayden said. He unplugged the needle from his arm and stabbed her. She began resting slowly. Hayden began to feel a slight pain. The pain in his body was still affected by the painkiller. He slowly stood up. A sudden pain shot through his leg:
"Seems like I lost it," Hayden said. His right leg was dangling. He threw Miu over the shoulder and walked down the street with her. He got to the hospital and the doctor treated her. He lied down in his own bed and slowly drifted off. He got a painkiller installed into the monitor. Keeping a check on his heart rate but also his pain. He slowly fell asleep. 

"Why did you not try to kill her?"
"I don't know."
"You kill her when you wake up!"
"I can't. I'm sorry but I can't."
"No...Be silent!"

Hayden woke up and felt something on top of him. Miu was lying on top of him and slept:
"What?" Hayden said low as he tried to sit up. He slowly sat up. He could clearly not feel his right leg at all anymore.

"Now...Crush her!" 

Hayden slowly moved his hand forward and wrapped it around her head. His breathing became unstable and his eyes shivered. He slowly tightens the grip of his hand. Then she nuzzles her head against him. He slowly relaxed his hand and then let it run through her hair once. She giggled in her sleep and slowly just snored. Hayden leaned back:
"No...Shut up." Hayden said low before he let out a small laugh.

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