Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


54. Shatter time.

"There!" Hayden shouted and pointed at Brent's side. Brent quickly moved the scythe up and parried Damion sword:
"Now you!" Brent shouted:
"Got her!" Hayden shouted and moved his hand forward. The giant belly flopped down on top of Tiara. The gravity vanished where Tiara stood. Damion was shot away from her by the pressure from the giant:
"Seems like you catching on... You guys work well together." Damion said as he looked at his clock:
"But you only have three minutes," Damion said. Brent's eyes widen:
"Okay...I had enough. Everyone, get into the bubble." Brent said. The three jumped into the bottle:
"You can't win!" Damion shouted:
"We can!" Brent shouted. His eyes became angry:
"Really. You have two minutes and thirty seconds." Damion said.
"Already? I didn't come this far only to die!" Brent thought.

One month earlier.

"Damn...It hurts...Ow...Ow...Ow." Brent said. He was sitting on the ground and he was bleeding from his arms and he was not only physically exhausted but on the verge of a stress breakdown. Hayden was lying on the ground at his side. They were in the forest at night. The moon was shinning:
"How long has it been?" Brent asked as he stood up:
"Two months...Ready again?" Hayden asked as he stood up at Brent's side. He was holding on to the crutch:
"Yeah. Do it." Brent said holding out his arms. Hayden's eye glowed up as Brent's arms were pressured by gravity. He then began to move them up into the air and down again:
"Those two really gone to the extreme," Miu said:
"Yeah, Brent's really don't want to see it happen again," Tiffle said:
"Just help me prepare some food, Miu," Mayuri said:
"I will help," Tiffle said:
"No!" The two other fairies shouted. Brent's arms gave cracking sound as he lifted them:
"Ahhhh!" Brent shouted as he moved his hand into the air. He was standing in a sweat, his eyes furious but he has grown a lot of muscles. 

"All that pain. All the training...And Now I'm gonna die." Brent thought as he looked at his arms:
"Die already huh...It doesn't matter if I die...But her." Hayden thought as he looked at Miu.

Half a month earlier.

"Ymir!" Hayden shouted as blood shot out of his eye. The giant only manifested half. Hayden grabbed his eye:
"It doesn't matter if Brent's get stronger...I need to grow too!" Hayden shouted annoyed. He fell backward at a loss of balance. He landed on his butt and growled:
"I can do this," Hayden said:
"You can't." The voice in Hayden's head said:
"I can...I don't need you." Hayden said:
"You need me." The voice said:
"I don't need you!" Hayden shouted:
"You do." A voice said...It wasn't his head. It was Miu:
"You need that psycho side...That is what holding you back. You deny what you are. You should just accept it as a part of you." Miu said sadly. Hayden looked at her and sighed:
"I will give it a try," Hayden said as he closed his eyes. He suddenly found himself in a dark room. A shadowy form of himself stood there. Hayden slowly walked closer:
"I don't care...Anymore...You are a part of me." Hayden said as he let himself walk into it.
His eyes snapped open again. He suddenly looked at Miu as she was glowing. Another teardrop left her eye and landed on Hayden's hand:
"A second...Lens." Hayden said. Miu smiled.

"I accepted what I am...So why...Why can't I protect her?" Hayden thought:
"Three months...I still don't know the concept of care...I try...I really do...So why?" Tiara thought.

Two months ago.

"Core, get me another drink," Tiara said as she waved her hand at Core. He was standing in front of her. He sighed:
"Have you learned nothing! You have to become a better person." Core said:
"Oh. I am. I at least don't shout it at you any more or hit you if you don't." Tiara said proudly:
"That is no improvement...All we have done up here is slack...We should really train if you ever want to face him again." Core said. Tiara moved her sunglasses down as she was lying on a sun chair:
"What do you mean?" Tiara asked:
"I know you came up here to avoid him...But instead of running away why not train and one day you might face him. He might not ever forgive you at all...But at least atone for what you did." Core said. Tiara looked sad suddenly and sat up straight:
"I know...I should do that yes...But I can't bring myself to it..." Tiara said:
"I know its hard-" Core said:
"It's totally hard," Tiara said:
"But! You aren't in this alone." Core said as he walked forward and held his hand out. She smiled and took it standing up:
"Now let's get to it." Core said. Tiara nodded.

"I did so much...I tried so hard only to fail..." Tiara thought as she looked at Brent. 

Brent suddenly slammed his fist into the bubble wall:
"I refuse..." Brent said low:
"What?" Tiara asked:
"I refuse this fate...I will break the clock." Brent said as he stood up:
"How. We can't get past Damion." Hayden said:
"Then..." Brent said but stopped his eyes lighted up:
"There is another way...This is gonna be hard but you have to trust me." Brent said. He then whispered to them:
"One minute!" Damion shouted. The world around them had become darker. The yellow aura floor was nearly all gone:
"Okay Let's do this," Brent said as he walked out of the bubble with Tiara:
"Oh gonna try anyway?" Damion asked. Brent sighed and smiled:
"Tiffle. I need you at Kusarigama now...and please no chain." Brent said. Tiffle did as said, without hesitation:
"I trust you," Tiffle said. Brent smiled as he ready himself:
"Forty-five seconds," Hayden said as he was counting:
"Okay now," Brent said jumping into the air. Tiara spun around:
"Reflect!" She said as she punched Brent's back softly. He was sent flying toward the grandfather clock with amazing speed:
"Tyr's weapon!" Hayden shouted as Brent's side was wrapped in a layer of gravity:
"Oh no, you don't!" Damion shouted as he moved in front of the clock:
"Got you!" Brent shouted:
"What?" Damion asked:
"I knew you would protect it. The clock wasn't the target-!" Brent shouted as his scythe collided with the katana. The katana shattered a bit:
"What?" Damion asked in more shock:
"It was your katana...It's your lilin after all...You and your Lilin die if this break...You walked into my path..." Brent said as he pushed his weapon a bit more the katana breaking a bit more:
"No...It can't be!" Damion shouted:
"Get it now...I didn't need your power...I had those two behind me...If you think the time is that strong then you in for a surprise...Because we just shattered time!" Brent shouted at the end as he cut through the katana. The sword breaking. The death scream of Clockwork rang from the metal pieces:
"Takes extra force to break a fairy weapon...But pure gravity plus fairy weapon times incredible speed equal force strong enough to break a fairy weapon." Hayden said:
"That was amazing," Mayuri said:
"Yeah...He came up with that at the last minute." Tiara said as she sat down:
"Truly amazing." Core said inside the glass arm:
"You okay?" Miu asked as she looked at Hayden. He nodded. The katana and everything around them slowly vanished. Damion stood there dumbfounded as he fell to his knees. The grandfather clock broke apart. The dimension vanished and they found themselves on the rooftop where it all started at. Damion's body had slowly started to vanish:
"Damn..." Damion said:
"Ya know...This was...Truly...The last test..." Damion said before vanishing into nothing. The three of them stood there. They were panting:
"So the fight started here?" Tiara asked:
"Yeah...It's a nice spot." Hayden said:
"Yeah...Volten...Should find us." Brent said as the three collapsed. The power from Damion was split between the three. Their strength grew largely that day. They now just lied there...Exhausted from everything.

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