Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


64. Second part of the war.

"Astral Codex," Astralonius said as the book appeared in his hand. The book levitated up to the side of his shoulder. He grabbed the sword with both hands and looked at Ricki:
"Let me finish this quickly." She said and began playing. Electric currents shot forward. Astralonius ran forward quickly:
"Shooting star...Speed!" Astralonius shouted as he suddenly moved amazingly fast. Ricki quickly grabbed her violin bow and the bow collided with the sword:
"This bow can be used as a rapier!" She shouted and began fending his attacks. The two clashed with their swords. The sound of metal on metal rang out through the area. Astraloinus quickly jumped back. He moved into his blade dancer stance:
"I don't have time to waste!" Astralonius shouted his eyes glowed up more and more:
"Astral codex page ten. Neptune field!" Astralonius shouted. The book opened and shot out a massive beam of gas. He then just slam his sword on the ground to ignite it. A massive explosion clouded the area:
"Nope." She said as she played Beethoven's virus again. The jellyfish surrounded her again. protecting her from the explosion:
"Milky way!" He shouted and shot out the aurora light. She was hit by it and she could feel her movement slow down:
"Damn!" She shouted but it was too late. Astralonius was now in front of her. He cut through the jelly-fish shell and hit her with the sword. He had thrust it through the shoulder:
"Get him!" Ricki shouted as one of the tentacles grabbed him. He was electrocuted while he was thrown away:
"That right there-," Astralonius said as he looked up with a grin on his face:
"Was the first time I felt pain in years." He said as he stood up. 

"Hayden...Wake up." Miu said as she shook him. He was not answering:
"Fine then. Fairy kiss." Miu said as she pokes his cheek softly. He began to regenerate:
"Damn it!" Core shouted as he slammed his fist into the ground. You could hear the sound of glass splinters landing on the ground:
"What is it?" Miu asked:
"She is not answering." Core said. His jacket was broke and his sleeves were rolled up to show his underarm. His glass arms were cracked and kept crumbling:
"Then just use fairy kiss?" Miu asked:
"You don't know? Only female fairy has that ability. We boys have the power of fairy's might. Which let us strengthen the power of our host by sacrificing our life." Core said annoyed. Tiara was breathing but she didn't have her eyes open:
"It's fine." She said moving her hand up. It was of flesh again but it was badly bruised. She placed her hand on Core's cheek:
"It's gonna be...Fine." She said. Core smiled and nodded. He placed his shattering hand on her hand there was placed on his cheek:
"Take her out!" A Lilin shouted as he moved forward trying to stab Miu. You could hear the sound of the blade hitting flesh:
"Excuse me," Hayden said as he had held up his hand. His hand impaled by the sword. He also had taken a grip on the sword's blade with his free hand. He stopped it from stabbing Miu:
"Ullr!" Hayden shouted and shot the Lilin back breaking him apart. He pulled out the sword and stood up:
"Got her!" A Lilin from the distance shouted as an arrow was flying toward the weak Tiara:
"Reflect reality!" Core shouted angrily. The arrow broke as reality seem to move. The moving reality hit the Lilin and broke him apart. Core's glass arm shattered even more:
"You won't lie a finger on her!" Core shouted his eyes glowing angrily as his hands dripped with glass dust.

"Those kids are something." Astralonius thought as he parried a thrust from Ricki. He then charged forward and hit her blade.

Inside the Null.

"...You okay?" Tiffle asked. She had jumped up in front of the scythe. She had the scythe blade's tip stuck in her shoulder but she was hugging Brent. Brent's hand was shaking as it held the pole:
"I said kill them," Amaterasu said moving her hand. Brent didn't move. He just looked down at Tiffle. She was clearly in pain. She was looking up at him. Even with her new form, she was still smaller then Brent. She was in pain but still forced a smile as she looked at Brent:
"Brent...Let go..." Tiffle said. Brent's eyes shivered as he dropped the scythe. The dark energy within him bursted out from his mouth and eyes and then moved into the scythe. The scythe then turned into a black ball and shot into Brent's chest before his chest glowed up and the seal was back. Brent stood there. His brown eyes shivered. He softly lowers his hand and placed just beside the wound on Tiffle's shoulder:
"You okay?" Tiffle asked:
"T-Tiffle...Why?" Brent asked:
"I knew how sad you got when she died. So I didn't want you to feel the guilt of being the one killing someone you care for. You would have killed Mayuri but you can't get rid of me that easily" Tiffle said as she forced a smile in her pain state:
"Brent!" Mayuri cried and tackled Brent. Brent fell to the ground. She then proceeds to hit Brent once:
"How could you be that reckless!" Mayuri shouted. Brent just blinked:
"I'm...I'm sorry," Brent said as he stood up:
"You better be," Tiffle said as turned around. Vanessa was watching from a distance:
"How cowardly," Vanessa said as she walked forward:
"You lower your guard. I could have killed you!" Vanessa shouted:
"Like I care," Brent said taking Tiffle's hand. She turned into the scythe. Mayuri grabbed his back and pulled out his soul. He pressed his hand to his chest:
"Fairy Prince," Brent said as he controls the unholy power. Vanessa moved forward spear first. Brent scythe collided with the spear. He actually held it back:
"Seems like it wasn't that much of a waste," Brent said low as he was tired:
"What?" Mayuri asked:
"She has weakened. Seems like Amaterasu wasn't that much of a waste." Brent said. The two kept swinging their blade at each other:
"Why won't you listen to me. Why do you need this war?" Brent asked:
"To become stronger! My weak brother has never been able to defeat me in battle. So why should I let such a weak minded fool lead our people!" Vanessa shouted:
"And? Then take your people and lead them elsewhere. We don't need your war!" Brent shouted:
"You don't know loss. You don't know anything!" Vanessa shouted:
"I don't know Loss!" Brent shouted as he spun the scythe around and then kicked her back. She fell to the ground:
"I know loss. It isn't the biggest of loss but still a loss. You can't do this to the people. If I can live hand in hand with the Null and pure magic. Why can't you!" Brent shouted:
"Shut up!" Vanessa shouted. She stood up quickly and moved her hand forward:
"Null spear!" Vanessa shouted as her spear slowly got cover in the purple magic. She spun it around:
"I will kill you. Then kill my brother Faust and then take this world as mine!" Vanessa shouted:
"You are insane!" Brent shouted:
"I'm a Goddess!" She shouted as the two began to fight again. Their blades collided again and again. The empty space was awfully quiet. All empty. No sound. No breeze. Just still corrupted nature and the sound of battle.

Back at Elfthrone.

"I want to try to convince you sister that you can live in harmony. I don't see Null as evil. It's more like another form of magic. So if I can convince her to take her Lilin into the Null and live there. Will you let her go?" Brent had asked Faust about that. Faust sighed as he sat on the fence on his balcony. He looked at the door in the distance:
"Live in harmony...Huh." Faust said out loud. Faust thought back to the past.

"Faust!" Vanessa shouted as she came running:
"What is it, sister?" Faust asked:
"Look what I found," Vanessa said as she held out a Null crystal:
"What is that?" Faust asked. Vanessa smiled warmly:
"I call it Null. It's a new kind of magic created by our former god's magic spell." Vanessa said:
"It must be powerful then," Faust said taking a hold of it:
"Why is it here?" Faust thought:
"We should try using this. I think it has incredible power." Vanessa said happily:
"Can I let you research it then?" Faust asked with a smile:
"You can count on me big brother!" Vanessa shouted happily and gave a childish salute.

"What good old times." Faust thought as he looked at the door in the distance:
"Live in harmony huh." Faust said as he lied down on the balcony fence. 

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