Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


19. Search!

Brent was dashing down the street pushing people to the side:
"Okay...Think." Brent said low as he tried to collect his thoughts:
"The person use the chloroform to make Natacha pass out. But whoever did it can't carry a body through the open streets. So he or she must have had a plan. A route to take. Where can you go there is isolated near the school only using back alleys." Brent thought. He stopped up and looked at the sky:
"Think...There are not really anywhere!" Brent said in anger. He tapped his foot a bit:
"Any leads...Who could have done this?" Brent said as he sat down thinking. He grasped his head in frustration. His teeth grinding. 
"Nice girlfriend you have there," Those words echoed in his mind. His eyes became furious. He remembered the one who said it. The pain in his nose returned in that moment and he bit his lower lip:
"Hayden..." Brent said. He remembered that the little girl Miu had said his name before:
"It must be him," Brent said low as he walked toward the hospital. He walked inside and up to the reception:
"I'm here to see Hayden," Brent said:
"I'm sorry-" Doctor Volten said as he came walking:
"What?" Brent asked:
"Hayden left the hospital this morning. We haven't seen him since." The doctor said. Brent's eyes widen and he hit the wall. His fist turned red but he didn't flinch:
"...Where." Brent said:
"What?" The doctor asked:
"Do you know where he would go?" Brent asked:
"Nope. Didn't say a word. You seem in a hurry. Did something happen?" The doctor asked:
"No...It's nothing." Brent said looking around:
"Well. I will get going then." The doctor said. Brent nodded and ran out. He was dashing down the street:
"Where...Where could he take her." Brent thought as he looked around the streets:
"Anyone...Maybe someone saw it." Brent thought as he ran back to the school. The sun was now setting. It was five O' clock:
"Nowhere to be seen," Brent said. No signs of her getting assaulted. No sign of her fighting back. The only thing there was her bag. Brent took it. The smell of chloroform was leaking from the bag:
"Anyone..." Brent thought as he fell to his knees. He calmly closed his eyes and breathed out. The sound vanished. The only sound he could hear was his own breathing. There was this warm feeling. This warm scent there slowly wrapped around him. A warm trail. He opened his eyes only to see everything being black. Everything around him was gone. There only was a green mist around him. His eyes were drawn to a figure so small in the distance. He knew who it was and what to do. He just knew. It was his powers calling to him. Brent opened his mouth and let out a shout:
"Tiffle!" Brent shouted. The mist around him began to spin around more powerfully.

Tiffle was sitting down on the sofa. Clonic had gone home:
"Tiffle...Tiffle...Tiffle..." Brent's voice echoed in her head. Tiffle looked up:
"His calling," Tiffle said standing out on the balcony. She took a second to look around and then she blasted air into the ground:
"Found you," Tiffle said as she then flew forward quickly.

"Tiffle, please! Come to me." Brent shouted. the necklace he got from Tiffle had begun to glow. The light shines more and more and Brent's eyes light up:
"Tiffle!" Brent shouted in the dark. A green light erupted from the dark and Tiffle got summon by the necklace. The fairy landing on the ground. She looked at Brent. The way she appeared almost looked godlike. Tiffle landed on the ground and was met by Brent's scared eyes:
"What is wrong?" Tiffle asked. Brent explained everything. Tiffle eyes became wider and wider as he spoke:
"We have to find Clonic!" Tiffle shouted:
"Why?! It's not it there been kidnapped." Brent said:
"I know. I know, but Clonic can track her like we can track each other." Tiffle explained. Brent's eyes lighted up:
"Can you track it?" Brent asked:
"No...Sadly." Tiffle said. Brent nodded and rushed down the street. Tiffle ran at his side:
"Let's check Natacha place," Brent said:
"Yes," Tiffle said. Brent rushed to her place and slammed his fist on the door. A woman opens the door:
"Oh hello, Brent." The women said. It was Natacha mom. Brent had met her a few times:
"Hey. I'm here to find one of Natacha things. Can I come in?" Brent asked. The woman nodded with a smile. Brent walked inside and into Natacha room:
"Clonic?" Brent asked into the room. There was no answer:
"It isn't here," Tiffle said:
"Annoying," Brent said. The two looked at each other:
"We need to find Natacha soon," Brent said:
"Where do you think he could hide her?" Tiffle asked:
"Only thing I could think about was the hospital but the doctor said he wasn't there," Brent said:
"I see. I have no ideas." Tiffle said:
"Should we say it to her parents?" Brent asked:
"No," Tiffle said:
"Why is that?" Brent asked:
"Think like this. Natacha's mom could remember Natacha. Which means that Natacha isn't dead." Tiffle explained:
"That is true," Brent said calmly:
"So we just have to find her," Tiffle said. Brent's phone suddenly got a call. Brent took it and saw it was Natacha phone:
"Hello!" Brent shouted. There was sound of wind. You could hear the wind on the phone like a claw on a blackboard. Brent's eyes widen:
"Hey there...You sound desperate..." The voice on the phone said. It wasn't Natacha but not an unfamiliar voice either:
"Hayden," Brent said. Tiffle eyes widen:
"Seeking your girlfriend?" Hayden asked:
"Where are you!" Brent shouted:
"I'm at the hospital," Hayden said:
"Don't lie to me. The doctor told me you were gone!" Brent shouted:
"I made him say that. I have been on the Hospital roof since noon." Hayden said:
"...Why are you telling me...Why do you toy with me!" Brent shouted:
"No more questions boy. I have a little game we gonna play." Hayden answered:
"What...Do you want...Where is Natacha!" Brent shouted:
"She is with me right here. Listen-" Hayden said and then you could hear him turn the phone:
"Brent! Help!" Natacha cried:
"Yeah help!" Clonic shouted:
"How is Clonic there?" Brent thought. Hayden laughed:
"Come to the hospital roof." Hayden said:
"It's an hour away..." Brent said:
"Yes. You will be here around midnight..." Hayden said and then closed the call:
"Come Tiffle." Brent said:
"Yes!" Tiffle said. The two ran out:
"Thanks again!" Brent shouted:
"No worry Brent!" Natacha mom called out. Brent rushed toward the hospital roof.

Hayden laughed as he walked into the entrance of the hospital. He grabbed a lighter and ignite of the curtains in the windows. The fire caught. He then turned around and turned on the fire alarm before he walked up to the roof again:
"Bahahahaha! It's about to go down." Hayden said opening the door to the roof. He had tied Natacha to an antenna pole on the roof. He had captured Clonic earlier and put it into a bottle. He had sealed the bottle tightly and then placed it at Natacha side:
"Now...Let prince charming walk right into my trap." Hayden said sitting down on a chair he had placed for himself before he looked at Miu at his side:
"Ready?" Hayden asked. Miu still had Hayden jacket on:
"Yes!" Miu called out. 

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