Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


40. Reflect!

Tiara was glowing powerfully:
"We can't fight...We don't have our fairies." Hayden said:
"Yes, we have. Clonic!" Natacha shouted and grabbed a bottle from her bag. Clonic was in it sleeping:
"Is it sleeping!?" Hayden shouted:
"Yeah. He enjoys tight spaces so he enjoys when I carry him around in a bottle." Natacha said and smashed the bottle. Clonic took form as itself:
"What up princess?" Clonic asked:
"Fairy fusion!" Natacha said. Clonic nodded and went into Natacha body. Natacha turned pink. The ground shattered under Natacha by pure force:
"Don't mess with me Tiara. I will give you a chance to go back!" Natacha shouted:
"You aren't shocked at all I'm a fairy?" Tiara asked:
"No. Not at all. You always seem so confident like you had power. So I just had a small thought about it." Natacha said:
"I will call Brent," Hayden said grabbing his phone and dialed Brent.

"Hello?" Brent asked as he just got home:
"Quickly get to the school grounds. Seems like Tiara is a fairy and going for your girlfriend. Bring Miu too." Hayden said:
"On my way!" Brent shouted.

"So you really want to do this. You can feel I have more power than you!" Natacha shouted as the aura from her cracked the school grounds. The school was deserted by now:
"I don't care. I will win." Tiara said:
"You asked for it!" Natacha shouted as she rushed forward.

"Guys!" Brent shouted as he came into the room. Mayuri, Tiffle, and Miu looked at him:
"Natacha is fighting. Let's go!" Brent shouted. The other nodded quickly and ran to his side:
"Who?" Tiffle asked:
"Seems like Tiara my classmate is a Fairy and have a grudge against Natacha," Brent said:
"But wasn't Tiara the one who didn't like you. Why would she attack Natacha?" Mayuri asked:
"Well yeah. I don't understand either." Brent said:
"I have a bad feeling about this," Tiffle said. 

"I can see your power. That is quite some power you collected there. Kinda sad it won't work on me." Tiara said with an evil grin.
"Oh, you think that! Then take this!" Natacha shouted and ran forward:
"We should wait for Brent!" Hayden shouted but it was too late:
"Lovestruck!" Natacha shouted as all the pink light collected around her fist she threw it at Tiara:
"Reflect," Tiara said coldly. A massive explosion clouded the school ground in dust. The dust vanished and Natacha was lying on the ground. Her arm broken:
"Natacha!" Hayden shouted:
"Weak little Natacha," Tiara said walking forward not a single scratch on her. She kicked Natacha face while saying:
"Reflect." Natacha was shot through the school ground into the school wall. A massive crack sound could be heard as Natacha eyes widen and blood left her mouth. The rain began to pour:
"My Core gives me the power of reflection. Nothing can hit me without getting reflected back at themselves. I'm immortal." Tiara said walking slowly over the school ground:
"Perfect. Some rain." Tiara said holding her hand forward:
"Reflect. Gatling gun!" Tiara shouted as all the rain that should have hit her shot out to all sides like bullets. Hayden quickly jumped down and rolled behind the school stairs. The water drops shot everywhere. Cutting even the hardest of stones. Natacha was safe inside the wall:
"Stop!" Tiara said as the Gatling gun stopped:
"Reflect bullet!" Tiara shouted and kicked out after a rock on the ground. The rock flew forward and broke through the wall hitting Natacha through The stomach.

"Brent over there!" Miu shouted. As they were close to the school. Brent didn't stop he rushed even more now.

"Got you!" Natacha shouted as she ran forward a bit weakly. She puncehd out after Tiara:
"Oh, how sad," Tiara said. Natacha hand hit an invisible wall. The wall pushed back hard and the force she just tried to hit Tiara with went through her arm. Breaking every single bone in her arm. Natacha cried and landed on the ground in pain. Brent came running into the school yard as he saw Hayden:
"Miu!" Hayden shouted:
"On it!" Miu shouted as her tear left her eye. The tear became the lens and Hayden ran forward and caught it. Placing it into his eye. He quickly stood up as his right leg just moved now. Tiara smiled as she placed her foot on top of Natacha head:
"Tiffle Mayuri!" Brent shouted:
"We haven't trained yet," Mayuri said:
"NO matter!" Brent shouted:
"Fairy fusion." The fairy and Lilin said. Brent got his Kusarigama and also a blue glow to his hair. Brent grinned as a blue line came out of his back like a tail. His soul wiggling from side to side like a tail:
"Move your foot!" Brent shouted:
"Oh. You finally are here. I have been holding back." Tiara said:
"What?" Hayden asked:
"I wanted Brent to see this. You ruined my life. Now I will ruin yours." Tiara said as she pressed her feet a bit harder down on Natacha head:
"No!" Hayden and Brent shouted:
"Brent...Help..." Natacha said:
"Impactful reflect!" Tiara shouted. Everything turned black. You could hear the sound of a crack and blood shot up covering Tiara's leg. Natacha lied there. Her body still. Her breath gone:
"No..." Brent said falling to his knees:
"Awh. Bitch you got my shoes dirty." Tiara said as she kicked Natacha head:
"Reflect," Tiara said. Natacha lifeless body was shot away:
"Freya!" Hayden shouted as he caught her body with his gravity. Tiara walked over and cleaned her boots using her fairy's statue:
"Finally you are useful Core," Tiara said:
"I'm sorry, mistress." Core said as his face turned normal again. Black winds started to erupt from Brent. The black winds cut the ground around him. His eyes furious:
"You!" Brent shouted as the winds shot away from his body. The winds cut the ground. You could see Brent wings grow out:
"Fairy-" Brent said:
"Don't you dare!" Hayden shouted. He had tears in his eyes for once. Brent looked at him:
"Do you really wanna lose control again! You better not do this Brent...Not now...If you gonna beat the shit out of her you better make sure you can remember!" Hayden shouted. Brent's eyes slowly shivered:
"Form!" Brent shouted as he wings came out the Kusarigama turned into a scythe.
"Tiffle!" Brent shouted:
"Yes!" Tiffle answered:
"We won't lose," Brent said:
"Support magic. Soul boost." Mayuri said holding her hands forward. A blue line connected between Brent's blue tail and Mayuri's hair soul:
"You speed and strength is enhanced...Go get her," Mayuri said with tears in her eyes:
"Oh, you really gonna try to hit me. Did you not learn a thing. I can reflect everything." Tiara said:
"I don't care. I will not give up! You bitch!" Brent shouted as he ran forward. The real fight about to begin.

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