Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


55. Reach for the city in the sky!

The fight was over. The three had grown stronger. The lightning striker was no more. None of them had stood a chance alone against him. Not even Hayden and Brent alone could defeat this monster. The united force of those three had taken him down. Even on the verge of a loss. They pulled through working together for one last attack. The attack had shattered the world Damion lived in and killed the time warrior. Time had returned and the three had moved with the time. Time was such a funny concept. Because not only had they just saved their life to buy more time on earth only to let all the time vanish and use it somewhere else. A kingdom in the sky. A kingdom of war. A kingdom soon to fall if no one stood up for it. Time had passed. One day had passed and the teenagers already stood on their feet again. Readying themselves to reach for the sky. 


"My god I'm sore," Brent said rolling his shoulder:
"Oh shut up...You, not the one leaking blood." Hayden said as he opened his mouth a bit. Blood leaking:
"Yeah sorry," Brent said. The two stood on the roof. The fairies were getting ready. They were getting some food before the journey. The two stood there. Brent slowly reached up into the sky. The sun hit his hand:
"Not getting cold feet?" Hayden asked:
"A bit...Gonna be weird...Live a life as a defender of a realm I wasn't even born in." Brent said:
"I think it was destiny," Hayden said as he sat down on the edge of the building. His leg was hanging over the edge:
"Somehow the sun seems brighter...Don't you think?" Brent asked:
"It's not even Summer anymore," Hayden said with a grin.

There was a silence. The wind moved over the roof. Brent looked down over the city:
"You sure you don't wanna visit her one more time?" Hayden asked:
"No. I'm fine," Brent said. He softly felt the earring:
"What time is it?" Hayden asked. Brent looked at his phone:
"Close to one pm," Brent said:
"That means they soon gonna come up here," Hayden said. They looked into the sky. They couldn't see it but they could feel it. The massive energy in the sky. Their power level had grown a lot. They could now feel Tir Na Nog's presence:
"We are here," Miu said as she came walking. She had Hayden's bag on her back. Mayuri came walking as she smiled warmly at Brent. Tiffle was still biting in a sandwich as she came walking:
"So...Ready?" Mayuri asked as he walked over to Brent:
"Yeah...Aren't you thrilled? You're soon gonna see your dad again." Brent said. Mayuri nodded:
"I'm excited but nervous," Mayuri said as she looked around:
"It's gonna be fine," Tiffle said as she stood at Mayuri side. Brent smiled:
"Let's get going then," Hayden said as he turned around. Miu softly took Hayden's hand. Miu grabbed Mayuri hand after. Mayuri grabbed Tiffle's hand and Tiffle grabbed Brent's. The five of them looked into the sky.

"Wait!" Someone shouted. Brent looked over his shoulder and saw Tiara. She stood there with Core at her side both of them out of breath. Brent let go of Tiffle's hand and looked at her:
"Before you even think about it. I'm not here to beg for your forgiveness." Tiara said:
"Good start..." Hayden said with a sigh:
"No. That not it either. I'm here because I won't get your forgiveness...I know...I really do." Tiara said as she clenched her fists. Brent just looked at her:
"But...I come to offer my help...I need to atone...For everything...For everyone I hurt...I need to face it...I know no better way than to be one of you...I will fight at your side and maybe give my life for the war...So please let me come with you...Let me atone...Let me show you...That I changed so one day...Maybe one beautiful day...I will hear you forgive me..." Tiara said as tears rolled down her cheeks. Brent slowly walked toward her:
"Please...All I ask for is that you let me help!" Tiara shouted. Brent stood in front of her and slowly raised his hand. She readied herself for him hitting her. Then she felt a hand on her shoulder:
"You are right about it...I won't forgive you...Not now at least...But I know for a fact how strong you are. I have seen it first hand when you helped us fight Damion...So...Yeah, join us. Come with us and I can't promise you...I really can't. The only memory I have with you is bad once...The only emotion I feel toward you is anger. But we need your power...So come..." Brent said. Tiara looked at him. She didn't believe his words. She stood there dumbfounded. Brent walked back and took Tiffle's hand:
"Come then." Core said taking her hand. He walked over and grabbed Brent's hand. Tiara stood at Core's side. Core smiled at her. She smiled back. The seven now looked at the sky:
"Now Brent...Do it." Mayuri said:
"Fairy fusion...Tiffle." Brent said:
"Fairy fusion...Brent." Tiffle said. Brent smiled as winds erupted from his back. Volten opened the door with the head nurse. The two looked at them:
"Execute...Tir Na Nog." Brent said:
"Executing...Tir Na Nog." Tiffle said. 

At that moment. The seven softly lifted off the ground. They began to ascend toward heaven. The seven smiled as the city under them grew wider and the buildings grew smaller. All of them looked at each other. Then looked up as magic power could be felt all around them. The light grew brighter:

"To protect my friends and fairies." Brent thought:

"To free my people from death." Tiffle thought:

"To see my father and end this madness." Mayuri thought:

"To protect her...With my life." Hayden thought:

"To protect him...From himself." Miu thought:

"To atone for my sins." Tiara thought:

"To help her become happy." Core thought.

The seven got swallowed by the light. Their body slowly vanishing into the magic. The light was the gate. The gate had now accepted them and they were slowly getting taken to Tir Na Nog. 

The seven squeezed each other's hands as they felt the warmth. The sound of the wind had vanished. The sound of the world below them had vanished. The sound was exchanged by that of screams and the smell was of fire. The war had come to them. The last thing they saw was a bright warm light before they completely had vanished.


On that day had seven brave kids ascended from earth to a new realm. To a beautiful land...Or what should have been a beautiful land. The hour of destiny tick closer and the seven was in for the fight of their life. A fight for the good of the kingdom they swore to protect. For the people, they learned to live with and for the fate of a whole realm for itself. The three humans would soon be known as "The three guardians." 

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