Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


44. Prove through resolve

"You really gonna fight me with your fist. That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard. You are up against a power there can break your bones if you hit me." Tiara said:
"Oh. You suddenly sound worried about me." Brent said holding up his fists. The wind had stopped. The sky had cleared and now only a ray of sunshine hit them. Brent's fist was glowing by the reflection of the sunlight on the rain droplets on his hand. He dashed forward. Tiara moved a hand forward:
"Reflect!" She shouted as Brent got close. Brent was shot back:
"Freya," Hayden said as she caught Brent:
"I will keep you from falling. I can use Fenrir and Freya without to much feedback on my organs." Hayden said. Miu had carried Mayuri and Tiffle to safety. Brent quickly stood up and ran forward again:
"Seems like your reflection is weakening," Brent said:
"Shut up!" Tiara shouted swinging her hand forward:
"Reflect wind!" She shouted. Brent quickly jumped to the side to dodge the wind. He moved a fist forward:
"Reflect!" She shouted but Brent's palm only bleed. He had a stone tucked into his palm. The stone had reflected into his hand and shattered leaving rock pieces in the palm:
"Gotcha!" Brent shouted and hit her hard on the cheek with his unharmed fist. He didn't hesitate he took a step forward:
"I will-" Brent said as he hit her once more:
"Prove my-" Brent said as he then hit her stomach once and then her cheek again:
"Point!" Brent shouted and then moved forward headbutting her. She took a step back. Brent moved forward trying to get one more swing in:
"Reflect!" She shouted. Brent's eyes widen as he was shot back into the ground. Brent slammed his fist into the ground and softly stood up:
"What is with you! You keep standing up! You're broken soaked and on the verge of a blackout or even worse. But how can you still stand?!" Tiara shouted:
"It's his resolve," Hayden said. Brent's eyes were distant. He clearly wasn't fully conscious anymore:
"He saw one thing get ripped away from him. Now he wants to stand up for that one thing. You, of course, would never understand the feeling of loss." Hayden explained coldly. Tiara looked at Hayden:
"I know loss. I was kicked out of the only school who had the purity as me!" Tiara shouted:
"Is that real loss? I only see a spoiled brat grasping for attention." Hayden said. Tiara's eyes widened as she pointed her hand at Hayden:
"No, you don't!" Brent shouted and hit her in the chin. He spun around and placed a kick to her side. She landed on the ground hard:
"You should really rest," Miu said:
"I can't...If I let go of my power. Brent won't have enhanced strength." Mayuri said as she was still awake. She was still fused with him. She tried everything to keep herself from blacking out:
"Hey, Miu. Let her. She wants to help her partner after all." Hayden said with a smile. Miu smiled back. Brent ran forward as Tiara just got up:
"Filth! Don't you dare!" Tiara shouted as she moved a hand forward. Brent quickly placed his already bleeding hand on Tiara's hand:
"Do it!" Brent shouted. Tiara's eyes widen as she saw the raw determination in his eyes. She reflected his hand and his wrist broke. He used his still functioning hand to hit her right on the nose:
"This is scary." Core said as he finally got up to them:
"You name was Core right?" Miu asked:
"Yes. Core reflection is my full name. I'm serving Tiara." Core said:
"Serving? Why do you let yourself go through all of that?" Miu asked:
"Because. I'm scared she will hurt me." Core said:
"She won't...Look at that man." Hayden said pointing at Brent. Who was bleeding from his right arm while the left was still somewhat intact:
"He is fighting her without a weapon and still stand strong. You can let him protect you." Hayden said:
"Am I finally save?" Core asked:
"Yes." Hayden said. Core eyes began to tear up:
"Finally." Core said. Tiara moved his arm forward:
"Reflect!" Tiara shouted but nothing happened:
"What?!" Tiara shouted but it was too late. Brent hit her one more time:
"Core give me power!" Tiara shouted:
"No!" Core shouted back. His voice rung on the roof. Brent stopped for a moment and looked at him:
"You never treated me nice and every time I did something against you, you would just kick or hit me. I was so scared for so long. But these people are right. You are just a spoiled Brat!" Core shouted. Brent smiled:
"Even you fairy has given up on you." Brent said. Tiara looked at him her eyes blank:
"Do you finally get it. You not above me." Brent said. Tiara's eyes widen:
"You resolve have been fake for so long. Those there should have been close to you is gone now. Core has left you and Natacha...She died. Because of you. Tell me. How does it feel?" Brent asked:
"Feel?" Tiara asked. Her eyes seem to shiver more and more. Memories came back into her head.

"Look it's her." A girl said:
"It's the corrupted one." Another girl said. Tiara was in her school. People were staring at her all around:
"Leave already!" A boy shouted and threw some trash after Tiara:
"Yeah. You don't belong here!" A girl shouted and threw more trash at her:
"Friends. It's me. Tiara!" Young Tiara shouted:
"We don't level down to your kind!" A girl shouted. Tiara ran out of the room crying:
"I will get him." Tiara thought:
"That boy!" Tiara shouted annoyed.

"Do you even realize it?" Brent asked:
"What is this?" Tiara asked. Brent's eyes widen as he saw tears rolling down her cheek. Brent lower his guard and looked at her:
"What is this feeling?" Tiara asked:
"I think it's guilt." Core said walking forward. He walked up to Tiara:
"Guilt?" Tiara asked:
"You are just human Tiara." Core said:
"I'm human?" Tiara asked:
"You upbringing really did corrupt you huh?" Core asked:
"I killed her?...I killed her!" Tiara shouted as she broke into violent tears but her face was still blank. Her lip began to shiver:
"I hurt you?" Tiara asked as she looked into Core glowing eyes. Core nodded:
"F-For-Forgive me Core," Tiara said. Core nodded and then hit Tiara on the cheek as hard as he could:
"Now we closer to being equal again..." Core said. Tiara slowly sat up. She could feel the burning pain on her cheek but there was another burning pain. It was her chest. Everything she had done slowly crawled into her mind:
"I bullied Brent...I killed Natacha...I torture Core...I...I'm...I'm a monster!" Tiara cried she broke down completely. Brent walked forward and stood in front of her:
"You know...I have this incredible urge to kill you...My anger...I can't control it...But I think killing you is to easy." Brent said as he grabbed his destroyed arm:
"I will let you live...Then you can feel all this guilt. This guilt building up...Understand one thing...I will never...Ever! Forgive you..." Brent said coldly. Tiara just cried:
"Let's go..." Brent said turning around:
"I got them," Hayden said as his gravity power carried Mayuri and Tiffle:
"What about you Core?" Miu asked:
"I know this might sound stupid...But I can't leave my partner in this state." Core said:
"Co-Core?" Tiara said his name in disbelief:
"Fine," Miu said:
"Let's go take Natacha body. Maybe Volten can fix her." Brent said:
"Maybe," Hayden said. The fight was over. The rain had stopped but water still fell from not only Tiara's cheek. As soon the realization of everything would hit Brent.

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