Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


60. Plan Null-gone

The eight of them had now returned to Elfthrone:
"Astralonius!" Faust shouted as he saw him:
"My god...You have finally returned." Astralonius said kneeling:
"Stop that kneeling and come here and give me a hug," Faust said. Astralonius sighed but did as said. Faust smiled and sat down on his throne. He sat sideways with his legs up on the armrest of it:
"Now kids. We begin the second part of the plan." Faust said:
"I should soon return to the Null-door. Left unprotected it will open." Astralonius said:
"Leave it," Faust said:
"What?" Astraloinus asked confused:
"We gonna fight the Lilin inside the Null," Faust said:
"Are you crazy Faust?! She's stronger inside the dark room. Her dark magic gets empowered!" Astralonius shouted:
"I know. But that is why I have them." Faust said pointing at the seven:
"You want my daughter to go to war? Haven't she been through enough Faust?!" Astralonius shouted:
"Listen to me," Faust said as he sat up straight and looked at Astraloinus seriously:
"These seven might be the only people in this world there can fight her," Faust said:
"You rival her skill, my lord!" Astralonius shouted:
"No...I have always been weaker than my sister. But these seven have something I don't have. They have each other. A human soul empowers fairy magic more than anything else. If someone can take her down it has to be these three humans and their partners." Faust said:
"That is true...But still-" Astralonius said before he turned toward Mayuri:
"It's alright father...I have these people with me." Mayuri said as she took Brent and Tiffle's hand:
"Yes. We have been through enough already. If we have to take one more fight we can do it." Brent said:
"We are here to help after all," Tiffle said with a grin:
"I dislike this idea, Faust," Astralonius said:
"Father?" Mayuri said:
"But! I will let them do it...These people have good hearts. My daughter truly found some amazing friends." Astraloinus said with a warm smile. The seven smiled:
"We all have our dreams. We all have our own goals." Core said:
"We all have those we want to protect," Miu said:
"We have been through thick and thin. Tears and blood." Tiara said:
"We aren't just kids anymore. We are true warriors." Hayden said. Astralonius nodded:
"Then be prepared...Because I feel a scary tension in the air." Faust said as he walked out on the balcony. You could see the Null-door slowly open in the distance:
"But how?!" Astralonius shouted:
"Seems like there is a human with her too," Faust said. The eight other joined Faust on the balcony:
"This is what we do. This is plan Null-gone. It's a plan there's bulletproof...I think..." Faust added the last part a bit hesitant:
"Tell us what to do," Hayden said:
"Astralonius will charge at the door with a fairy army and take the attention of the Lilin forces. Then in the meantime will the humans sneak inside and find my sister and then take her down..." Faust said:
"What about you, my lord?" Astralonius asked:
"I will stay here. If my plan fails I want to be here to protect Elfthrone." Faust said:
"Wouldn't you say that our lives are more important than a city, my lord?" Astraloinus asked:
"Trust me when I say this Astraloinus. There something in this city there's dear to me. Almost priceless." Faust said before he turned around:
"I will leave you to it!" Faust shouted. The eight nodded:
"The day has finally come." Brent said:
"The day we will free my people." Tiffle said.

Hours passed as the army was getting ready. The friends had got chambers in the castle. Brent was sitting in his bed, he had a book in his hand:
"What are you reading?" Tiffle asked as she stood in the doorway:
"A book about the null," Brent said:
"Why are you doing that?" Tiffle asked:
"If we gonna fight the null I want to understand it. But it is just confusing." Brent said:
"Tell me," Tiffle said as she leaned up Brent's back:
"It says here that the null is a power there was kinda like a waste from the unholy race. A side effect of a giant spell used by the former god." Brent said:

"Yeah, I have some vague memories of that. Faust is the second god in fairy history. We fairies was once a race divided into clans. But the former god united us for around 1000 years ago. He ruled for 300 years and then gave the title as God to Faust. The former god stayed with Faust for 300 years. Then the unholy race took control of us and we lived under their rule for around 350 years until the former god used an unholy spell against them. He killed himself using this spell but he banished them from this land and made a barrier between our worlds. From there Faust had ruled for 650 years. Then there were around 40 years of peace until the Goddess wanted to attack the unholy race and that leaves us in the 10-year war. 5 of those years was a cold war. Just more threats than an all-out war. So the last five years has been an all-out war." Tiffle explained:

"Yeah. I think I read that somewhere in the library earlier. But what I'm confused about is that the Null was a leftover resource there came from the world-changing spell." Brent said:
"Yeah. It's a leftover?" Tiffle asked:
"But why is it evil then?" Brent asked:
"That is...I don't actually know..." Tiffle said as she began to think:
"For example. I use Mayuri. She is a null influence fairy but she doesn't leave any great side-effects on me." Brent said:
"And it's also said that the null is what keeping the barrier up," Tiffle said.

"This is where the two heroes realize something was up." The familiar voice of Amaterasu echoed in the room before the unholy beings spiritual form took form in front of them:
"Do you know stuff we don't?" Brent asked:
"No. I should be honest I don't really know much about this null. But there clearly something up." Amaterasu said with a grin:
"Faust is hiding something from us," Brent said:
"You should not bother yourself with that" A voice suddenly sounded. Astralonius stood in the doorway:
"What?" Brent asked:
"What you just found out. I have known that for years now but Faust refuses to talk about it. Let me quickly give you a heads up. There three rules around Faust." Astraloinus said. Brent gave a nod for him to continue:
"Number one. Don't hurt one of Faust people. That means if you hurt a fairy you are dead to him." Astralonius said. Brent nodded:
"Secondly. Don't use or question the null." Astralonius said. Brent blinked confusedly:
"and lastly. There one time every month that Faust just vanishes. You can feel his magic power is within Elfthrone but no one can find him. You are not allowed to speak or ask into about his absence. Because, no matter how you do it. He won't tell anything about it." Astraloinus said. Brent nodded:
"Seems like even God keeps secrets," Brent said:
"Another thing I thought about is the relationship between the former god and Faust," Tiffle said:
"Ask away," Astraloinus said:
"So the former god made Faust god but how did the Goddess become a thing?" Tiffle asked:
"Faust gave her that title. The two is siplings. She always been the strongest. Faust has never been a real fighter. He's more the nice ruler you can see in him." Astralonius said:
"Another thing is the age. So Faust is 700 years old?" Brent asked:
"Kinda. Faust has stopped aging since he became God. He's been that same age for all those years. The former god was known to be around fifty years old." Astraloinus said:
"What do you mean was known. Do you tell me no one knows?" Brent asked:
"Only two knows. Faust and the Lilin. She won't age either since he gave her the title as Goddess." Astralonius said:
"I see. So only those two remember anything about him?" Brent asked:
"Yeah there's not a single record or data about the former god," Astralonius said:
"I see. This is all getting weirder...But I don't think this is the right thing to do." Brent said slamming the book closed:
"What do you mean, Brent?" Astralonius asked:
"Mayuri's magic comes from Null. Fairy magic comes from pure magic. I am still fine even if they combine. Even if those magic powers touch I'm fine. So there must be something completely wrong. I dislike the idea of killing those Lilins. Because they are just fairies with another magic type. So what makes them different?" Brent asked. Astralonius smiled:
"You are truly the good person I thought you to be Brent. Let me give you one last thing before I go." Astraloinus said as he held up a finger as he turned around:
"Follow your heart, not the blade." He said before leaving. 

Brent sighed and threw the book into the bed. He lied down and then looked at the ceiling in confusion. Tiffle lied her head on Brent's stomach:
"Follow my heart?" Brent repeated as he just closed his eyes to think about this. The day of the end soon coming.

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