Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


51. Paradox and father time.

"Brent!" Hayden shouted. Brent moved back a tiny bit:
"This pain...It's like..." Brent said as the memory of the fight with Tiara came to mind. His left arm under that fight was like this:
"This is Paradox...The true form of my Chronos Blade. It let me take control of your time. That means I can make you feel a pain you felt before." Damion said as he let his finger move away from the blade. Brent's arm suddenly was itself again. Brent grasped it in shock:
"Watch out Brent. It's not a part of the Deux Ex Machina anymore!" Hayden shouted:
"Okay!" Brent shouted. Damion walked forward slowly:
"This power gives me the ability to look through timelines. To see what places or things have been in the past and then get that memory forward." Damion said. He looked up and his amber eyes had clocks inside them now. The hands of time moving around quickly. Damion smiled:
"Like. Did you know? For around five hundred years ago. There was a tree right where you stood." Damion said placing two fingers on the flat side of the blade again. Suddenly a tree sprouts up from the ground and hit Brent Right in the chest sending him flying. Brent bashed his wings and tried to get control:
"And a few hours ago. There was a swarm of birds there." Damion said poking the blade again. Suddenly a massive amount of birds was around Brent. Their wings and claws hitting him all over. Then they vanished:
"And now when you not focused," Damion said suddenly in front of Brent:
"I can cut you," Damion said as cut Brent over the chest. Brent fell to the ground:
"Oh. Remember the burn you took from Natacha." Damion said poking the blade with two fingers again. Brent suddenly felt the burns all over again:
"Ah!" Brent shouted in agony as he slammed his fist a few times into the ground. Damion smiled:
"Oh and what about Hayden's Mjolnir," Damion said and poked the blade again. The burning pain suddenly vanished but Brent then felt the immense force of the meteor on him. He gasped for air as he fell to the ground:
"Come on. Did you not fight me just a minute ago?" Damion asked. Brent slowly stood up:
"That's some fucked up magic," Brent said:
"It is Lilin magic after all," Damion said as he placed two fingers on the blade just above the handle. He then quickly slides the fingers down the blade:
"What about all of them at once," Damion said:
"Paradox...Multiple timelines." Damion said. Brent's eyes widen as his left arm broke. He felt the burn marks and the then the pressure. All of them at the same time. His eyes widen as he just slowly opened his mouth. Blood just started to leak from his mouth. Brent didn't even muster words he just sat there on his knees. Gasping for air as blood left his mouth. Damion slowly removed his fingers from his blade as Brent's pain vanished. Brent still sat on his knees. His eyes shivered:
"That looked painful..." Hayden said:
"I want to help him!" Mayuri shouted:
"No, you won't! If you go out there he will lose control. We can't do much." Hayden said as he grabbed Mayuri shoulder.
Brent slowly stood up. He was a bit unsteady on his legs:
"D-Damn," Brent said:
"You can still stand?" Damion asked:
"Well yes. You clearly don't hurt my body. You just make illusions of pain. They hurt like shit but don't hurt my body." Brent said as he placed his scythe pole on the ground to make himself stable. He looked up at Damion. He was smiling:
"Let's continue then," Damion said as he pressed two fingers against the blade. Brent spun the scythe around and ran toward Damion quickly:
"Funny. If you go back far enough. There used to be a forest here." Damion said as he began to tap the blade quickly. Brent's eyes widen as a lot of trees suddenly sprouted out of nowhere. He cut them down as he ran toward Damion:
"Why isn't he just using my old injuries to take me out?" Brent thought as he ran:
"I might have an idea." Mayuri voice came into Brent's head:
"What?" Brent asked:
"As you said earlier. It's just illusions of damage. The only thing he can do is make you feel so intense pain your body just get hurt. But that would take a lot of time and as you know. Our magic takes a toll on the body. Hayden's gets a massive amount of pressure inside of his body. You get tired and sore all over. There must be a feedback from using such powerful magic as Damion's." Mayuri explained in Brent's head as he kept going toward Damion. Damion was running backward as he kept tapping his blade with his fingers. More and more trees came up the ground to the beat of his tapping:
"I see what you mean." Brent thought:
"Hey, Brent it's me. I'm connected to the line. You have an opening now. Seems like he doesn't wanna use the powerful paradox again." Hayden said:
"Yeah. Something seemed wrong. Mayuri explanation didn't make sense. So much blood leaked from my mouth after the powerful attack. So it's not that it would take longer to defeat me with it. It was more like he can't use it again." Brent thought:
"Yeah. Maybe it has some kind of cooldown." Hayden thought. Brent nodded as he finally caught up with Damion:
"Got you!" Brent shouted. Damion smiled and their blades collided:
"Seems like I have to turn up my power even more," Damion said as he jumped back and smiled. He turned the blade so it was held in a reverse grip:
"Paradox listens to my voice," Damion said. The yellow blade began to glow more:
"I summon father time!" Damion shouted and slammed his free hand into the ground. Chains shot out of his arm and into the ground. Suddenly a giant grandfather clock shot up the ground. It was old and made of this dark wood. It had a golden dial and the hands were made of levitating sand. It had a visible pendulum. The pendulum was a hand made out of bone holding on to an hourglass. It moved back and forward. The weights were gold statues of hourglasses and the chains were made of sand. The hand moved to the left and gave a tick. It was a loud tick and Brent took a step back:
"Now it's time to show you the strongest form I got," Damion said as he stood in front of the clock. The pendulum suddenly came out of the glass window and grabbed on to Damion. The hand went through Damion's chest and pulled out an hourglass. The glass had sand chains connected to Damion:
"I give you five years of my life. Now give me the power of reality!" Damion shouted. The hand pulled in one of the chains and it broke. The hourglass went inside Damion again and the clock then rang. The dial opened and a lot of sand moved out surrounding Damion. The sand vanished and Damion skin was now glowing a bit more yellow and a small amount of sand leaked from his mouth. His eyes were golden and had the hands of time inside of it. His hair had changed to a more orange like yellow and his hair was dripping with sand. He got a lot of chains up his left arm with hourglasses and pocketwatches hanging in it and his right hand still had the katana. The blade was still reversed and lined up with his arm:
"Such power." Brent said taking a few steps back:
"Seems like he got more in there. Not even with me, you can become stronger than that." Amaterasu said with a grin:
"Now. Erase time!" Damion shouted and spun around. He cut the air and reality itself seemed to break apart as a shockwave moved toward Brent:
"BRENT!" Hayden shouted. Brent didn't have time to move. He closed his eyes and just accepted what was gonna happen:
"Neutralize." A voice said the sound of the earth-shattering vanished.
"How pathetic. You let yourself fall that easily." A voice said. Brent opened his eyes as the power had vanished:
"What?" Brent asked. In front of him stood the last one who could move. The one he wished he never should see again. Tiara. 
She kicked up a rock:
"Reflect!" She shouted and the rock shot over and hit the grandfather clock:
"What are you waiting for Brent? It's now or never." Tiara said. Brent was confused. Damion just smiled. Seemed like the real fight was about to begin. 

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